Whitewater Rafting Fort Collins Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Fort Collins Colorado – As Colorado’s only wild and state river, the Cache La Poudre is one of the most popular waterways in the Centennial State. With narrow and gently sloping passages amidst beautiful scenery, white water rafting on the Cache la Poudre River is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

You can usually find rafting trips on the Poudre River from mid-May to early September. Advanced whitewater is available early in the season, usually ending in late July/early August.

Whitewater Rafting Fort Collins Colorado

Beginner/intermediate trips with Class II and III rapids are available, as well as advanced trips with Class III and IV rapids.

Rocky Mountain Adventures

Although it can be intimidating for some first-time rafters, whitewater trips on the Cache La Poudre River are accessible to all skill levels. Due to its proximity to Fort Collins, there are many opportunities for quarter, half and full day trips.

If you’re rafting the Cache la Poudre River, there are several great access points to put in and take out. During the summer, it is common for many drivers to walk back to their cars.

Rafting trips to Fort Collins are fairly easy, usually meeting somewhere in or near the city. After that, the shuttle will take you to your starting point and invite you to board the ship.

Whitewater Rafting Difficulty: In general, most sections of the Cache La Poudre River range from Class II to Class V difficulty. However, advanced sections of whitewater are usually only available early in the season until the end of July.

Poudre River Rafting Season Will Be A Fun Ride Early

Although there are some sections that are always challenging, there are also sections of the Cache la Poudre River that are perfect for families.

The Cache La Poudre River is divided into 3 designated whitewater sections, each of which can be further divided into smaller subsections.

The river divides from the west into rural, narrow and Mishawaka sections. Additionally, there is a bit more white water rafting below Parc Poudre. Here is more detailed information on these parts of the river Cache la Poudre.

The upper rural section of the Cache La Poudre River begins at the Home Moraine Access, passes through the countryside, and ends at the Indian Meadows picnic area. This route is good for intermediate to difficult water rafters and consists mostly of Class III rapids.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting @ Rocky Mountain Adventures

Of the approximately 10 miles of Upper Rustic, the most strenuous part is known as the “White Mile.” Actually, Batu Putih is only a quarter of a mile, but the Class III-IV rapids feel like a longer run.

Under the bridge at Indian Picnic Area, the lower country flows for 8 miles to the Narrows Picnic Area. This run is a bit more difficult than the upper countryside, with a tough Class IV run in the spring and early summer.

In the lower countryside, notable features are Grandfather Canyon and the unexpected drop off near the mountain park campground. This section also has some tricky holes that can be properly floated or avoided. Along the way, there are also famous river surfing waves.

If you’re rafting inland, it’s not difficult for inexperienced riders to complete their trip at a harbor or a narrow picnic area. Because the upper gorge has three IV-V class rapids in a row. Rapids (Super Collider, Cabbage Shredder and White Line) can be very dangerous if not done properly.

My First Whitewater Rafting Experience In Colorado

Of the three narrow sections, the middle section is the lightest. However, it still consists of Swift Class IV rapids. That is, the Middle of the Narrows includes the sports car and important Green Trail Rapids, located 1.7 miles from the Narrows Picnic Area. To avoid swimming over the Class IV rapids in the Lower Falls, you can take the left side of the river off the Highway 14 bridge.

At the bottom of the narrows, the action returns with another mile of Class V rapids. This section is rocky, but also has some long, fun, and popular rapids. At the end of Lower Coins, there is access beyond Stephen’s Gulch. This Cache Point marks the end of the most difficult, three-and-a-half-mile section of the La Poudre River Coins.

From Stephen Gulch, the Upper Mishawaka Narrows offers the most challenging whitewater experience below. Here, most of the rapids are around class IV, especially early in the season. Rapids to watch out for include Split Rock (also known as Triple Rock or Twin Pin), Tunnel Rapid, and Mishawaka Falls. At the Mishawaka Inn, rafts stop for a meal or drink to complete their trip or as a stopover before heading downstream.

Across from the Mishawaka Inn, Lower Mishawaka is 3 miles of Class III whitewater. For beginners, the Lower Mishawaki is a relatively easy rafting area. Of course, an experienced guide is also recommended for this section, as there are some dangerous holes to avoid. Access to the lower Mishawaka is generally used at the Poudre Park picnic area.

Colorado Rafting Guide: What To Know, What To Bring, When And Where To Go

From the picnic area, Podre Park is a terrific two-mile stretch of intermediate rafting. This section has low bridges, high rocks and several steep holes, all of which are Class III – IV(+) rapids.

From Pineview Falls access, many rafters extend their Poudre Park trip an additional two miles to Bridges Takeout. There are several class III-IV rapids here, one of which is heavily obstructed by bridges and requires careful movement.

Near Fort Collins, the Cache La Poudre River Oil Refinery offers 2.4 miles of whitewater rafting for beginners. From the refinery, riders take a Class II water slide to Picnic Rock. This section has two Class III rapids that are good for families or first timers.

After being designated a Wild River and National Scenic Area, Cache La Poudre is divided into two separate designations: 46 miles reserved for recreational use and 30 miles reserved for wilderness. Among the recreational areas, the Cache la Poudre River is also popular for fishing, kayaking and trout fishing.

Cache La Poudre Half Day — Estes Park Rafting

Upriver, the Roosevelt National Forest surrounds the area with hiking, climbing, and wildlife viewing. There are several designated and scattered camping opportunities along the Cache la Poudre River.

The Mishawaka Inn is a fine dining restaurant and bar with an outdoor concert venue overlooking Cache La Poudre. During the summer, guests can eat, drink or enjoy live music almost every night of the week. Colorado may not have the usual beaches, but summer is still a great time to play in the Centennial State.

One way to cool off (or work up a sweat) is white water rafting. According to Discover Colorado, rafting season typically runs from June to September — the earlier you go, the stronger the fresh snow melt.

Fort Collins residents are lucky to have a river in their backyard, but colorado.com notes that there are other options closer to northern Colorado. Here you can go:

Durango Rafting Co.

According to Visit Fort Collins, the rapids on the Poudre River range from Class I (beginner) to Class V (expert), although most rafting trips are between Class I and IV.

“The Powder is a new river, so it’s very narrow, rough and rocky,” Erin Maskill, a guide at Rocky Mountain Adventures, told TownSquare NoCo. “It makes for a very fast flowing, technical river with constant rapids. You can expect high speed and high adrenaline, especially at high water.”

“Some ‘white water’ areas are given class distinctions based on the difficulty of navigating while rafting,” the website states. “Enjoy spectacular views and the opportunity to see Colorado wildlife.”

According to Discover Colorado, the Lower Blue River offers a relaxing rafting experience, while the Upper Blue River is more intense.

My Whitewater Rafting Adventure At La Poudre River, Colorado

“The trip on the Blue River is less challenging than other whitewater rafting destinations in Colorado,” the website says. “The river runs through some of the most spectacular Rocky Mountain terrain.”

Discover Colorado reports that the Colorado River is one of the most popular rafting rivers in the US.

“There are several popular sections of the Colorado River for rafting,” the website says. “The Gore Canyon section above the Colorado River has some of the scariest Class V rapids in the country and the lowest per mile in Colorado.”

“Underestimating the power of water is the cause of most injuries,” says Maskell. “Otherwise, if you’re with a group of experienced guides, you’ll be safer on the river and have a lot of fun.”

High Hopes For Colorado Whitewater Rafting Amid Big Snowpack

If you want more adventure, you can try white water rafting in southern Colorado. Check out these shelf-worthy Airbnbs in Coaldale in the gallery below:

Explore the spectacular Sangre de Cristo Mountains

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