Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today – When I first flew west and saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time, it was hard to express my amazement! The mountains along the east coast are impressive, but the size and scope of the Rockies is hard to describe. For this reason, it is a popular place for many tourists, because of the climate and natural beauty. Best of all, there are great ways to explore this area without breaking the budget! Today I’m sharing the top 25 free things to do in Colorado Springs, most of which were shared with me by Southern Savers readers (thanks, Tanya!).

This amazing outdoor experience is free to enter as long as you drive yourself (trucking fees apply). You can spend hours here taking photos and exploring the nature!

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

The school is free to visit, although you may need to present your driver’s license at the door and expect a shoe inspection. Sometimes there are restrictions due to events, so be sure to call ahead if you want to book a tour.

Colorado Springs Pictures

This grand hotel is free to walk around and take pictures. They even offer free valet parking! There is a beautiful lake in the background with a swan, and you can’t beat the view.

In addition to the horse pit there is a playground and a field where you can practice different sports. Pack a picnic for a budget-friendly getaway!

This museum focuses on the history and heritage of the Pikes Peak region with an excellent display of artifacts from Indian headdresses to race cars.

Manitou Springs is a mountain community with mineral springs. You can find a swing or a chair and sit and relax or walk through the artist’s room and the likes of other artists in the city.

The Best Things To Do In Colorado Springs

There are, as you might expect, many parks in the Colorado Springs area. I’ve included many in this list because they all have something special to draw you in, even if you can’t visit them all in one trip.

This mountain was originally illegal, but it has been renovated so that people can climb it. There is free parking with a free shuttle running along the route.

This outdoor area has many trails, all of which offer spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

This land is part of the journey of the early pioneers who set out to settle the West Coast. This museum trip can be a great addition to your child’s education!

Free Things To Do In Denver: Indoor And Outdoor Activities

There are a lot of free Cripple Creek things to do, so you have to decide if you can resist the temptation. But if you want to explore this place, you can visit the free heritage center, which is almost like a museum.

This will take most of the day, but may be worth it if you are in the area for a while and have your own car. It will take about 5 hours to drive the 130 miles of this circuit, but you will see views that you cannot see anywhere else in the country.

This nature center is only 15 minutes outside of Colorado Springs, with many wetlands and other habitats that are home to a variety of animals.

This museum displays the personal collection of fire memorabilia of local man Dr. Lester Williams. If you have kids who love fire trucks, this is the place to go!

Events & Things To Do For Kids In Colorado Springs

The park has not only a skating rink, but also a playground and other fun things to do.

This place near Colorado Springs has a lot of activities, but you can only walk or drive across the bridge, which is the highest bridge in the country.

There is a special children’s play area and a Narnia Adventure Room, as well as a short video you can watch. You can also take a tour.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

Whether you have ever sponsored a child through Compassion International or not, a tour of this building will help you empathize with the plight of children living in poverty around the world.

Popular Things To Do In Colorado Springs On Vacation Story

There are dedicated public art exhibits in Colorado Springs that you will not only see on tour, but you can also download an audio tour from your phone if you want to enhance your experience.

Each hike in this area will give you a unique view of the Rockies, and this trail is especially popular with families.

The first park in Colorado Springs, this park is located in the heart of the city and a great place to stop for a picnic during the day.

If I ever go to Colorado Springs, this park is at the top of my list of places to go! The colors shown here – the result of all the elements in the world working together – look like they couldn’t be more real!

Visit Colorado Springs

Yes, another farm! It seems that the opportunities to see the green spaces in this area are endless – hope you take advantage of at least one of them! The Garden of the Gods is amazing and one of the must-see attractions in Colorado Springs. Photo by Rick DuVal.

People come from all over the world to visit Colorado Springs. So if you live here you have no excuse! Get out and enjoy the many attractions of the Pikes Peak area. Best of all, some are free. Here are 5 great tours to consider:

This urban park deserves national recognition, with its beautiful red rock – outcrops, irons, and hogbacks – providing a beautiful place for a leisurely stroll (or not). Stand anywhere and you’ll see the crest of Pikes Peak between the kissing camels. Beautiful, especially when there is snow on the mountain.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

Visit the Visitor Information and Recreation Center for tips on hiking, climbing, wildlife encounters and free programs. Ranger-led talks and health walks are among the many on offer. Don’t worry if you see a group of Olympic cyclists running for their daily exercise. Plan to walk.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

And remember that wildlife thinks the garden is theirs. Don’t walk alone, always bring water, please don’t pick wild flowers.

The National Army Academy is open to regular visitors. Drive through the area. Visit the Hall of Fine Architecture. (Although it’s currently closed for maintenance.)

Stop by the 31,000 square foot Museum and Visitor Center to view the exhibits and perhaps take a short nature walk. Sometimes, the planetarium is open to the public for viewing.

Housed in 1903 in the beautifully preserved El Paso City Museum, the museum has both a permanent collection of local history and fascinating exhibits ranging from art to local cultural icons. The museum also organizes fun family events and sponsors various activities in the city such as: Fireworks every season. Historical lectures and other events are published monthly on the website.

Things To Do In Downtown Colorado Springs

The building is a museum in itself. Take some time to enjoy the comfortable architecture of another era, including columns and grand marble staircases. For current events and presentations, visit

Formerly the El Pomar Carriage House Museum, it is located in the Broadmoor Hotel, next to the underground car park. Established in 1941 by the hotel’s founder, Spencer Penrose, this rarely visited attraction includes a coach, coach, cab, and carriage that has carried local dignitaries and several U.S. presidents, all dating back to the early 1900s. his mother.

A permanent Pikes Peak Hill Climb exhibit has been added featuring unique cars from the world famous race, along with an easy-to-follow series detailing its sometimes terrifying history.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Today

This 100-year-old institution has everything from high-quality Western art to state-of-the-art exhibitions. The beautiful Art Deco building includes a seamless addition to the extensive gallery. OK, it’s usually not free. But it has days off and you should take advantage of that. Go to to find out when they are available

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