Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

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If you thought Colorado was only for skiers in the winter, think again. Colorado Springs and the surrounding Pikes Peak region have some of the mildest winters in the state. This means Colorado Springs has plenty of fun things to do in the winter, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or holiday adventures in addition to skiing.

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

Located 90 minutes south of Denver and part of the city’s Front Range Corridor, “The Springs” (as locals call it) is the perfect place for a year-round getaway or a weekend getaway from Mile High.

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Sample winter activities in Colorado Springs include hiking or horseback riding at the Garden of the Gods, riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad or the Royal Gorge Trail Railroad to explore caves or museums.

A winter trip to Colorado Springs is a must stop at the Garden of the Gods to see the snow covering the stunning cliffs. Photo: attractions around Pikes Peak

Perhaps the most popular stop on your Colorado Springs winter adventure is a visit to the Garden of the Gods. It truly is a winter wonderland – and admission is always free. Formed millions of years ago, the park’s famous red rocks are a colorful combination of red, pink and white sandstone and limestone. This is definitely a place you should add to your Colorado bucket list!

With all the attractions in winter, you can spend a day at Park of the Gods. Here are some suggestions:

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In winter, visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on an electric safari. Photo: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Open all year round, every visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a unique experience. Here is a sample of things to do in winter:

Tip: don’t let the snow stop you from visiting the zoo; the staff tells us that these days are often the most magical. Less traffic, less crowds means more personal attention! Moreover, many animals (mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes) love the cold and are active in winter.

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

Located 15 minutes from the zoo and less than a mile from Broadmoor Resort (one of our favorite Colorado Springs resorts), Broadmoor Seven Falls private waterfall is Colorado’s only National Geographic International Falls list.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Park in the East Broadmoor car park and take one of the free wheelchair accessible buses to and from Seven Falls Gate.

Known as “Colorado’s Greatest Mile of Landscape,” this natural wonder consists of seven waterfalls at the end of a narrow red rock canyon in the foothills of the Cheyenne Mountains. In winter, these waterfalls can freeze, but they are still incredibly beautiful.

Located in the Pikes Peak region, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the tallest suspension bridge in America, towering over the Arkansas River. Photo: Royal Gorge Bridge

As part of the Pikes Peak region, add a trip to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in nearby Canon City, less than an hour’s drive. Called the “Grand Canyon of Arkansas”, this mini amusement park offers rides and attractions.

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Measuring 1,270 feet long and 18 feet wide, the Royal Gorge Bridge is America’s tallest suspension bridge. Situated on the banks of Colorado’s wild Arkansas River, the scenery is spectacular and a little scary. (So ​​scary that my dad can’t cross the bridge or cross to the other side because of his phobia of heights.)

One of the many things not to miss in Colorado Springs in winter is a ride on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad in Canon City. The train ride takes you under the Royal Gorge Bridge and along the banks of the Arkansas River.

There are photo-worthy stops along the Pikes Peak Highway on the way to the top. Photo: attractions around Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

America’s Mount Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet is open all year round. The surrounding mountain scenery is spectacular even in winter.

Garden Of The Gods In Winter: Best Hikes, Activities, & Tips

Tip: enjoy the breathtaking view and try the Rocky Mountain donuts at the top.

On the way to Pikes Peak, kids love stopping at the North Pole to see Santa. Image: North Pole

Yes, Virginia, there is Santa Claus. Get ready to make your childhood dreams come true. This amusement park is located on US Route 24, west of Colorado Springs, at the entrance to Pikes Peak Highway.

Sit back and relax as you ride the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway to the top. Photo: Pikes Peak Areas

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Ride in comfort on the Broadmoor and Manitou Cog Railway. Even if America’s Peak is your final destination, the 3.5-hour round-trip train offers the traveler breathtaking scenery along the way.

When winter weather does not allow for outdoor adventures, when winter weather does not cooperate, start a trip to the city center.

The Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum is housed in a former courthouse overlooking a restored 1903 courthouse. Sample historical artifacts from the Pikes Peak area, including weapons, mining equipment, and household items. Admission is free! Guided tours are organized on Saturdays.

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

Go underground at Wind Cave Mountain Park. Thanks to three unique caving trips, the caves have the same temperature all year round.

Things To Do In Winter In And Near Rocky Mountain National Park

You might be surprised that it’s not just low temperatures and snowstorms. Besides, winter doesn’t keep Coloradans indoors – it forces them to go outside! We have a saying in Colorado: “If you don’t like the weather, wait a day. Or a few hours.

As someone who has lived for over 30 years, I have always said that our time is bipolar. One day I had a blizzard, and the next day piles of melted snow at +40 degrees.

Snowfall averages just 5.5 inches per month, with an average high of 43 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 22 degrees (in degrees Celsius, it’s about 6 and a low of -5.5). During the winter months, I personally experienced the highs of the 1960s in Springs. Snow usually melts quickly with more sun.

Tip: The weather can be brutal when visiting Colorado Springs in winter, so protective layers and sunscreen are essential (even in winter). Take the worry out of your Rocky Mountain vacation with our Colorado Packing List. The Local Newsletter is your free, daily guide to life in Colorado. For the people, by the people. Apply today!

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There are many hot springs to explore in Colorado. If you look at the map, it looks like all the other cities in Centennial State are named after an underground geothermal water source. Glenwood. Manitou. Pagos. UN boat. And so on. While there are over two dozen hot springs in the Centenary State, these advanced hot spring resorts are easily accessible and cater to all enthusiasts. So grab your favorite swimsuit and hit the road – it’s time to get in the water.

Nestled to the snowcapped peaks of Princeton and Mount Antero, this 142-year-old hot spring resort has everything you need – a 140-degree Fahrenheit cold-water hot spring and Japanese-inspired private pools. , hot stone massage and even a water slide. Choose from a one-day hot springs extravaganza or a multi-day stay, and enjoy in-water yoga classes, a historic hammam, plunge pool, swimming pool, and family pool. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sensation of bubbles and steam

Prices: Admission starts at $30 for adults, $25 for children 4-15 and seniors 62 and older. Free entry for children up to 3 years old; Stay overnight at prices starting at $150 for two people.

Colorado Springs Things To Do In Winter

Before/After Snack: Enjoy a Chicken Salad Sandwich with Honey Almond, or a meat and cheese platter from the hotel’s Juice Bar, or opt for a Steak Dinner at Mary Murphy’s Steak House. You can also choose from a variety of classic cocktails such as Tom Collins or Rusty Nail at the Princeton Club bar.

Why Winter Is A Good Time To Visit Colorado Springs

Located less than an hour from the neighboring ski resorts of Vail and Aspen, these hot springs contain 14 healing minerals that will help you forget about the deep moguls and icy waterfalls you’ve been walking up and down the slopes. Iron Mountain has 16 natural hot springs ranging from 98 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as a large family pool heated to 94 degrees for relaxation (children under 5 are not allowed in the smaller mineral pools). Do not get so distracted by the ponds that you forget to look around – you will be surrounded by beautiful mountain views.

Before/After Soaking: Just leave the source for a while to satisfy your cravings for cocktails, bread pizza and wine at Sopris Cafe.

Situated at 7,000 feet, these cozy hot springs overlook the Crystal River and the majesty of Mount Sopris. Open all year round,

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