Colorado Downhill Mountain Biking Races

Colorado Downhill Mountain Biking Races – The Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort has a long history of racing, including major races including the Trestle Drag Series, the Big Mountain Enduro, the Colorado Freeride Festival, and the USA Cycling Mountain Bike Championships. The Trestle Gravity Series is a multi-race event that includes Air Downhill, Downhill and Super Downhill races. In addition to our Trestle Gravity Series junior teams, youth 15 and under should check out our weekend Trestle Gravity Series Grommets™ Challenge tournament!

All applicants must register online. Registration will close at noon the day before the race. There are no quotas per team, group or group and may change at any time without prior notice. No DAYS. Log in to your race and search for “Trestle” to find and register for your next race. For future open enrollment, follow us on Facebook and sign up to receive our email updates.

Colorado Downhill Mountain Biking Races

Series Fees: $325 – 19+ $225 – 18 and Under National Registration: $75 – 19+ $55 – 18

Winter Park Classics

Lift Access Lift passes are sold separately. Bring your Trust Bike Park pass or use the cycle pass included in your registration confirmation. 2023 Discount Tickets – $43. Valid for registered competitors and race day only. Contact wpccevents @ wpccevents if you would like to purchase a ticket for the bike ride.

Class age is determined by the competitor’s age on December 31 of the current competition year. Male age groups by ability and rank

Contest Draw Contestants may withdraw from the contest by contacting wpccevents@ Cancellations received at least 7 days prior to the auction are eligible for a 70% refund. Refunds after 25 days must be received by 16:00 the day before the race. All series withdrawals or entry changes for series racers must be made by 4pm the day before the first race of the series. No refunds for withdrawals/cancellations on or after race day.

Postponement/cancellation policy To postpone or cancel a contest, participants wishing to postpone or partially cancel must complete a postponement or cancellation form. Questions must be received within 7 days of the announcement of cancellation or postponement of the competition. Option 1: Extend registration to another nationality

Now Open: A New Purpose Built, Downhill Only Bike Trail On Colorado’s Front Range

• Postponement to scheduled race date or Trustee Gravity Series race based on original price paid for registration. If the current extension cannot be used, a request for an extension until the next competition season can be sent to wpccevents@ Option 2: Partial refund

Passenger meetings must now be held in person. More information about the conference will be provided the evening before the competition with the start list. In addition to being posted on our website, the subscription will be sent to all subscribers. Please find the start time on the start list before arriving at the race. Riders are also responsible for checking race start times as they are subject to change. Running training is recommended before the race. Track and field will be announced a few days in advance for athletes to train. The day of inspection will follow the rules announced at the passenger meeting.

All riders must wear a helmet during the race. Additional coverage is at the discretion of the rider. The user assumes all risks associated with the selection of equipment and protective devices.

All riders must register, sign a current summer waiver and use a race card. – You should have a plate if possible to get it early. Check candidate chat messages for information on pickup times. – Riders must ride at the designated time before the race. – When testing or racing, remember to stay on track and not cross the running line. – Competitors will be allowed near the starting line 5 minutes before the race. A race worker or volunteer will be able to notify the competitor that the race is on time. – Timing starts when your front wheel crosses the starting line. – Our Time is tracked by the chip on your plate. Please do not modify your plate to defeat its purpose. You are responsible for completing the verification form to ensure that all information associated with your plate (name, category, etc.) is correct. – Please keep your account visible at all times. – If you cannot complete the course, please cancel the selected race to allow other riders to race you and report directly to Timing. – If other competitors in your group are holding you back on the course, take them out. If you do not set such an example, you will be disqualified. – If the weather affects our races, the race director will decide how long the races will be delayed and announce a time for the riders to restart or wait for renewal. The Race Director will be at the Start. – The opposition period for any correction for any class (eg name, grade or age, error time, etc.) will end 30 minutes after the last opponent of the class graduate. If a contestant decides to fight, they will have to pay $50 for the fight, which will be refunded if they win the fight – Once the fight window closes, the Profit is final and legal. – We have marshals under education. If you pass an injured rider please notify the next police officer who will be manning the course and bike radio – please remember we can all have fun. Unsportsmanlike conduct at any venue is grounds for disqualification. – Decisions of the Race Chairman or Race Management are final.

Cmu Rumble Mountain Bike Race

The case has the right to be viewed in person. If a rider thinks there is a re-run order, they should speak to Timing immediately, at the end of the race. At that time, the appeal will be granted or denied at the discretion of the Appeals Committee. Re-rolls will be given at the end of the Pre-Pro category or at the end of the Pro category if a re-roll is approved. Mechanical issues or problems will not be approved for processing. Not working again for mechanical issues.

Results You can view your results on your mobile or after the race on the Trestle Gravity Series website on the IYR (It’s Your Race) website. Results will not be posted at the end. If you have a complaint, please call (970) 726-1590. If a contestant chooses to enter the contest, they must pay a contest fee of $50, which will be refunded if they win the contest. We will send email updates once the final results are announced. Please note that sometimes differences in wireless connections may cause the data from the computer to not load quickly on the IYR results page. If you complete a challenge and don’t see your time, don’t worry! Once your chip is timed and the crew returns to base to connect, internet time will expire. The time limit is closed to all competitors.

For professional racers, a career purse is awarded to the top three men and top three women in the Professional category for each race. The awards ceremony will feature the top three finishers in each class on the Winter Park Village stage. The prize list will be published online before the competition and is subject to change. If you are unable to attend the awards and are in the top 3 finalists in your category, your awards will be in the Competition Center at Balcony House.

Winners who do not receive a prize will have two weeks until the last race of the trust place series. Winnings will be kept at the Contest Office located in the Balcony Building.

Gearing Up For Mtb Race Season

The Trestle Gravity Series offers a variety of gravity-based events. Whoever finishes the fastest will win first place in their category. For all series results, we include all matches in the calculations to determine the winners. Riders must have competed in a current Trestle Gravity Series race in the same category to be eligible.

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