Class 5 Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Class 5 Whitewater Rafting Colorado – A step up from our intermediate courses and designed for paddlers who want to go bigger and longer in classes III – IV. Cody Rafting’s advanced rafting trips add technical elements and a few extra strokes per minute.

For experienced paddlers looking for a wild and wet ride on the White Water Trail, these trips are designed for guests 16 and older. Get ready for lots of paddling and get your adrenaline pumping and your heart pumping.

Class 5 Whitewater Rafting Colorado

While you’re sure to have a wet and wild experience on these tours, don’t forget to soak up the beauty of the Colorado Highlands.

Whitewater Rafting Classes Of Rapids: Boring To Scary!

Located on the headwaters of the Arkansas River, a Colorado rafting trip takes you through a series of rapids that are numbered, not named.

Ten Mile Creek is Colorado’s newest commercial river, and Cody Rafting is the only rafting company that offers this trip! This Summit County rafting trip is a four-mile Class IV run with a 110-foot-mile drop at the summit.

Pine Creek is the most advanced rafting trip offered on the Upper Arkansas River. Expert-level whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River drops 200 feet per mile over cliffs and steep ledges. This is rafting at its best!

This Idaho Springs rafting trip is for the serious paddler who wants uninterrupted Colorado Class II-IV whitewater. It starts east of Georgetown with Et ‘n Beef and Lumpy Rapids and is followed by rapids with names like Nomad and Phoenix Holes.

The Different Classes Of Rapids Explained

Combine the best of both worlds with white water rafting from Buena Vista. Visit the numbers in the morning and the Brown National Monument in Kenya in the afternoon in one exciting and unique day!

Create a private and intimate Colorado rafting trip for you and your group with KODI Rafting’s special Arkansas River Rafting Tour. Join KODI Rafting and enjoy the luxury, comfort and personalized service of private rafting.

Rafting Browns is a national monument of Kenya with all its famous rapids. But take a nine-foot raft with two other people, one of whom is your guide, to take your river experience to a whole new level!

Explore Colorado with a jeep rental or side-by-side rental down the Arkansas River. Home to the spectacular Arkansas River, Four Mile Recreation Area and College Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect home base for exploring Colorado through rafting and ATV rentals. Choose 2 or 4 doors.

Incredible Arkansas River Rafting Adventures In Co

Enjoy our Zip & Raft Arkansas River trip, ziplining in the morning and some of Colorado’s best whitewater rafting in the afternoon. Enjoy two exciting and beautiful Colorado activities in one easy and fun day.

Get the best of both worlds with the KODI Rafting Saddle Paddle. Combine our rafting trips with horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains. Set aside a full day for adventure or just stay.

Explore the area like a local! We love biking in Colorado and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the mountains. A paddle board will take you to the top of Wheel Pass, where you will descend from the summit on a paved road through Copper Mountain Resort. Join any cruise! Gore Canyon is Colorado’s premier Class V race for its extreme rapids and reliable summer flow. The flow of the Colorado River is a bit tricky, but Gore Canyon generally has reliable water from mid-July to mid-October.

The most difficult rapids are Gore Rapids and Tunnel Falls. Both can be handled with reasonable effort, allowing Class IV paddlers to get through this section with good reach. There are several holes along the river, so someone who knows how to run will help you know where they are and where they are going.

Private Glenwood Springs Colorado River Rafting Trip

The last drop Kirschbaum Rapid is too long to carry properly. A Class IV setback gives this speed a Class V rating.

Mile 3.9: To the left of Gear-Up-Rock is a small beach where most groups stop to dry their heads and change into dry clothes.

Mile 4: Whitewater Warm Up (III) is a nice series of rapids that create a good warm-up before applesauce.

Mile 4.3 – Applesauce (IV) is considered the most dangerous slope of the race due to some rough rocks on the right side. It can be easily spotted on the left side.

Cataract Canyon Whitewater Rafting

Mile 5: Gore Rapid (V) is a legendary rapid that should be explored to the right of the rail. There are many possible lines. It’s best to spot him on the train tracks as well, as Scissors and Piret arrive right away.

