What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado – Popular things to do with the family around Colorado Springs – Spend the day at Royal Bridge and Park

Just one hour from Colorado Springs, Colorado lives a truly unique park – Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. This unique park is definitely one of the most popular things to do around Colorado Springs and an ideal way to spend a day with the family.

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Here are some ways you and your family can spend a day and/or weekend at Royal Bridge and Park.

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Royal George’s Bridge and Park is not only a unique park, but also offers some ideal picnic environments in the park. There are some great outdoor dining options including 1230 Cafe with patio seating, Bridge View BBQ and Hilltop Grill.

Follow up the picnic with some fun things to do. Most weekends, Thursday through Sunday, there is live music at the Elk Park Amphitheater from 12.00 to 16.00.

One of the rarest clocks in the world (1 of 3), this clock is the only one of its kind in the state of Colorado.

A water clock is an electric water wheel that keeps time and shows the date you visited. This is a replica that stood for 30 years before the Royal Channel fire in 2013. It’s an interesting gardener and a great family photo opportunity – fun fact, in the summer we have a photographer ready to take these photos for you

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You and your family can learn more about the park at the visitor center. There we have a pictorial timeline on the wall showing the age of the dinosaurs to build the bridge.

Speaking of bridges, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park has the tallest suspension bridge in America, which is definitely a major attraction. Spanning 956 feet over the Arkansas River, the Royal George Bridge offers breathtaking views of the natural landscape and is a sight in itself.

To further immerse yourself in this beautiful area, an aerial gondola glides 1,200 feet above the river for unparalleled views of the park and surrounding mountains.

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

If you and the family feel like traveling a little faster through the clouds, take a spectacular ride on America’s highest zipline at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Cloudscraper Park. A unique hands-free harness takes you up to 1,200 feet above the river, and a braking system means you can stop to enjoy the view from above, and if you and the family really want to feel like you’re flying, our Royal Rush Skycoaster dangles you at the same height after free fall at 50 mph in the air.

Colorado Activities & Things To Do

Please note that before you plan to bring the whole family on the Cloudscraper or Royal Rush Skycoaster, there are some age/height restrictions.

Thanks to its variety of attractions, the park has activities for all ages and tastes, from the simple to the wild – we’re talking about the visitor center, the cafe, the aerial gondola, shopping, skytrain, ski train and special bridges The park offers a shopping center. A unique day of entertainment. On our last family trip to Colorado, we enjoyed some of the most fun and kid-friendly things to do in Colorado Springs. We had a great few days seeing all that Colorado Springs has to offer and loved our sunny days exploring this part of Colorado, USA.

On this trip we traveled by train, through a huge cave system, fed giraffes, played on a water slide, explored nature, climbed a mountain, swam in a huge pool, ate at some delicious restaurants and went wild in a former elementary school.

It was a great experience and since it was just my son Cole and I representing the family on this trip, we had a wonderful time together for the opportunity to further strengthen our good relationship. Read on to see our top picks for family fun!

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So what are our favorite kids activities in Colorado Springs? Well, the first day we rode the cog train up the most visited mountain in North America, Pikes Peak. Afterwards we wandered through the beautiful Garden of the Gods. After that we went deep into Spirit Cave and ate s’mores and also went to MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs. And that is only a fraction of our time.

Even before we arrived in Colorado Springs, we had the opportunity to visit the area around Canyon City. Just over an hour from Colorado Springs and west of Canon City itself, it’s home to some of the best rafting in the country. Not only did we get wet rafting down the Arkansas River, we also checked out the newly opened Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience. We also had the opportunity to spend the night in the newly built Royal Gorge cabin. If you’re curious, check out our family experience in Cañon City Colorado here. However, staying in Canyon City was only a small part of our family trip to Colorado.

On day two, we had breakfast and beer at the beautifully redesigned Ivywild School, fed the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and finally relaxed in the class and comfort of the sprawling Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Does that sound like fun? That was then, and now here’s an explanation of all the fun things to do with your family in Colorado Springs.

Things To Do In Denver & Colorado This Weekend: May 28 31, 2021

The entrance to Pike’s Peak is located just 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs in quaint and charming Manitou Springs. Home to nine natural mineral springs and a collection of spirits, a visit to Manitou Springs itself can be a great way to get the kids drinking while you take a Springsabouts walking tour and sample the variety of waters the springs have to offer (and yes, every spring really feels different).

The entrance to the Pike’s Peak Highway is also in Manitou Springs, and although you can drive yourself to the top of Pike’s Peak (which is about 12 miles of crazy switchbacks), or hike the 8-mile Barr Trail (only for the fit and brave ) ), We chose to ride up the old Pikes Peak Cog Railway which runs year round (weather permitting).

After picking up our tickets and setting our departure time, we lined up and boarded one of the three open cars our train had set up for this trip. Luckily for us the windows were closed because as we neared the top our very hot day suddenly turned cooler.

On our way up America’s most famous mountain peak at 14,115 feet, we saw waterfalls and rock formations, old mining cabins and a post office. We also saw deer and about 2/3 of the way up we saw a herd of yellow bellied marmots known locally as whistling pigs. The giant relatives of chipmunks are fun to watch and kids love to see them. Some days you can also see big sheep and even black bears.

The Best Free Things To Do By Denver, Co

Advice! Remember the jacket, even in summer! What started as a very hot summer day at the bottom turned very cold by the time we reached the top

Once you reach the top of Pikes Peak, which takes over an hour each way, you can stretch your legs and walk around the top before the Pikes Peak Cog Railway takes you back down. The whole trip takes three hours and 10 minutes, so it’s a great morning or afternoon break.

At the top of Pikes Peak, you’ll find bathrooms (there aren’t any on the train, so make sure you go before departure) as well as a snack bar with some unique donuts (they have to be specially designed to go that high) and a gift shop. The views from all directions are also beautiful, so make sure you have a camera.

What Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Notes! Departure times, seat assignments and return times for the Peak Peak Cogwheel train from the top are pre-arranged, so make sure you are aware of the timing or you could be stuck at the top.

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While in Manitou Springs, we also saw the famous Ghost Cave. These caves were discovered over a century ago by a pair of young brothers and later explored in depth by various early explorers.

Over the years, as new tunnels were discovered, Spirit Cave was opened to the public and is now a major tourist destination. The massive complex includes a number of cave rides, two adrenaline-pumping aerials (Bat-A-Pult and a proper Terror-Dactyl free fall) as well as a Wind Walker climbing line that sits just above the 600-foot drop. It also has a large concession area, a picnic area, a giant slide and a children’s mining station.

We did a 45 minute discovery tour and it was perfect for kids. We walked up and down paths and stairs and stairs as we explored all this million year old cave system had to offer. We saw many sentinels, stalactites, amazing waterfalls

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