Downhill Mountain Biking Colorado

Downhill Mountain Biking Colorado – Now Open: The New Purpose-Built, Downhill Only Bike Trail at the Gates of the Colorado Front Range in Floyd Hill, Colorado is a 1.3 mile trail with 700 vertical feet of dedicated cycling.

The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) held an opening night for The Sluice, aka Segment 4, on Wednesday, August 21, with over 100 people in attendance. Part of the new Floyd Hill Open Space Trail system, The Sluice is a 1.3 mile bike trail just 30 minutes from downtown Denver. Built specifically for cycling on public lands in Clear Creek County, this trail is the first of its kind in Colorado’s Front Range, which includes the foothills west of Denver.

Downhill Mountain Biking Colorado

As the region’s first purpose-built mountain bike trail, The Sluice includes a variety of man-made features, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on a Front Range trail, including jumps, berms, drops, downhills, stairs, technical rock lines and several lines optional alternative (left split, giving riders more and less challenging options).

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Descending 700 vertical feet—with I-70, Colorado’s main mountain artery—Gateway’s main trail is graded with blue squares/black diamonds. line in difficulty from black to double black diamond.

“We want to bring these insights and resulting experiences to the Front Range community to support implementation in other nearby trail systems,” said Executive Director Gary Moore. “Public support is essential to empowering land managers to make decisive and bold changes in their ways.”

The route is a significant achievement for mountain bikers on the Front Range, an area where bicycle use is typically segregated to multi-use lanes, bicycles must yield to all other road users, and downhill traffic is expected to give way uphill. Designed and built by Flow Ride Trail Concepts, The Sluice Mountain Bike Park offers an experience never before available in the region without buying a lift ticket. COMBA says the question is obvious.

Over the past two years, mountain bikers have come to county planning meetings to show their support for the trail bike course, and individual contributions have been substantial in COMBA’s crowdsourcing of more than $38,000 for the design and construction of The Sluice. The turnout for the opening night on August 21 was higher than expected.

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“Everyone is excited about the custom-built features on the trail, and the consensus is that there is nothing like it anywhere else on the front line,” said Clear Creek County Trails Supervisor James Kovali. “The hard work of many people over the past three months seems to be paying off. It’s truly a public-private partnership.”

The lock is part of the Floyd Hill system, with more than 6 miles of multi-use trails planned or under construction. According to the proposal, the Floyd Hill trail network is expected to be approximately 12 miles long when completed.

“We’re excited about this project because it’s professionally designed, professionally built, and it includes all the modern trail management techniques like user separation, speed separation and directional lanes,” Moore said.

The Floyd Hill Trail Network has gone from concept to reality over the past two years and is the result of a partnership between stakeholders including COMBA, Clear Creek County, Clear Creek County Open Space, Mountain Area Land Trust, Trust for Public Land, Great Outdoors Colorado and the Family Foundation Gates. Sponsors include Team Evergreen Cycling, Yeti Cycles, Pedal of Littleton, Wheat Ridge Cyclery and Colorado Deck Master.

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Other recent developments in the region supported by COMBA include the existing 0.9-mile Longhorn Trail at White Ranch Open Space near Golden, dedicated to downhill biking only, and a new extension on Dakota Ridge in Morrison. with directional segments.

Upcoming projects for COMBA include Virginia Canyon Mountain Park in Idaho Springs, which features multiple bike paths along with multi-use two-way trails. The city of Idaho Springs also approved plans to build a gondola to the top of the canyon to support the project, which will be paid for and built by Argo Mill.

COMBA also leads a regional planning effort called Outside 285 to bring together land managers, wildlife experts and road user groups to identify opportunities to preserve valuable wildlife habitat and improve recreational facilities and infrastructure.

“We work with trail users and land managers to find the best balance between conservation and recreation to maintain a healthy landscape in Colorado,” Moore said.

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The Colorado Mountain Biking Association (COMBA) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (95-1147772) building a community with a common goal: to make the Front Range a world-class mountain bike. “Construction. supporters of Didik.” COMBA strives to develop and expand strategic partnerships with riders, land managers and stakeholders to increase cycling access, improve existing trails and build new trails to benefit the Front Range mountain biking community. Learn more Learn more at Local. Newsletter – Free daily guide to life in Colorado. For Neighbors, By Neighbors. Register today!

My relationship with cycling has always been rocky, literally and figuratively. Like most people, I learned to ride as a child and spent many days on two wheels. But when I grew up and moved to the capital, I didn’t really feel the need to get around by bike, and it lost some of its luster.

After moving to Colorado, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to rekindle my love for cycling. It is complicated. My experiences have ranged from very mild (bike trails) to very scary (my first fall where I sprained my ankle). Finally, four years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal, I got on my mountain bike for another ride. Somehow I managed to get stuck in what I hoped was mud, but judging by the number of goats, probably not. After this experience, I decided to put my bike away forever and stop walking while my friends hit the trails on two wheels.

Then a friend invited me to try mountain biking. Here’s how the sport works: you ride a mountain lift to the top of a mountain or hill, then down a paved single track. I doubt it. After all, I’ve seen people running around the resort, wearing full body suits, which is part of the fun of competing. (For what it’s worth, I’m wearing a helmet, bike gloves, elbow and knee gloves, and eye protection. There’s also a protective vest you can wear, but only I’ll be taking pictures.)

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I didn’t want my anxiety to get in the way of a good time, so I signed up for a beginner’s package at Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park (formerly Evolution Bike Park) at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR), which included rental bikes. lift tickets and two hours of expert instruction. When my stomach reminds me of lunch, I’m hooked. Riding the bike wasn’t what I expected: I felt in control, but over potholes and small hills I felt free—I experienced what my guide, Woody Lindenmeyer, called “the flow.” I’m no seasoned athlete, but with Lindenmeyer’s expert tips and techniques (and the occasional reminder to breathe while riding), I finished the experience exhilarated and fearless.

The biggest benefit of riding a bike is the lift, which Lindenmeyer says can benefit someone improving their skills. “Lifts allow you to get the reps you need to train without using all your strength to go up,” he says. And this practice is important. “All the technical aspects of driving are about that. You can learn to climb a hill in an hour – a descent can take days.

One of the best ways to learn this technique is to get an instructor who understands posture, head position and other elements that make the descent experience smoother. Still, it’s no walk in the park, even with the elevator.

“There’s a big misconception about how hard it is to go downhill,” said Lindenmeyer, who is also the director of the Butte Crested Mountain Sports Team. “You are not alone out there; bikes don’t do everything. You have to program the bike so that it does what it needs to do with minimal effort.

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The effort is worth it. As I moved from one trail to the next, weaving through the aspens, enjoying the speed and navigating the turns, I realized that this is what riding a bike feels like: heart pounding, breathing fast and overwhelming joy. came from a slightly crazy smile.

Crested Butte Mountain Bike Park (CMBBP) has 29 mountain trails over 30 miles. Well-marked and well-maintained trails are the perfect place to hone your skills before hitting Gunnison County’s 750 miles of singletrack.

Cost: One-day lift ticket: $49, $42 for adults

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