Colorado Mountain Biking Trails

Colorado Mountain Biking Trails – Fall is probably the best season in the Rocky Mountains. September and October bring bluebird days to the Highlands, and the winter weather is also some of the best cycling of the season. Our 600+ miles of inland trails should remain snow-free for several more weeks, meaning bikes will stay warm even when the weather turns cold.

MAP TIPS AND ACTIONS: For show status updates, use COTREX (a mobile and desktop app for detailed and interactive tracking maps) to keep your maps with you at all times. Stop by the Information Center in downtown Winter Park for printed maps and more information.

Colorado Mountain Biking Trails

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Mountain Biking Rules & Etiquette

The Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park has plenty of fun to pedal even in the summer. Trestle Bike Park is the fastest growing bike park in North America and the second largest bike parking program in the world. The park will remain open until September and offers downhill and cross-country bike trails for riders of all abilities.

Finally, the best way to enjoy fall is to just get up and climb! From the fresh, clear weather to the changing colors of the mountains, autumn is a wonderful time for cycling. Whether you’re mastering the downhills at one of our bike parks or single track on hundreds of kilometers of off-road trails!

Considered the most recognizable bike ride in the region, this route should not be missed by any cyclist. This is an intermediate ride that covers 25.2 miles and starts in Winter Park. It is also available from the rodeo grounds in Fraser for those who want to make the trip a little shorter.

This is a beginner to intermediate trail that can range from 4.4 to 7.4 miles depending on the route chosen. The South Fork Loop Trail is located in the Idlewild Trail System. Access and parking at Sitzmark Campground, off Highway 40 just past Hernando’s Pizza Pub in Winter Park.

Of The Best Mountain Biking Trails On The Western Slope

Rogers Pass is a classic mountain bike ride that offers beautiful panoramic views that are worth the climb. This trail is along the Continental Divide with amazing views of James Peak, Perry Peak, surrounding mountains and fields of wildflowers. Rogers Pass, which starts out as an easy climb, quickly climbs above the tree line, giving cyclists an aerial view of the cities of Winter Park and Fraser. Next, the route changes to views of Heart Lake, Winter Park Resort, Mary Jane, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Plus, the view of fall colors in Jim Creek Valley will take your breath away. If driving Rogers Pass is enough for you for one day, get back on the road, but if you want a day of adventure and beauty, continue your journey to the summit of James Peak.

Be careful when riding your bike, the path is an old railway bridge, has loose rocks and steep inclines.

Located near Fraser, Colorado, the Tipperary Trail has attracted the attention of both professional and retired riders looking for a challenge. The leading cycling magazine Velonews has rated it as one of the top five race tracks in the world and the Tipperary Trail is usually part of the Winter Park single track race each summer.

Tipperary Race Course is ideal for late autumn outings. Plus, this bike trail offers plenty of activity options and wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. This trail is a fast, moderate climb, but don’t underestimate the elevation gain. You will ride through forests with red, orange and yellow leaves, through forests and on beautiful leaves. The race takes place on some of the most common routes in the winter garden area, which take you past old trees, rivers and aspen groves.

Colorado’s 9 Best Mountain Biking Trails

After riding our favorite fall trails, be sure to take a few steps to properly store your bike for the winter:

Looking for more? Discover a list of some of the best bike tours in the region, from the beginner-friendly Fraser to Granby Trail to the challenging climb of Rogers Pass. Colorado has many places that mountain bikers enjoy and absolutely love. From the western slopes to the front range, you will find mountain bike trails that will amaze you with the many views and refreshing nature. Here are just a few mountain bikers touring the Colorado Rockies.

There are so many exciting ways to choose from that you may be confused where to start. Although you can’t go wrong, there are some benefits to discover in every season and some are best saved for another day. From single track to fire road, Colorado has all the top mountain bikes to choose from.

From spring to fall, Colorado is one of the most popular hiking destinations for mountain bikers. Before an unforgettable trip, be sure to pack your bike. Or if you don’t have your own set of wheels, consider renting in town or buying an inexpensive mountain bike. Most models from well-known manufacturers are under $500. Now let’s take a look at some of the must-visit places for mountain biking this season.

Moderate Mountain Biking Trails

This multi-purpose trail is very popular with hikers and cyclists. Its entire length is nearly 500 miles of alpine terrain from start to finish. To complete the entire Colorado Trail, you must be physically fit to handle the altitude. Volunteering is also important when organizing such parties, if you decide to do it, push and see to the end.

For those looking for a little slice of Colorado’s highway, the Silverton-Durango trail offers a scenic drive with spectacular mountain views and no backcountry trails. Still, it has a lot of vertical climbing as it involves more than one mountain pass. The most accessible part is in Littleton’s Waterton Canyon.

This is another top trail in Colorado that has amazing views of the locks. Doctor Park is 14.2 miles long with moderate traffic along the route. Offering long-distance scenery, it begins with a 2,500-foot vertical climb on a fire road and turns into a double-circle center route to the top of the trail at 10,877 feet.

This trail starts outside of Crested Butte and will have many bumps, roots and turns so be alert and ready for whatever comes your way. At the end, the trail suddenly bends up and you have to go down the hill. This is the most technical part of the trip, but after successfully crossing the downstream, you can enjoy a swim in the Taylor River to cool off.

Colorado Mountain Biking And Bike Trails

It is a single track cycle route with beautiful views of valleys and mountains. Running it can be extreme and taxing on the body, so you need to be well prepared with water and snacks.

It is outside of Salida to the west of town and the trailhead is flat as you begin your hike at Monarch Crest. The path is quite smooth without running over large rocks. After a quick ride on the double rail, you should stay on the monorail. Here you will find some rocks and roots that you have to cross.

Buffalo Creek has a single track and a double track. You can hike Buffalo Creek all day. It’s great! And Pine is a beautiful little town located south of highway 285, not far from Denver.

Better yet, why not turn it into a weekend adventure for the smugglers you’ll find along the way camping? While there, you will see huge rock formations, desolate landscapes and beautiful mountain peaks.

Mountain Biking In The Roaring Fork Valley

This is also a downhill single track with a dirt bike course. Services provided along the route include toilets, drinking water and resupply. It is hot in summer and there is little shade. There are a number of technical trails that are easily accessible directly from downtown Grand Junction.

The Lunch Loop is a fantastic network and is usually rated as challenging, but there is something for everyone from green to black. Beware of hard turns, some are blind. Trail runners also enjoy the Lunch Loop, aptly named for its functionality. Toilets are on site and dogs are allowed.

Horse Gulch has an interesting track in Durango, which is usually dry and hot in the summer. So it is recommended to bring plenty of water with you. This method can be used by beginners and experts depending on the method you use.

Some of the recommended trails in Horse Gulch include Sugar, Telegraph, Snake Charmer, Raider Ridge, and Power Line.

Colorado Mountain Biking Vacation

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