1 Day Whitewater Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

1 Day Whitewater Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon – Travelers interested in rafting the Grand Canyon may need to start planning their trip earlier than ever. The outfitters say they faced unprecedented demand in 2018 and 2019, including long waiting lists for popular departure dates in June and July.

For the first time in more than 50 years in business, Western River Expeditions reported that its 2018 calendar is selling out quickly, with bookings for cruises in 2019. Guests wishing to take part in the 2018 rafting trip are currently on a waiting list (annulment). When bookings for the 2019 season opened on November 15, Western River Expeditions already had 1,000 names on its waiting list for the hot date.

1 Day Whitewater Rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

“2018 was huge,” said Brandon Lake, Chief Marketing Officer of Western River Expeditions. “Bookings for 2018 are earlier and faster than any previous year. “

Overnight & Multiday Whitewater Rafting & Adventure

The National Park Service has limited the number of departures, putting the paddles in high demand for the limited supply. “We operate in a controlled environment,” Mr. Lake said. “North America agrees on all prices and departure dates.” The regulations also apply to travelers; people are limited to one flight per season.

Outfitters attribute the increased demand to several reasons. “The National Park Service’s centennial in 2016 may have played a role in the recent popularity of outdoor recreation,” said Steve Markle, OARS vice president of sales and marketing. Mr Markle cited a waiting list of 650 people for a 2019 Grand Canyon rafting trip and advised travelers to call 18 months in advance if they want to secure a specific date.

Increased demand may also reflect larger trends related to personal priorities. “People are spending more on experiences and less on things,” Mr Lake said. “We are seeing an increase in multi-generational travel as families travel together.” (The minimum age may vary depending on the section of the canyon you are visiting. For Upper Canyon tours, Western River Expeditions requires rafters to be 12 years old, for lower canyon tours, the minimum age is 9.)

Non-availability gives key dates a sense of exclusivity and travelers interact by planning ahead. Customers who contact Western River Expeditions because their June-July 2018 departure dates are sold out often make requests for similar dates in 2019. These travelers are added to a waiting list and will be contacted first to book with general public before the 2019 launch date.

Grand Canyon Rafting Tour

How to increase your chances of rafting the Grand Canyon in 2018? Flexibility is key. “There are always last-minute cancellations,” says Sarah Owen of Whitewater, Grand Canyon. “If people have flexible dates, can move relatively last minute, and their group isn’t too big, it’s reasonable to expect that they’ll be able to visit the Grand Canyon in the same season the trip is booked,” he says. In addition to adding your name to a waiting list or email list, Outfitters recommends picking up the phone and talking to them directly. “Give us a call, talk to us and maybe we can give you some options,” Ms Owen said. “We want to take you to the river.”

Planning ahead is very important for large group travelers or those booking the peak dates in June and July. Researching individual garments and their release dates can help increase your chances of a quality start. “Once we have a calendar approved by the National Park Service, we will begin booking,” said Lori Yadon, director of rafting reservations for Tour West. “Bookings are full, but we still have space in 2018.”

While Grand Canyon rafting has a great reputation, there are lesser-known alternatives that offer a similar experience and are often more affordable. “You can drive the Colorado River itself into Cascade Canyon,” Mr. Lake said. “We call it the Grand Canyon’s sister.” This option fits many of the same criteria: exciting cruises and whitewater river hikes.

“The Grand Canyon isn’t always the best experience for young kids,” Mr. Lake said. “My favorite family hike is Desolation Canyon.” An 88-mile, five-day trip on Utah’s Green River that includes smaller rapids, warm waters, and scenic beaches. “It’s still the classic Southwestern scene,” he said. “It’s unique in kayaking anywhere else in the world.” At the bottom of a picturesque canyon, red and gold, orange and purple, rippling between the big and the wide is the Colorado River – Creator of Arizona’s most famous natural wonder, the Grand Canyon. One of the best ways to experience this geological wonder is directly on a catamaran.

Grand Canyon Whitewater (grand Canyon National Park)

Most rafting trips start at Reese’s Ferry near Page, Arizona, in the north-central part of the state, about 144 miles northeast of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, but you can choose from a variety of rafting types and lengths. Whatever you choose, book early – there can be long queues for these popular tours.

Motorized and paddle rafting tours available. Motor vehicle trips are faster, usually taking 6 to 8 days, while paddle trips usually take 10 to 14 days. Longer trips are also available.

For shorter trips, usually 4 to 9 days, a half canyon canyoneering trip may be your best option. These split hikes alternate in the middle of the valley at Phantom Ranch, so you’ll want to plan to hike the Bright Angel Trail from the valley at the end of your trip or up the valley to Phantom Ranch at the beginning.

Half-day and full-day calm water cruises on the Colorado River depart from Glen Canyon Dam at Les Ferry in Page, Arizona, about 140 miles north of the South Rim.

Grand Canyon River Rafting: Lottery Registration Opens For 2022

One- and two-day Hualapai Tribal Lands Grand Canyon West rafting trips are also available. Starting in Peach Springs, Arizona (on historic Route 66 in the state’s northwest), these tours offer an up-close look at the Grand Canyon’s west side. For more information or to plan your adventure, visit Hualapai River Runners.

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Grand Canyon Rafting & Kayaking

The Upper Salt River cuts through a 2,000-foot-deep canyon dotted with wildflowers and cacti. If conditions are right, The1 Day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip is perfect for those pressed for time who want a true 1-mile deep whitewater experience in the Grand Canyon. Waterfall and River Lunch – Day Trip.

Discover the rich traditions of the Hualapai people on the river and downriver with a local guide. Plus, you don’t have to hike in and out of the Grand Canyon. Helicopter transfers are not currently scheduled for 2023 and the Skywalk will not be visible on the day of your kayak tour.

This is the only one day rafting tour in the Grand Canyon and the only one day rafting tour in the area. A smooth sea kayak near Page, Arizona, after passing the end of Glen Canyon, starting and ending at Rice Ferry, then Lake Mead and Black near Las Vegas Paddle board a boat in the calm waters of the canyon.

Those looking for more adventure can join a Grand Canyon rafting trip of 2, 3 days or longer. Not sure which Grand Canyon tour is best for you, give us a call. We will answer your questions and guide you through the process. Find the Colorado River rafting trip that’s right for you.

Save $40 Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting One Day Trip

The day trip begins at Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs, Arizona. We offer round trip transportation from Las Vegas to Beach Springs for an additional fee.

If you are driving, we recommend staying at the Hualapai Lodge the night before as the day starts very early. Also ideal for an overnight stay after a flight. Flights usually return between 17:30 and 19:30, but may be later.

Day rafting adventures take place at the Hualapai Tribal Reserve,

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