Best Places For Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Best Places For Colorado Whitewater Rafting – The Rocky Mountains are known for their freshwater rivers, and Colorado has its fair share of great rafting spots. From the Arkansas River to the Animas, there are more than a dozen commercial rivers.

We are featuring some of the most popular and best white water rafting rivers in Colorado. You can find these bodies of water in the Rocky Mountains. The main season for whitewater rafting is from June to September, depending on the conditions. Last season, the melting snow made the whitewater more dangerous.

Best Places For Colorado Whitewater Rafting

These rivers float for everyone, from beginners and novices, to seasoned adrenaline junkies and fun-seeking families. You can choose half or full day trips, and some rivers also offer overnight trips and camps. Whatever type of rafting trip you are looking for, you will find it here. All necessary equipment is provided by the sales managers.

Best Places For Whitewater Rafting In Montana

The Great Arkansas River is the busiest river in the state and one of the most famous rivers in the country. The headwaters of the Arkansas River begin near Leadville and flow south through Salida to Buena Vista Winthrop before heading east to Canyon City, Pueblo and the Plains.

. This peak trip passes through a narrow valley, encountering some class IV and V rapids along the way. You will pass under an amazing suspension bridge and maybe a train.

In the middle of its long journey into the Royy Mountains, Cannon City has other parts of the canyon as well as the Royal Gorge. The pleasure seekers are in the pleasure

Durango is the most populous city in the mountains of southwestern Colorado and one of the largest cities in the state with a population of 20 or more. The historic city may be known for its narrow gauge railway, but the Animas River provides year-round energy and entertainment.

Welcome To The Best Place For Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

The great thing about the Animas River is that it’s all a bit floaty and the white water splashes can be found on half- or full-day trips.

It runs through downtown Durango offering two sections of ease. Family-friendly floating and fun is guaranteed to run through the man-made waters at Durango Whitewater Park.

It starts in the north of the city near Purgatory, a mountain area in Durango. It holds the honor of being the longest continuous commercial Class IV-V commercial slope of 30 miles or more in the USA. The fun just keeps on coming!

The Yampa River is Northwest Colorado’s most famous river. It is the longest undamaged river in the world. Cruises down the Yampa River are usually relaxing multi-day floats, perfect for a relaxing and sightseeing trip through the Yampa Valley.

The Best Time To Go Whitewater Rafting

Since Vernal, UT is the most popular town around Dinosaur National Monument, many overnight tours gather and depart from there. Rafting trips down the Yampa River offer the opportunity to experience Class III and IV rapids, which are best from May to July. They are multi-day camping and rafting trips, some of which are four or five days.

The Colorado River flows southwest of Kremlin past Radium and Glenwood Springs into Utah and beyond. There are many great activities down Glenwood Canyon near Glenwood Springs, from family-friendly tours to rafting down the Colorado River to extreme whitewater rafting.

Widely regarded as Colorado’s white water and commercial destination, Gore Canyon is far from your average white water float. This epic and advanced whitewater section near the Kremlin is for experienced rafters with experienced guides. It has CFS and a number of class IV and V quickly become aggressive when the water is high.

The Pumphouse Recreation Site is down from the Kremlin and Gore Canyon. It includes the launch of three different cruise ships of Class II and III speed. It is a few miles upriver

Chugach Outdoor Center

Close to Glenwood Springs. It is especially popular with groups of friends and families looking for half and full day tours. Your guide can take you to the old hot springs on the banks of the river (not Radium). Due to the length of the river, people are known for short rafts, although the river is also suitable for overnight camping / rafting trips.

The aforementioned Animas River empties into the San Juan River, which flows toward the center of the city of Pagosa Springs. It may not offer the longest stretches of river kayaking or white water, but for a few months each season, it makes a great trip for beginner paddlers.

It runs directly to downtown Pagosa’s Whitewater Park. Now that you have a river under your belt, pick up one or two parts of another local river.

Another nearby river is the Piedra river, upstream of the city’s San Juan River. It has its headquarters north of the city deep in the National Forest. From the top of the central San Juan Mountains, the Piedra River flows southwest of Pagosa Springs, 20 kilometers west of Pagosa and 40 kilometers east of Durango. It joins the San Juan River at Arpolis and empties into the Navajo Reservoir.

Whitewater Rafting Near Me — Rafting Magazine

It is located northwest of Pagosa Springs. The competition is professional so it is suitable for children aged 12 and over. It includes many slopes of class II, III and IV. If you’re feeling adventurous and really want to see the best of Colorado, combine the next day with a night rafting trip down the Piedra River. Outfitters to guide the trips, set up tents and cook for you.

. It is even more dangerous with several large drops as it flows down a thousand square canyon. This episode has a lot to do and is suitable for ages 16 and up. Piedra means “stone” in Spanish, so that’s what it means. It gets the name “Stone Wall River”. The action-packed tour at Lower Piedra features Class IV+ runs descending from several deep cones.

Ideally serving the Northern Front Range, the Cache La Poudre River offers the best whitewater rafting west of Fort Collins. Known simply as the Poudre (“poo-der”), this river has a small number of fishing boats leading the tour, so it’s less crowded than the others.

For each type of truss you will find two planes, soft and strong. They usually meet west of Fort Collins and then beat you west to where you start.

White Water Rafting

It’s a beautiful place. It is located on the Cache La Poudre-North Park Byway, the National Scenic Bypass drive west from Fort Collins to Walden. It is the only river designated as a National Wildlife Refuge and Scenic River. Choose from a beginner/intermediate half day on Class II and III rapids and/or a half day on advanced Class III and IV rapids on the Powdery River.

Paddling usually starts in mid-May and goes to early September for easy paddling and early August for hard paddling.

The Dolores River is another scenic attraction in southwestern Colorado. Although there are limited tours available this tour is very hit or miss, usually starting in April and ending in June. Those in the know know that it is one of the best multi-day rafting trips available in Colorado and beyond. It takes you through some interesting canyons and falls through a 175-mile raft section.

Travel to Dolores for a 3 to 10 day cruise. Most tours usually depart from nearby Cortez, but longer tours meet at Durango and then go further afield.

Best Places For White Water Rafting In Idaho

Remember, depending on the conditions and water levels, the window of this river is limited, so it is usually in May. You will hit Class III rapids, suitable for ages 10 and up.

In Denver’s one-of-a-kind mountain backyard, Idaho Springs offers an exciting boating opportunity close to the metro. Just 30 miles west of downtown, I-70 takes you to this historic old mining town. Half-day and full-day kayaking trips are available at Clear Creek. You can arrange tours suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

It is the highest river in the region for commercial rafting. It flows through a narrow gap in the Clear Creek Valley, creating many technical rapids and steep cliffs. You’d never know it from the highway, but this river is a wild ride. 80% of the region is public land, so nature and wildlife are always present.

Snow formed in the Rocky Mountains provides a perfect channel for the rivers that flow on both sides of the Continental Divide. In summer, whitewater feeders are found in more than a dozen commercial rivers filled with rafts. In addition to those listed above, here are some great places to try kayaking.

Exhilarating Places You Should Try White Water Rafting Georgia

Enjoy a safe and fun white water rafting trip on one of these Rocky Mountain rivers! Remember that each river has its own season, which is from May to September, and some of the first rivers are a bit smaller but the fresh water is at its peak, so plan accordingly.

You can check water level data for Colorado rivers at the USGS. Compare this with the appropriate CFS levels for the river you plan to ride. Naturally, your leader will do this for you, so call him

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