Best Place To Mount A Gopro For Mountain Biking

Best Place To Mount A Gopro For Mountain Biking – Today I’d like to show you the best mountain bike GoPro 3 that I’ve used on many weekends while enjoying the road. Mountain biking is one of my favorite outdoor activities that I do regularly.

The adrenaline it gives you is amazing. And what could be better than capturing those great moments with my GoPro?

Best Place To Mount A Gopro For Mountain Biking

In this article I will explain the pros and cons of each mount, what the expected PoV is, and what my favorite mount is. Each prop will give you a unique and different shooting angle that you can later combine to create a great video.

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Enough said, let me share some GoPro bike mount ideas with you! Low Angle – GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost Mount

A GoPro seat post mount is an essential accessory when it comes to mountain biking. Capture all the action happening right in front of you from a wheelbarrow perspective. This connector is attached to the steering wheel and has a protective rubber cover to protect your steering wheel from breaking and increase stability during operation!

When it’s attached to the armrest you can also point the camera at you if you want to record video yourself which can be good for post-editing, at least that’s what I do when cycling. Because it’s always good to take videos from different angles. , looks more PRO 🙂

You may notice that the camera shakes when using this mount, but then if you check the playback, you will see that the video will look great. However, the sound is not very good because the constant vibration can cause annoying noise, but I understand that many people will replace the recorded sound with music or commentary.

Best Places To Mount A Gopro For Mountain Biking (how To)

Another advantage of this holder is that it can be attached to a chair. This way, you can rotate the video of your colleagues behind you at different angles, the better the video will come out of the edit.

The GoPro chest mount is my favorite mount because it captures the best angle in my opinion. It shows your arms and hands. The chest mount is really useful for many activities and allows you to see the ‘underhead’ side of the action as it should be mounted. I use it for rock climbing, kite flying, cycling, etc.

When I used the chest mount, I found that the GoPro was able to see more ground detail and depth, and as it captures my hand movements on the arm and tools, it really shows off the technique I use in rough ways. Used to manage. I also noticed a good speed.

All in all, it looks like my video is very interesting to watch. A good tip when using a chest strap is to make sure the camera is at an angle, otherwise you’ll just be holding your hands and knees because your chest will be at an angle to the ground when you cycle.

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This mountain is even better when we go to the mountain by bike because the video looks very real and shows many activities that other mountains cannot do.

The front of the GoPro headset captures the action from a high angle. Mount to the helmet using the adhesive pad included with the mount. These bands are made by 3M and are very strong. But from my personal experience, I advise you to stand on the helmet at least 1-2 days before the event to keep it in place.

I’ve had this ski helmet for 2 years and it’s still going strong. Do this and make sure your camera doesn’t get damaged while traveling. Another tip is to use a seat belt for extra safety.

The mount is positioned like a beacon and captures all the action at the top. But unlike pads, headphones don’t grip or hold your hand. It makes my video look slow, has no sense of depth and the surface looks flat. I really look like a child when I watch the playback, it gives the impression that the route is very easy and flat, unlike what it really is.

Helmet Front + Side Camera Mount

The advantage of the headset is that it changes when you move your head. This can help if you’re with a group of friends who are slower than you, so you don’t have to turn around and surprise them with your camera. Sometimes I use both chest and head. However, this is a personal preference.

Another is the helmet-mounted side mount that attaches to the helmet. It provides better space than the front section and can show parts of the helmet as well as parts of the arms and hands. You have to experiment and see which angle suits your needs I use it instead of the front mount because I feel it gives more detail but at the same time there is more vibration.

As I said before, I use both chest and helmet. Wearing a bra gave me a sense of action, a deeper look, and a better look than wearing a hat. Seats/handlebars can be optional if you don’t want to have videos with different angles, which I like. You can mount your GoPro anywhere you want, even on a bike frame tube.

A good tip is to set the GoPro to take a picture every 5 seconds, this is really nice and saves you the effort of going through all the videos to take a screenshot. Get out there and have fun!

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Want a GoPro but confused about which one to buy? Check out my GoPro comparison chart for a detailed description and comparison of the three Hero 4 cameras.

What do you think of my three mountain bike GoPros? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below 🙂

Hey! My name is Michelle and I am an IT professional who loves action cameras, technology and sports.

The reason for creating this blog is to share with you tips, unbiased reviews and information about the latest action camera gear.

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My ultimate goal is to give you as much detail as possible in each article. PRO: The biggest benefit of attaching your GoPro to your helmet is that the view will be from the same perspective as you. The experience you will have while watching the video is similar to what you experienced while riding this bike. If you look to the left, your camera will point to the left. They say that if you lower your helmet and wait for a light air position, your camera will focus on the ground. In addition, a GoPro equipped with a helmet will experience less vibration than a steering wheel. There is a lot of wet equipment between the catwalk and the room itself.

The downside is that you add a head mounted mask. Your helmet will probably need some adjustments to keep your head in place. In an accident, something new will break on the side of your face and you’ll change your helmet to do something it wasn’t originally designed to do. Some have noticed that the weight of the camera becomes noticeable during long trips.

This is probably the best training for mountain bikers. A chest camera mount will have the most stable camera angle. There will be some jump around the vibration. You will find many videos on how a cyclist rides a bike.

However, your vision is very limited. If an action happens from the side, you cannot easily focus with the camera. If you already wear a camisole or loose bra, this fitting is unlikely to cause you any problems.

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Arm bar installation is the simplest and easiest installation. The Go Pro mounts are included with the Garmin mount so you don’t have to remove the adapter from the bike. The field of view is in front of the wheel, so if you’re not interested in seeing the arm position or anything underneath, this is for you.

The biggest disadvantages of this installation are vibration and shrinkage. The steering wheel is hinged in front of the steering wheel and any road imperfections can be magnified.

It is also important not to connect the GoPro directly to the bar (component to component) as this will transmit too much vibration. Try using the kit’s inner tube to act as a suction device by wrapping it tightly around the handlebars and then firmly attaching the GoPro mount.

However, we can customize any purchased item with custom fonts or images/colors if you wish. Contact us via info @ There are many ways to hack a GoPro. Handlebar Mount For Gopro Action Cameras With 360 Swivel

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