Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting Colorado – Whitewater rafting is one of the most memorable outdoor activities Clear Creek County has to offer.

Located 20 miles west of the Mile High City, ride rafts and cruise down Clear Creek, with its cool waters and strong waves. In fact, Clear Creek has more speed per mile than most commercial races in the state.

Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting Colorado

That’s why weekend rafting and other family outings on Clear Creek are what make us special. Enjoy spectacular views and opportunities to observe Colorado wildlife as you paddle.

Colorado River Rentals What The 2021 2022 Winter Forecast Means For Spring 2022 Rafting

Clear Creek County is home to a few great rafting companies ready to give you the best rafting trip today. See below for a list of local clothing retailers.

When the river begins to flow rapidly, turbulence and turbulence can occur, resulting in what is known as “white water” flooding. At Clear Creek, our local rafting company has discovered the best “white water” areas of our creek and surrounding waterways.

Due to the large amount of white water movement, they can make rafting more exciting. Fall gently down the river or hit the waves with other adventurers.

All local outfitters are required by law to have a Colorado River Outfitter’s permit, administered by Colorado State Parks, which conducts random safety inspections during the rafting season.

Enjoy Thrilling White Water Rafting

This means that all rafts, equipment, instruction manuals, hygiene practices, safety rules and trips meet the strict standards set by the government.

Safety is important in anything on Clear Creek, especially rafting. Some “white water” areas are given a classification based on the difficulty of navigating when rafting. Clear Creek offers challenging white water rafting near Denver. The narrow river takes interesting bends and turns downstream from Idaho Springs. An interesting fact about this river is that Clear Creek is the whitest whitewater rafting river in Colorado, which means more rapids per mile.

The trip is recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced on this narrow river. The season usually runs from mid-May to August. Clear Creek offers technical and adrenaline-filled racing, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Trips are available for three and a half months and are full. There are many different vendors in the Idaho Springs area that offer tours down Clear Creek.

Is There An Age Limit For White Water Rafting?

Clear Creek River Whitewater Rafting Difficulty – From Dumont to Golden, there are whitewater rafting opportunities for paddlers of all abilities on the Clear Creek River. The route includes Class II – V rapids, with multiple access points to design the perfect trip for your group experience.

Beginning in the town of the same name, the first popular rafting section of the Clear Creek River is known as the Dumont Section. The trail covers 3.5 miles of Class III – IV terrain before reaching the town of Idaho Springs. From here riders can exit or continue on the second half of the Dumont section to Kermit Access. The Dumont section is fast and interesting, but not too technical for beginners.

From Kermit Inlet, the Upper Clear Creek section of the river picks up the intensity a bit for Class III – IV runs. Upper Clear Creek at 3.6 miles to the Highway 6 / 119 access road is a short but very exciting run with scary rapids like the Cabbage Dump.

Next, Black Rock is the most difficult part of Clear Creek and is rarely chosen by rafting companies. Black Rock is very technical, with Class IV – V rapids spanning 6.5 miles of steep and narrow waterways. This section is reserved for advanced riders.

Whitewater Rafters Negotiate Furious White Water In Clear Creek Colorado Stock Photo

Lower Clear Creek ends in Golden and is a great whitewater rafting area, close to Colorado’s largest metro area. This 5.7 mile stretch of Clear Creek Canyon features Class III – IV runs, perfect for intermediate rafters looking for an exciting day on the river. The route parallels Highway 6 with the central entrance of tunnel #1. Commercial travel is less popular in this segment, as the smaller segments are becoming more popular with attractive floats.

The Clear Creek River is one of the best whitewater spots in Colorado. Just 30-45 minutes from Denver, you can take a half-day trip on the Clear Creek River with one of the many attractions the Mile High City has to offer. While on the Front Range, visitors can enjoy the amenities, history and wilderness surrounding Idaho Springs and Golden. Suitable for families and beginners, this Idaho Springs rafting trip takes you through a historic Colorado Class II – Class III mining town on an easy water adventure. . This section of Clear Creek is surrounded by beautiful alpine trees and has wind that is suitable for inexperienced paddlers.

