Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer – The snow in the mountains is melting and the rivers are beginning to roar, which means it’s time for summer fun in Breckenridge, Colorado!

While most people think of Breckenridge as a winter ski resort, it’s also a prime destination for families looking for outdoor adventure during the summer months. Here are 10 great summer activities in Breckenridge, Colorado that will have the whole family begging for more time to explore.

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

The Breckenridge Gondola is free and runs from downtown to Peak 8. It’s almost like riding the monorail at Disney World, and best of all, it’s free!

Breckenridge In Summer: 29 Local Things To Do

It takes 13 minutes all the way to the top and offers spectacular views of the Tenmill Range, the town of Breckenridge and the Cucumber Gulch Wildlife Sanctuary below. Watch for wildlife, especially elk and bald eagles.

At the top, enjoy the views, dine at the Peak 8 Restaurant, go hiking, mountain biking, or enjoy activities at the Peak 8 Base Camp.

One of the most popular attractions is the Alpine slide. It’s basically where you ride a sled on wheels down a long concrete slide. There is a brake so you can control the speed. Children 35″ and older can ride with an adult, and children 48″ and older can ride their own sled.

No less popular is the Gold Runner roller coaster. It’s like an alpine slide, but on an elevated roller coaster that winds down the mountain and through the forest. Again, you can control the speed and kids 38 inches and taller can ride.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Breckenridge

If you want to see even more views, take a ride on the Colorado Super Chair. It’s a ski lift that offers spectacular views of the surrounding 14 eras, Colorado mountains that rise nearly 14,000 feet in elevation.

Families with children ages 12 and up will want to check out the Alpiner Challenge course. This rope park has 15 different features, including log tracks, rope swings and many other obstacles to test your balance. There’s also a Lil’ Climber ropes course for kids too young to join the big course.

But wait, there’s more! There is a bounce house, bungee trampoline, climbing wall, mine maze, mini golf, tubing and gem washing.

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

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Best Things To Do In Breckenridge, Colorado (in 2023)

Ziplining has quickly become one of the most popular mountain resort offerings during the summer months, so of course Breckenridge has its own course! The Expedition Zip Line course is open to people ages 10 and up who are ready for an adventurous zipline ride through a stunning alpine landscape.

Tours meet at the Vista House at the top of the Colorado Super Chair. The route includes 8 zip lines between 10 towers and a 200-meter aerial bridge.

Children between the ages of 30 and 100 pounds can still get in on the fun on the zip line through the Little Flyer Zip Line on Epic Discovery.

Break Rec Center is located outside of downtown along the Blue River Trail. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge: Year Round Beautiful Fun

They have an indoor pool with no entry (great for rainy days) and a pool for the little ones. In addition, the pool has a water slide, a lazy river, swings, a basketball net and a climbing wall. Two hot tubs are available to ease the pain from the activity.

The recreation center also has tennis courts, all exercise facilities and a free outdoor skatepark. Kids love the indoor climbing wall. Older children can obtain a safety certificate and climb the climbing wall unsupervised.

The Country Boy Mine allows visitors to enter the mine to experience what it’s like to work underground every day. Bring a sweater, even in the summer, because it’s always 45 degrees in the mine. Tours run every hour, and the underground section lasts about 45 minutes.

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

After the tour, you can stay as long as you like and pan for gold in the pool and countryside on the property. And of course, you can keep everything you find! There is also a slide that appeals to both children and adults.

Breckenridge, Colorado: Where To Go, What To Do, And Why You Have To Go Next Summer — Tara Laferrara

Breckenridge Ski Resort offers a mountain bike school that is a must for anyone who wants to ride the trails of Breckenridge, especially if you are new to mountain biking in Colorado.

Similar to ski school, these classes are based on skill level and include guided descents. Learn to ride the terrain you’ll encounter on the Breckenridge trails, such as rocks, bridges, and loose dirt. It is also useful to learn how to climb and descend snakes, which can have sharp drops.

Training is located at the top of Peak 8 and is accessible to everyone. It also includes a pump track. The city of Breckenridge also has a pump track at the ice rink.

Experienced cyclists can hire instructors as guides. Not a bad idea, especially if you want to send your adventurous teens off without having to drive the more difficult routes.

Epic Things To Do In Breckenridge Winter Travel Guide

The Breckenridge Alliance offers tours of the ghost town of Preston Mill, a once thriving mining town. Along the way there are abandoned mines and of course the town of Preston Mill.

Most of the city’s buildings have been destroyed, but you can still see the remains and feel the grand atmosphere. If you prefer a ghost story, the Alliance also offers a haunted tour of downtown Breckenridge called the Breckenridge Ghost Tour.

Be sure to check out all of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance tours and find one that fits your family’s interests. There are cemetery tours, mines and more!

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

Did you know that some of the best rafting in the west is near Breckenridge, Colorado? In fact, there are five rivers within an hour of Breckenridge that are great for rafting. There are several companies in the area that offer different tours.

Things To Do In Breck This Summer

Clear Creek has a beginner rapid that is good for children ages six and up. Breckenridge Whitewater offers 1/3 day guided tours perfect for families.

The Arkansas River is by far the most popular rafting river in the state, and there is something for everyone. The route through Brown Canyon National Monument is popular with families. The rapids have funny names like Pinball, Zoom Flume, Widowmaker and Zaidel’s Bark Hole.

The Blue River has a short season, but it’s really Breckenridge, so if you plan it right, you’ll enjoy three miles of choppy, rushing water and breathtaking views of the Gore Range.

The famous Colorado River flows through this area, the upper reaches of the river are perfect for those who want to swim. You can also take an inflatable kayak or paddle board for a ride on this calm stretch of river.

Best Things To Do In Summer In Keystone & Breckenridge

The Eagle River near Vail is a good choice from May to July. The Lower Eagle River has Class II and III rapids that are perfect for families. This 17-mile day hike passes several rapids and several different ecological zones.

There are many wonderful hikes in Breckenridge, and walking the trails is one of our favorite ways to spend a summer day in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The Iowa Hill Mine Trail is an easy 1.2 mile loop that features remnants of a variety of mining equipment. Signs along the route tell about the mines and the miners who work in them.

Best Things To Do In Breckenridge Summer

The Sawmill Creek Trail is an easy 2.5 mile hike that ends at a ridge of water where people go fishing and stand up paddle boarding.

Incredibly Awesome Things To Do In Breckenridge Any Time Of Year

The McCullough Gulch trail is a bit longer (4.8 miles) and more strenuous, but well worth it. The trail leads past carved mountains to a glacial lake and waterfall. Marmots and pike are common along the cliffs.

Visit the Breckenridge Stables and pick a horse to ride into the sunset. Trail riding takes place several times a day and is great for families because, unlike many other stables, it offers an opportunity for the whole family.

Trail rides last 90 minutes and run from 9-10 a.m. over Breckenridge. Children up to three years old can ride on a two-seater with their parents. Four- to five-year-old children can ride their own horse, which will be led on a rope by an employee. If you are over six years old, you can ride your gentle horse along the trail.

If you don’t want to ride, buy a horse treat at check-in and feed the resting horses. Although Breckenridge is world-renowned for skiing in the winter, it is also the perfect destination for a wonderful family vacation in the summer. When you take children to the mountains, the whole family can expect a lot of fun. Here are six great things to do for kids this summer in Breckenridge.

Top 15 Family Activities In Breckenridge

Hiking is a popular activity

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