Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica For Couples

Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica For Couples – Here we will discuss 15 great places where you can stay in Costa Rica; This is not an exhaustive list, as this amazing country has a lot to offer, but you won’t be disappointed with the selections below.

For the past two decades, Costa Rica has been ranked as one of America’s hottest vacation spots, and that has a lot to do with the country’s tourism industry’s efforts to attract visitors. more.

Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica For Couples

Costa Rica is often described as the “Switzerland of America” ​​due to its mountainous terrain and commitment to peace.

Where To Stay In Costa Rica: The Best Spots In 2023

This country is also famous for its rich biodiversity, natural areas, great coffee, long-standing democracy, laid-back lifestyle and being able to thrive without the need for an army.

Despite being a small country, Costa Rica offers 100 beaches, dozens of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, active volcanoes, a pleasant microclimate, a lively nightlife lifestyle, art, culture and plenty of adventure.

The tourist infrastructure is well developed; you can arrive at two international airports, two ports or cross the border between Nicaragua and Panama. For the most part, it’s pretty easy to get around by land transportation.

Driving a rental car can be a bit of an adventure, but you also have the option of quickly hopping on a domestic flight. Some tourists staying in Costa Rica for an extended vacation take advantage of the proximity to San Andres, Panama and Nicaragua to book a quick flight and make the most of their experience.

The Best Hotels To Book In Costa Rica

We’ll cover some of the best places you can choose to stay in Costa Rica, and we’ll also discuss your lodging options and what activities you can enjoy.

Each of the destinations described below offers a unique charm; To a large extent, these differences are what make this Central American country such a great vacation spot.

One more thing we must mention before you go into detail about your future stay in Costa Rica: The high tourist season starts in November and continues into early May, which happens with the American winter north.

What this means for you when planning your trip is to expect higher costs in terms of accommodation, transport and other travel costs; at the same time, the reserve may be a little small, but you will enjoy the benefits of postcard weather with almost no rain.

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During the rest of the year, accommodation is much more affordable and you won’t have to worry about interacting with people at the main attractions; Also, heavy rain will last mostly for a few hours in the afternoon, unless a tropical storm system blows in from the Caribbean.

The capital is a good place to stay in Costa Rica if you decide to visit different places around the country. Even though San Jose is small, it is a busy city with a million people living daily.

Some San Jose neighborhoods have a bit of a European flavor, while others are traditionally middle-class neighborhoods. The edge of the city is where you can find large buildings nestled in between the quaint neighborhoods.

Like other South American capitals, San Jose can be loud and chaotic during the day, but it’s also fun, generally safe and fun.

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It should be noted that SJO, the main international airport, is actually in Alajuela, but it takes a few minutes to drive to the city center.

If culture and nightlife are what you want to experience during your stay in Costa Rica, San Jose is a great option as you can arrange everything from coffee farm tours, which we highly recommend, to volcano tours and even trips to the Pacific coast. .

Don’t miss the National Museum of Costa Rica, el Museo del Oro Precolombino (Precolumbian Gold Museum), the Jade Museum and the National Museum.

San Jose is the best place for entertainment during your stay in Costa Rica and you can find many large international hotels, hostels, budget hotels, boutiques and business hotels.

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The weather in San Jose is always great, but you must have an umbrella from July to November. Try to stay away from the city center unless you are a sound sleeper who doesn’t make noise.

Often chosen as one of Costa Rica’s most visited national parks, Manuel Antonio is a popular vacation spot with accommodations and resorts operating within the main natural area.

Manuel Antonio’s white sand beaches are legendary and the famous national park is lovingly maintained for the benefit of visitors of all ages.

One thing that should be mentioned about Manuel Antonio is that it is highly recommended for bicycle tourists who have an idea of ​​a good stay in Costa Rica to experience nature.

Best Family Resorts In Costa Rica

The national park is a tourist gem and always attracts local families, as the wildlife is abundant within easy walks.

Regarding accommodation, they vary from beach houses to small beach hotels and country houses. It’s not too hard to find a room with a view of the Pacific Ocean, and they tend to be reasonably priced.

As one of the closest beaches to the capital, Jaco is also the most developed and American. If you’re familiar with Southern California beach towns, this is what Jaco Beach feels like; In fact, some foreigners call it “Ocean”.

The best and most challenging adventure vacations in Central America can be found in Jaco. This is a very large beach where it is almost impossible to find a day where the chest high waves are not rolling.

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Surfers from all over the world know about the long stretches of Jaco Beach, but they also know that the currents can be treacherous. There are lifeguards on the beach here, but be careful in the water.

Jaco’s nightlife is legendary enough to have been featured on the Travel Channel several times. This is one of the few cities in Costa Rica where you will find high quality beach resorts and apartments with casinos and nightclubs.

The area offers many outdoor activities, from kayaking to hiking to fishing to horseback riding to surfing.

Jaco is also a great gateway to national parks, such as Carrara National Park or Pura Vida Park.

Best Costa Rica Beach Resorts Central America

All-inclusive resorts are the best option for families, and there are some cabins, but they are not as affordable as elsewhere on the Pacific Coast.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen images or scenes depicting the Monteverde Cloud Forest in movies, video games, and travel websites.

Recognized by National Geographic as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, the high wooden bridges in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve have become an iconic Costa Rican attraction.

Most tourists who stop in Costa Rica mainly for tourism are known to include Monteverde in their travel plans and that is because the cloud forest is an amazing sight to see.

Moving To Costa Rica From The Us

You don’t want to miss this experience; getting here is a little easier because Monteverde is in the Puntarenas area, not far from the beaches along the Pacific Ocean and close to the capital.

Almost every activity you can access in Monteverde has to do with adventure and travel. The canopy tours through the cloud forest are not to be missed; even if your stay in Costa Rica is short, you should take the time to plan a visit, especially if you enjoy bird watching.

You can stay in cheap hostels in town or in affordable cottages in the mountains; However, there are some luxury resorts where the prices are more than reasonable considering everything they do.

Staying at a guest house in Monteverde is recommended if you plan to stay in Costa Rica for a few days.

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The few tourists who come to SJO are transferred by land transport to La Fortuna de San Carlos, a model tourist destination in the United States.

Even if your stay in Costa Rica is only for a few days, you won’t go wrong choosing La Fortuna, a resort at the foot of the active Arenal Volcano, which looks like a small version of Japan’s Mount Fuji, but which usually comes alive at night with a spectacular display of small cloudbursts.

La Fortuna is extremely family friendly; This is the type of trip where there are plenty of crowded resorts and international luxury hotel chains, but you can also find country houses, bed and breakfasts, chalets and chalets. .

The standards of hospitality are very high in this part of Costa Rica and the food is of the highest quality. When staying in La Fortuna, all you need to do is relax in the natural hot springs, and some of the most luxurious hotels have them.

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We left this destination for last, not because it is the most tasteful in Costa Rica; it is simply the best vacation spot in the Guanacaste region, and

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