What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter

What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter – Sweater: American Eagle | Top: 1901 | Jeans: Free People | Boots: Good Night Macaroon | Scarf: Abercrombie (like) | Hat: Abercrombie

Guys, we had a lot of fun in Vail, Colorado last week and got a lot of questions about our trip, so I wanted to share some info here! I feel like I haven’t done a travel diary in forever and I’m sorry about that! Lately I’ve always done if I don’t have a mileage list to do, fake it until you make the game. I’m sure that’s how you all feel, holidays etc. We went to Vail Colorado last week and it was a wonderful trip. Below are some details:

What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter

What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter

: We rented an airbnb and it was VERY perfect! We were 3 couples and I think cozy houses are better than group hotels. It was nice to hang out together in the living room, the pool and the jacuzzi. I even had breakfast for dinner one night and you can’t really do that in a hotel! We love our Airbnb and will link it here! If you share and in a good area the price is also affordable.

Headed To Vail: What’s In My Suitcase

: So there is Vail Colorado airport, but we flew to Denver and it took 2 hours. We rented a four wheel drive car. It was very scary though, and I really don’t recommend it unless you’re used to driving in freezing weather. We broke up twice and it was pretty scary. Flying to Vail is almost worth it, but renting a car is probably a must!

Attractions: There are lots of cute little village towns to visit, shop and eat! We’ve been to Vail Village a lot to shop and eat, so that’s always a plus!

Snowmobiling: It was a very magical experience and I highly recommend it! Emily booked Vail Backcountry Tours and they were great. They picked us up, had the right snowmobile gear (the snowmobiles even had hand warmers), and we even had a nice break with hot chocolate and treats at a random cabin. Curtis was our guide and he even found deer for us!

Skiing: It’s obvious, but try skiing, even if you sit on baby slopes all day! I actually like skiing and sorry I have only done this a few times. I went with Emily in January and this time I went with Ted and let’s just say the fans aren’t either lol! Fortunately, Dani and Jordan were there to help Coach Ted get down the mountain. I’m so glad we did because we made so many good memories! We went to Christys Rentals to rent our stuff in Vail Village. You can even go the day before to measure everything because it takes time. The good thing is that it’s right next to the mountain, so you don’t have to worry about loading your gear into the car!

Days In Vail Colorado With A Toddler

Food: I feel like we didn’t eat much on this trip, but I will list some of our favorites! We ordered Chinese food one night (I think it was called Mr Chow) and to be honest, we don’t recommend it! Love: Boyfriends + Friends Red Open Shoulder Sweater (XS) // Topshop White High Waist Jeans // Black Gucci Belt // Good Night Macaroon Gray Shoes // Dede’s Show Me Your Mumu Turtleneck Sweater Dress // Madewell Black and Red Flannel Emily

Weep in the winter. WOW. We freeze our little asses for the gram too… The good news is, nothing warms the soul like good friends. 😍 I feel so full after my week with @champagneandchanel and @dressupbuttercup and the boyz…but keep your pants on for our cuter photos 3!!

Also, Jordan uploaded some really funny vlogs to his IG stories and it’s now saved in the highlights! I would love to hear your feedback. I’m surprised we got snow today hehe. This has been one of the best white winters…❄️ Quality time with friends, more memories and heart spotting. home! ⛄️

What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter

Kudos to Chevy for arranging the coolest rental car for us to explore Colorado, Jordan made me so cool driving in the big commute lol! We flew into Denver and rented a car from the airport to go to Vail, it was a much better choice for us than flying to Vail. We could also see the beautiful, snowy mountains!

The Legend Of Ann Bonfoey Taylor: Grande Dame Of Vail

Black Pompom Beanie // Free People Cream Sweater (XS) // Topshop White High Waist Jeans // Black Gucci Belt // Dede Red Sweater // Dede Faux Leather Tights // Dede Sorrel Black Snow Boots

Free People Cream Sweater (XS) // Topshop White High Waisted Jeans // Majorelle Blush Pink Coat (XS) // Black Gucci Belt from Colorado it only made sense to post on my ski trips so I made a winter cover up, colorado and for me the style guide to a ski trip includes an insider’s travel guide to vail. Before you pack your bags, check out my comprehensive guide on what to wear on a Vail, Colorado ski trip. (remember, if you go to poplar you can dress more than that, and if you go to breckenridge or keystone you should dress a little more casual. Park City has a similar vibe to the vail, but maybe a little more casual. )

I’m lucky enough to have vail, colorado in my backyard, so I can often go out for a weekend ski trip (yes, I used that word). therefore, I think I am qualified to give advice on what to take with me, especially for a ski trip.

To be honest, I wasn’t much of a skier growing up. I started going often and honed my skills until I met my friend. I’m still not heli-skiing, I’m a terrain expert, but I can hang around pretty well and now I ski comfortably in black diamonds.

Vail Valley Travel Guide

Either way, I’m here to tell you that you can have a great time skiing regardless of your skill level. If you are a beginner, I recommend giving yourself at least four days and definitely taking lessons. Also, the mountains are very high, so beware that altitude sickness is a real thing. Drink TONS of water, slow down – make sure you don’t overexert yourself and eat carbs (yes, that’s an actual recommendation to avoid altitude sickness, I ask). If you need a break, you can enjoy one of my favorite activities on the mountain, hot cocoa and/or an alcoholic drink as you warm up and refresh. (Note: they do not recommend alcohol if you have symptoms of altitude sickness.)

A ski trip isn’t just skiing either. most importantly for apres, one of my favorite activities in life. After a long (or short) day on the slopes, there’s no better way to relax than with a hot (spicier) drink, this is hot cocoa with mint liqueur. every mountain has enough places to do that.

After April, head to the hotel for a dip in the jacuzzi and get ready for a night on the town. Most ski towns have great restaurants and nightlife. remember that things start a little earlier and end a little earlier (be thankful for that), because ski fatigue is real. If you’re not in the mood to hit the town, warming up by the fire and making s’mores is always a good option.

What To Wear In Vail Colorado In Winter

Ok, so you’re booked and you’re imagining yourself as a stylish ski bunny gliding down the hill but the truth is, most skiers in the US don’t wear the suits those fluffy sleeved ski jumpsuits are really not real. practical. I know, I know, I’m crushing your hopes and dreams of looking like the all-important influencer who wears $4,000 clothes, takes great photos, and then rolls down the mountain. In reality, no one wants to be that person. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to look stylish on your ski trip. Read on for a complete guide on what to pack for a ski trip to Vail, Colorado, and at the end I’ve included my recommendations for the best restaurants, bars, hotels, and more so you can experience Vail like a local.

What To Wear In Colorado In Winter: 9 Outfit Ideas To Copy + Packing List

What to wear on a ski trip: a complete list of items for a Vail, Colorado ski trip

Unfortunately, if you bring most of your own equipment and don’t take it with you, I don’t think there is a way to pack for a ski trip with only one hand luggage.

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