Whitewater Rafting Colorado Springs

Whitewater Rafting Colorado Springs – Whitewater rafting is one of the most memorable outdoor activities Clear Creek County has to offer.

Just 20 miles west of the Mile High City, you can board an inflatable boat and cruise the cool waters and wild rapids of Clear Creek. In fact, Clear Creek has a faster velocity-per-mile than most commercial rivers in the state.

Whitewater Rafting Colorado Springs

That’s why weekend rafting and other family-friendly adventures on Clear Creek are our specialty. Enjoy spectacular views and the chance to see Colorado wildlife as you paddle.

Colorado Rafting Photo & Video Gallery

Clear Creek County has several great rafting companies ready to organize your ultimate rafting trip today. Check out our local clothing listings below.

When a river flows, currents form and create a flow that produces a frothy stream known as “white water”. At Clear Creek, local rafting companies have found the best “white water” spots in the river and surrounding waters.

Because “white water” rapids move so fast, they make for a more enjoyable rafting experience. Float the river or surf the rapids with friends on an outdoor adventure.

By law, every local rafter must have a Colorado River license, which is regulated by Colorado State Parks, which conducts random safety checks throughout the rafting season.

Whitewater Rafting On The Colorado River Near Glenwood Springs

This means that all racks, equipment, instructional specifications, hygiene practices, safety regulations, and travel plans all meet strict standards set by the state.

Safety is paramount when it comes to anything at Clear Creek, but rafting in particular. Some “white water” areas are graded based on how difficult they are to navigate while rafting. Although we do not state an age limit for ourselves, there is indeed a minimum age limit for each of our rafting trips. For our rafting trip, the minimum age is 7 years old. There is a minimum age of 14 for our intermediate tours.

Please note that the age limit for rafting trips may vary depending on the water level. There are usually a few weeks from mid to late June when the snowmelt peaks and our management team may suggest increasing the minimum age requirement.

The recommended age limit for whitewater rafting trips in Colorado depends on the level of difficulty and current water levels. Risk management and safety are our top priorities at Colorado Adventure Center. The recommended age limit may change under high water conditions. Each whitewater rafting trip on Clear Creek has specific age restrictions and requirements. It is important to inform our booking team in advance of the age of your party guests and fill in the digital disclaimer form. Our tour booking team can contact your group to reschedule or replace a tour if you have already booked a tour and water conditions prevent your group from attending.

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The age limit for whitewater rafting Clear Creek Intermediate is 14 years old. The white water rapids will be higher for this trip. Guests can work with their river guides to navigate the many Class II, III and IV rapids. Please note that the age limit to join the Clear Creek Intermediate tour may be increased due to water conditions.

The age limit for the Clear Creek Advanced Whitewater Ride is 16 years old. Previous white water rafting experience, strong swimming skills and good fitness are recommended for this trip. This steep and fast-flowing stretch of white water is famous for its succession of Class III, IV and V rapids.

All guests are required to sign a disclaimer to participate in whitewater rafting. Minors must have a disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian. At MAD Adventures, we offer White Water Rafting trips for all ages. At Colorado River, we specialize in family and group tours.

Whether you want to experience white water rafting for the first time with your kids, reunite with your family, or just want to see the beautiful landscape from the river’s perspective, book a half-day or full-day or overnight trip. Rafting trips are only 45 minutes from Winter Park and Steamboat Springs Colorado, so you can raft down the river and be home before it’s time for the fireplace and marshmallows.

Updated: Deaths On Colorado’s Rivers Rise And Rafting Oversight Falls

Clear Creek has family-friendly sections and more fun sections. At a distance of a mile, Clear Creek flows faster than most rivers you can raft. This makes for a very enjoyable ride, even on family routes. Clear Creek’s location close to Denver (35 minutes), Winter Park (45 minutes) and Breckenridge (45 minutes) makes it easy to choose a raft without a lot of driving. Guests give it a score of 4.8/5.0 based on 56 ratings for Clear Creek Rafting Trip

Children as young as four, young grandparents and everyone in between have enjoyed our rafting trips on the Upper Colorado River…

Take it to the next level, as Emeril says, on a whitewater rafting adventure at Clear Creek. Our rafting meet up location in Dumont is accessible from Winter Park, Denver, Estes Park and Grand Lake…

If you’re looking for an overnight experience, these two- and three-day trips make great whitewater breaks… Use the drop-down menus below to search for trips. Fun rides near you or wherever you want to go!

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With three major outposts scattered across Colorado’s mountains, you don’t have to go far for some outdoor activities. We’ve created our locations to prioritize multiple areas of the state, so be sure to include an AVA tour in your schedule the next time you’re in Colorado.

Looking for more? We travel on 8 rivers throughout Colorado, so check out all of our locations for more Colorado travel options.

A big advantage of joining AVA Rafting & Zipline for a trip is our location in Buena Vista. We have mountain cabins on site as well as a fully equipped campsite with charcoal grills and picnic tables that you can use during your stay. Many of our Buena Vista activities have the option of adding lodging to your tour, giving you more time to enjoy the Arkansas River Valley and beautiful mountain town.

Let AVA take care of all the logistics while you sit back and enjoy the company of family and friends. On our overnight rafting trips, we cook your meals, set up camp and handle all the gear while you relax by the warm river, fish or read a book. Overnight trips are offered in Buena Vista and Kremmling, Colorado, ranging from 24 hours in the wilderness to several days of outdoor fun.

Overnight Colorado River Rafting Trip

When it comes to creating your next Colorado vacation, we have many options. At AVA, we know that every group is different, so our trips are packed with activities and options to suit every skill level, group size and adventure preference. We have so many options it can be hard to choose, so let us help you choose your AVA travel challenge and outpost for your next Colorado adventure!

Families with children under 15 should try the Class II and III rides, as well as the zipline and horseback riding. Our favorite pack is the saddle and shovel near Kremling, Colorado.

Take a class IV or V rafting trip and combine it with a via ferrata adventure. We also recommend hiking, UTV and overnight tours. Try the 3-day Mild to Wild overnight rafting, which includes rafting, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting.

There is no bad choice for your next adventure. If you want to spend time on the river, we recommend rafting and overnight camping. If the altitude is up to you, try our zipline or via ferrata. Wherever you are, we have options for you.

Overnight & Multiday Whitewater Rafting & Adventure

Get out of the office and push your team to the limit on the Via Ferrata. You can combine this with a half day on the river or a full day adventure in the air on our zipline. Our Idaho Springs resort is located just outside of Denver and offers rafting, zipline and via ferrata tours.

Need help choosing a Colorado adventure? Here are some of the favorite tours of AVA staff and guides, including rafting, ziplining, ziplining, and more.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures to help tell the story of our adventures. Many of our tours are accompanied by professional photographers who can help capture your perfect day on the river or tree hike.

Still trying to decide which tour is best for you? We know this is a difficult decision, so we created the Help Me Choose feature to help you. Where are you from, what time of year do you want to travel, how old is everyone in your group and how excited are you to take our Help Me Choose quiz and join some of Our most amazing trips. specially chosen for them, you will be guided

Rafting In Colorado

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