Colorado Whitewater Rafting Season

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Season – Ask a non-Colorado native how they ended up here and chances are their story will be anything but wintery and summery. It is not uncommon for the highest snow-covered areas in the world to be a first-time event. However, the star of the show usually emerges when the summer sun melts the mountain snow and flows from the Colorado River in summer and early fall.

There is a land-locked country famous for skiing, there are also many places to play in the water or the lifts are nearby.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Season

As with many ski resorts, river and river trips are available for paddlers of all levels. And just as you want to plan the right clothes and gear before you go up the mountain, there is some preparation work that needs to be done before you get on the boat. Whether the goal is a scenic swim or back-breaking fun, there are tours – and rivers – perfect for both.

White Water Rafting In Colorado Trips

Travis Hochardt, a leader with River Runners in Buena Vista, says beginners interested in whitewater rafting should “start small and work your way up.” He recommends finding a reputable tour operator for a “gentle” cruise, or a family float, with low risk.

Survey information is available for each river, but it may be inaccurate, as each body of water has a different flow rate. The ever-changing tides combined with Colorado’s pesky weather can make a river stretch easy one day and very difficult the next.

There are no significant waves or barriers that indicate water of the first kind. Medium speed and wide lanes are typical for the second class. In Class III waters, more difficult procedures are expected due to the narrow channels and the number of obstacles. Class 4 is for advanced sailors who can handle fast moving water and shallow passages. Only experts should attempt Class V waters with slopes, trails and limited rest time between each obstacle. Finally, there is Class VI water, which is considered dangerous.

Hochard also recommends that inexperienced or inexperienced boaters wait until July and August to get out on the river, as this is usually when the snow melts and the water calms down a bit. For crashes during heavy rains – which vary but usually occur between the end of May and the beginning of June – prepare by soaking or spraying the surface.

Latest Colorado River Rafting Forecast Says Lots Of Frothy Water Lies Ahead

The consensus among experienced guides is that the Arkansas River (through Milk Run and Cottonwood Canyon) is a perfect place for beginners, as its winds always make for easy family trips. Another good entry point is Clear Creek, although the family-friendly section is not as long as Arkansas.

The increased level of difficulty at Royal Gorge makes it ideal for families with older children. With some of the most breathtaking white water beaches in the region, if not the country, those who are looking for photos worthy of Instagram should take their jibs from the bottom of the boat just two miles from the main road, where there are amazing cliff photos. The top tier fills their social media feed even after half a day of travel.

In addition to Royal Gorge, Browns Canyon and Numbers (both located in Arkansas) are also great destinations for some adventurous and adventurous people looking for advanced game.

Whatever you choose, don’t go on a rafting trip thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park. Ben Sack, who has been leading rafting trips for 23 years and works with Ca-on City-based Echo Canyon River Expeditions, says one of the biggest dangers he sees is people overestimating their limits.

Everything You Need To Know About Aspen River Rafting

“They think rafting regulators will keep them safe regardless,” Sack said. “Don’t think that, if you don’t value your physical and mental abilities and things don’t go well on the river, you’re putting yourself in danger.

Danger can start while you are still dry, if you do not listen to the guide that shows how to save yourself from danger. Counselors can make the difference between a good day and a very bad one.

“When you get out of the boat and enter the river, don’t stop,” Hochard warned him. “You can put your foot on a rock and be pushed by the wind.”

Sack also said don’t assume you’ll never get off the boat, even if you’re on a guided float tour.

Best White Water Rafting Trips In The Us

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the boat (ie in the water) and can’t get back in, don’t fight. Stand on your back with your legs forward and swim down until you find an exit and reach it safely.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it. Even if you have a life jacket and your cell phone in a ziplock bag, a lot can still go wrong. If the boat capsizes, sinks, or you get lost, your rugged cell phone won’t help you if there’s no cell service and no one to work with you to develop a rescue plan.

If you’re going without a professional guide, it’s important to plan ahead to get from point A to point B, so have a plan – and a plan B too, because if you go off course, the boat won’t. . Comes with a reverse handle option.

Half-day family flights can be found for as little as $37 for children and $47 for adults, while high-end trips start at $37 to $90 for children and $45 to $50 for adults. Some equipment is included in the price of the trip, although the instructions are not. For half-day tours, a tip of $5-$7 per person is common, while for full-day tours, $7-$10 per person is reasonable. White water rafting is one of the most memorable outdoor activities that Clear Creek County has to offer.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Just 20 miles west of the city of Mile High, you can board an inflatable boat and float down Clear Creek with its cool water and wild air. In fact, Clear Creek has more rapids per mile than most commercial rafting rivers in the state.

That’s why weekend whitewater rafting trips and other family outings on Clear Creek are what we love. Enjoy amazing views and the chance to see Colorado wildlife while you brush.

Clear Creek County is home to a few great rafting companies ready to plan your ultimate rafting trip today. Check out our list of local organizers below.

When a river begins to flow quickly, rapids can create turbulence and create foamy water known as “whitewater.” At Clear Creek, local rafting companies have discovered the best “white water” spots in our creek and surrounding waters.

Best Times To Book 2019 White Water Rafting Trips

Because the “fresh water” moves quickly, it can make rafting fun. Take a gentle dip in the river or hike with other outdoor enthusiasts.

All local outfitters are required by law to have a Colorado River Outfitter’s License, as regulated by Colorado State Parks, who conduct random safety inspections during the rafting season.

This means that all ships, equipment, guidelines, hygiene procedures, safety instructions, and itinerary meet strict government regulations.

Safety is important when it comes to anything in Creek Creek, but especially rafting. Some “white water” areas are given class privileges based on how difficult it is to go rafting. At MAD Adventures, we offer white water rafting tours for all ages. At Colorado River we specialize in family and group tours.

Enjoy Thrilling White Water Rafting

Whether you want to experience white water rafting with your kids for the first time, meet up with the family, or just want to see the beautiful scenery from the river, book a half-day or full-day or overnight trip. Rafting tours are only 45 minutes from Winter Park in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so you can be on the river rafting and back home before camp and marshmallow time.

Clear Creek has family-friendly sections and some spectacular sections. At one mile, Clear Creek has more flooding than most rivers you can cross. This makes for very enjoyable trips, even in the family-friendly sections. Clear Creek’s proximity to Denver (35 minutes), Winter Park (45 minutes), and Breckenridge (45 minutes) makes it an easy option to ride without a lot of driving. Guests rated Clear Creek Rafting Tour 4.8 / 5.0 based on 56 reviews

Kids as young as children, grandparents who are young at heart, and everyone in between will enjoy our whitewater trips on the Upper Colorado River…

On a whitewater rafting adventure in Clear Creek, as Emeril says, take it up a notch. Our rafting meeting point in Dumont is conveniently located from Winter Park, Denver, Estes Park, and Grand Lake…

Getting Ready To Raft

If you’re looking for an overnight experience, these two- and three-day trips make a great whitewater rafting vacation… After a great start, the rafting season is coming to an end thanks to Colorado’s winter. it continues.

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