Mile 5.1: Scissors (IV) There is a large hole in the middle that you should avoid. Getting to know Gore Rapids is easy.

Mile 5.2: Pyrite Falls (IV) comes shortly after the crossing. This is another rapid with a large hole that most people avoid by taking the far left lane. Below Pyrite Falls there are more interesting Class IV rapids before Tunnel Falls.

Mile 6.3: Tunnel Falls (V) is a large drop named after the nearby railroad tunnel that must be descended on the right. Can be moved to the right with moderate effort.

We Have Some Great Tips, Tricks, And Helpful Hints From Our Guides To Help You With Your Whitewater Rafting Skills

Mile 6.55: Toilet (IV) is a dirty, wide, hydraulic river with a low head like a dam. The standard line is to stick it to the far left.

Mile 6.7: Kirschbaum (IV+) is a long incline to the right. Every move is class IV, but it’s so long that most people give it class IV+ or V. Last year, I wrote about 13 Legendary River Cruises Around the World, a list of the best travel styles, and multi-day river cruises. This post has been the catalyst for great discussions about the most legendary day rafting trips.

The gold standard of an epic rafting trip is something to ponder, reminisce and retold around the campfire. Big whitewater is the biggest factor, but I also took into account scenery, length of season and popularity.

I’ve tried to rank them from most difficult to most difficult, and I’m sure there will be some controversy. Cherry Creek and the South Fork of the American River have different styles of whitewater, but both have great (not necessarily huge) rapids and I consider them legendary.

Budget Friendly Alternatives To A Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Cherry Creek is the gold standard for Class V and the hardest whitewater section in the United States. Rapids like Mushroom (V), Toadstool (V) and Lewis Leap (V) challenge even the most experienced river guide. The first few times you go down, you’ll probably be intimidated (and you should be), but once you see the beautiful lines through the high speed and back roads, you’ll want to come back for more. Learn more about Rafting Cherry Creek.

The legendary section of the Zambezi River forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The deep valley that begins below the famous Victoria Falls has 25 major class IV and V rapids that can be flown most of the year. Learn more about the Zambezi River.

“Phu” is famous for its big waters, amazing turquoise color and amazingly beautiful rivers. The bridge-to-bridge section (bridge-to-bridge) is similar to doing all the major rapids in the Grand Canyon in just 5 miles. You can cross the drawbridge to add Mas-o-Menos (V-) and Casa de Piedra (V). Learn more about Futaleufu River Rafting Trips.

Bhut Kosi is one of the few day trips in Nepal and it’s hummingbirds! It’s a 12-mile hike, with great speed rides like Frog in the Blender (IV+), Great Wall (V), Gerbil in the Plumbing (IV+), and Liquid Bliss (IV).

Colorado Rafting Guide: What To Know, What To Bring, When And Where To Go

Cal Salmon is a stunningly beautiful river that flows between two desert regions on the north coast of California. The Nordheimer section has three massive Class V rapids surrounded by a ton of classic Class IV rapids. There are great whitewater races on the Butler section and the nearby Ikes section of the Klamath River. Learn more about Cal Salmon Rafting with Momentum River Expeditions.

Called the Upper Yog (pronounced “Yuk”), this fast-flowing river requires precise maneuvering through its rapids along rocky cliffs. Many people buy smaller boats like the AIRE Super Puma, each boat has 3-4 paddlers. Learn more about Wilderness Voyageurs Senior Youth Rafting.

The Upper Gully is an absolute classic and one of the most famous and popular rafting trips in the world. Pillow Rock (V), Lost Paddle (V) and Sweet Falls (V) are three of the toughest and most spectacular rapids in the world. The nearby Lower Bay and New Rivers are equally impressive (and easy) rivers that make for world-class paddling. Learn more about rafting in Upper Gully.

Wairua has 35 technical rapids, including a waterfall (V) and a roller coaster (V) in just 2 hours. The river flows through a wooded gorge.

Royal Gorge Rafting

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