Whitewater Rafting Clear Creek Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Clear Creek Colorado – Cruise down Clear Creek for water fun as you tour historic sites. You and your party will navigate Tier III to V rapids such as Nomad and Phoenix before finishing your rafting with Deliverance. A short bus ride takes you back to Raft Masters. Here you can buy souvenirs for friends and family, and see exciting photos of you and your group on the biggest rapids of your trip.

Availability This ride is available 7 days a week during the normal season (May 20 – September 5).

Whitewater Rafting Clear Creek Colorado

Registration check-in times are 07:30, 10:30, 13:30 and 16:30. Registration availability varies seasonally. If you have any questions about registration times, please contact us.

Colorado Nearing Record Number Of Drownings This Year, Prompting Officials To Raise Alarms Over Water Safety

If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the check-in time, your trip will be cancelled.

Please check the location of your rafting trip before confirming. Raft Masters will not issue refunds to guests who arrive at the wrong location.

This tour is for people aged 14 and over. This can vary depending on the water level. If you have any questions about this application, please contact the Secretariat.

Wetsuits are available free of charge at the Clear Creek Rafting Office. Fluffy jackets and river shoes are available for an additional charge. Helmets and life jackets are also required and provided.

Beginner Raft Trip On Clear Creek

Bring sunglasses, a sunglass holder (eg Chums), sunscreen, lip balm, a towel and dry clothes to change into. All of these can be purchased in the gift shop.

How many guests per boat We usually have 5-8 people per boat depending on the water level and choice of tour.

At Raft Masters, we do everything we can to meet every guest’s needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (719) 275-6645.

Get the latest information on the specials running right now so your friends and family can get out and enjoy Colorado’s best whitewater.

Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

Need a great gift for someone who has it all? Give the gift of adventure with a Raft Master Gift Card! Whitewater Convenience Tour to Idaho Springs, Canyon City, Denver and Colorado Springs – Available to all recipients. – Colorado rafting trips last from 2 hours to several days

Experience the world famous mountains of Colorado in a fun, convenient, affordable and fun canyoning trip. CLEAR CREEK RAFTING CO specializes in 1/3 day family trips and full day trips. Anyone from beginners to advanced can take part.

Professional and entertaining guide — Navigating the river — Sharing river stories — White Water Experience

Family fun – Clear Creek and the Arkansas River — Thrills in the waves – Free photo CD of the entire trip!

Colorado Rafting Trips

Clear Creek is one of Colorado’s most exciting whitewaters, with more challenging rapids per mile than most commercial rafting rivers in the state. Season: Mid May to mid August each year.

BEGINNERS (Grades II-III): $65 Adults, $60 Children — 7 years and up*. Enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains when you stop at Rhaeadr y Castell to play with Dizzy Lizzies and attack mountain lions. For young and inexperienced paddlers, this section offers 10 exciting wild runs as the perfect introduction to white water.

Intermediate (Grade III-IV): $75 per person — 14+*. This beautiful river is one of Clear Creek’s most popular trips. Level III and IV rapids continuously thrill guests throughout the run. Break through the Phoenix Hall and solve the culmination of Level IV of the Outer Limits.

Advanced (Class IV+): $140 per person per day. $85 Half day – Minimum age 16*. If you are in good shape, with an energetic attitude and ready for a challenge, this trip is for you! You’ll encounter more than 30 massive rapids along this 20-mile stretch at 1,300 feet. A series of Class IV-V rapids from Double Knives, Hell’s Corner, Terminator and Corkscrew for a sequence of stressful and physical moves. We serve lunch.

Colorado’s Rafting Outlook For 2022 Is Optimistic, Despite Challenges

Phone: 303-567-1000 or 800-353-9901 – for current rates and availability. To book your vacation adventure: Consult the Colorado Vacation Directory.

The Arkansas River is world famous for its combination of breathtaking scenery with thrilling rapids. This is one of the most popular white water adventures anywhere. Season: Every year from the end of April to Labor Day.

Royal Canyon (Class III-IV): $140 per day. Half day $85 — 14+*. Go rafting at Sunshine Falls, experience the thrill of a sledgehammer passing by and watch out for crushing walls. Excitement permeates this stunning gorge with stunning views from the world’s tallest suspension bridge. Lunch is provided during the full day trip.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon: (Classes II-III): $120 for adults, $110 for children all day. Half day adult $75. $70 Children — 7 years and older*. This slightly relaxed walk is perfect for youngsters and first timers. Stop at Three Rock Falls, pass Spike Buck, ride the waves at Shark’s Tooth, and more!

Whitewater Rafting In The Front Range

Phone: 800-353-9901 – for current rates and availability. To book your vacation adventure: Consult the Colorado Vacation Directory.

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©Copyright 1997- of The Colorado Directory, Inc. This is a directory only. It does not constitute an endorsement, guarantee, guarantee, inducement or guarantee of any kind. The representations contained herein are provided by the individual companies. The publisher, The Colorado Directory, Inc., is not responsible for the accuracy, falsification, or completeness of any statements contained herein or for any errors in the use of this directory, changes, services provided or changes. take any responsibility. This information has been compiled as accurately as possible. Prices and services may change frequently. The bugs noticed by the publisher will be fixed in the future. Copyright Registered. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher White Water Rafting This is the most unforgettable activity Clear Creek County has to offer. It is one of those outdoor activities.

Welcome To The Best Place For Whitewater Rafting In Colorado

Just 20 miles west of the Mile High City, go whitewater rafting down Clear Creek with its cool waters and raging rapids. In fact, Clear Creek has more whitewater per mile than most commercial rafting rivers in the state.

That’s why weekend whitewater rafting and other family adventures on Clear Creek are our specialty. Enjoy stunning Colorado scenery and opportunities to see wildlife as you paddle.

Clear Creek County has some great rafting companies ready to help you prepare for the ultimate rafting trip right now. See a list of local trophies below.

When a river begins to flow rapidly, rapids can form and create turbulence, creating a bubbling flow known as a ‘quick flow’. At Clear Creek, a local rafting company found the best ‘white water’ in the creek and surrounding waterways.

Colorado River Tubing, Kayaking & Sup

The “quick” rapids move very quickly, making for a more enjoyable rafting experience. Slow down on a river or raft with friends who enjoy the thrill of the outdoors.

All local kitesurfers are required by law to have a Colorado River Fitter License, as required by Colorado State Parks, and we conduct random safety checks throughout the rafting season.

This means that all rafts, equipment, guide specifications, hygiene practices, safety regulations, and travel plans all meet strict standards set by the state.

Safety is important to anything you do on Clear Creek, especially rafting. Some “white water” areas are classified according to the difficulty of rafting navigation. Whitewater rafting Clear Creek offers new rapids surrounded by breathtaking scenery. , is an experience not to be missed!

Death On The River: Son’s Death Leads Family To Seek Reform In Commercial Rafting Regulation

If Colorado beams have a strong feel, it’s Clear Creek. Rafting here can be very technical as your instructor encourages the rowing team to move quickly, make sharp turns and strong currents. At the same time, Clear Creek Rafting is suitable for beginners and large groups of members of different abilities.

Clear Creek starts high in the Rocky Mountains and roars from the mountains. Rising water levels in the spring and summer create many incredible rapids. Rafting in Colorado is non-stop. Any Colorado rafting guide will tell you which creek to take you.

Our Clear Creek rafting trips are perfect for experienced whitewater enthusiasts and offer fast and rapid Class IV-V rapids.

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