In Idaho Springs, hiking is a great option for adventure seekers and first-time adventurers. Clear Creek is west of Denver and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

This Idaho Springs rafting trip is designed for serious paddlers who want to experience uninterrupted Class II – Class IV Colorado whitewater. Starting with Meat-n-Beef and Lumpy rapids on the east side of Georgetown, followed by rapids with names like Nomad and Phoenix Holes.

Beginner Raft Trip On Clear Creek

If you are looking for white water rafting in Colorado, check out Clear Creek. Rafting on Colorado’s Clear Creek offers some of the most technical action in the country, as paddlers navigate tight turns and choppy water.

Clear Creek features Class II – IV rapids, making it perfect for rafters of all skill levels. Beginners will enjoy the exhilarating ride, while experienced paddlers will love the skill and dexterity required to properly position the boat in strong waves.

KODI offers three tours on Clear Creek so paddlers can choose the one that suits them best.

The beginner’s trip on the third day has class II – III rapids and is best suited for families and beginners. Surrounded by beautiful alpine trees, this section of Clear Creek is perfect for paddlers new to rafting.

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The Clear Creek half-day excursion is perfect for experienced paddlers and beginners alike. With Class II – IV rapids, our half-day Clear Creek whitewater trip paddles past rugged granite boulders and towering pines, ending with a cruise through the historic town. in Idaho Springs.

Just like our regular half-day Clear Creek rafting trips, the more advanced trips are on smaller boats, which means more waves and more excitement!

Even if you don’t fall out of the boat, you have the chance to jump in and cool off in the clear water of Clear Creek. Cotton gets very cold when wet, so be sure to wear quick-drying clothing made from synthetic materials such as polyester.

We’re telling you, you don’t need to wear Gucci sunglasses on board. It’s best to bring the cheapest goggles you can afford, as Clear Creek rafting can be unpredictable.

Near Denver: Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting

The same goes for expensive hats. Jewelry may not be worn on board. Not only do you not want them in the water, but they are a safety hazard if you fall into the water.

Rafting is an activity and the sun and altitude can affect everyone in different ways, so be sure to hydrate and refuel beforehand. We don’t stop at small meals and we discourage the possibility of debris in the river. Day trips include lunch by the river

Always listen to your guide! They have medical and safety training and their priority is the safety of guests. Help them do their job! Not only will you have a better experience, but you’ll also have a better chance of staying on board. Easy Whitewater Tours to Idaho Springs, Cañon City, Denver, Colorado Springs – something for everyone! — 2 Hour Whitewater Rafting to Colorado in 2 Hours — Whitewater Trips on 2 Great Rivers: Clear Creek and Arkansas

Join us for a world-renowned Colorado mountain experience on one of our exciting, cheap, affordable and FUN whitewater tours. CLEAR CREEK RAFTING CO specializes in family fun with 1/3 day and full day trips. There are tours for everyone – from beginners to experts.

Whitewater Rafting In The Front Range

Fun and professional guides – River rafting – Sharing stories on the river – while experiencing the white water

Entertainment — Clear Creek and the Arkansas River — Fun Comes in Waves — Free DVD with Every Ride!

CLEAR CREEK is one of Colorado’s most exciting whitewater rivers with more challenging moves per mile than most commercial rivers in the state. Season: mid-May to mid-August every year.

Beginners (category II-III): $65 for adults, $60 for children — minimum age 7*. Enjoy the alpine scenery as you descend to Castle Falls and jump on the Dizzy Lizzy and then tackle the Mountain Lion. For young and inexperienced paddlers, this section offers 10 fun rapids to introduce whitewater paddlers!

Denver: Middle Clear Creek Beginners Whitewater Rafting

CAUSES (Category III-IV): $75 per person — 14 years minimum*. This beautiful river is the most popular ride in Clear Creek! Classes III and IV continue

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