What To Wear In Iceland In October

What To Wear In Iceland In October – Unless you’re some kind of masochist, there’s no fun in crossing the Arctic Circle without dressing for the occasion. Norwegians have a saying: “There is no such thing as a bad day, only a bad outfit,” and I couldn’t even stand it anymore.

In the Arctic region, what you wear often determines your experience level. You may look good in high heels, but not so good after the cold, because you thought it was okay to wear them unless you were skiing. (Besides, of course, Russian women who have a natural ability to walk in heels despite black ice, holes and sand).

What To Wear In Iceland In October

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “What should I wear in Iceland and the Arctic?”

The Best Iceland Winter Trip Itinerary For One Week (+map & Info)

So far I’ve written individual answers, none of which have been clear or helpful, so I’m posting this post with any questions you may have about what to carry when packing for your trip.

The first thing to know is that there is a big difference between traveling in winter and in summer. Many people believe that summer is cold, but I think that is not true. Of course, it’s not as hot as central and southern Europe, and you probably don’t need flip flops, but it can reach 20+ degrees, except for places like Svalbard, where it’s around 7 degrees – Arctic temperatures. summer

Personally, I prefer to travel to these areas during the summer, not only because of the warm weather, but also because of the longer daylight hours known as the midnight sun. “Polar” nights are not like me, I get tired too early and the search window is only open for a few hours a day when the sun is below the horizon.

It goes without saying that traveling in the Arctic in winter is a dream come true. I had one of my most wonderful experiences in the Arctic winter; dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sleeping in a snow hotel and seeing the Northern Lights.

What To Pack For Iceland In The Fall (a Practical + Stylish Guide)

On a recent trip to Iceland in September, I paired this amazing Sprayway jacket with a black top. I’ve hiked, climbed volcanoes, and been caught in the rain with the jacket on (with a removable hood), but it didn’t keep me warm or dry.

What I love most about this jacket is the combination of applications and styles that women want to know!

This jacket looks the best because it has a tie belt. I’m short, but I have a small chest, so clothes lose the shape of my body and make me look bigger than I am. But a belt can do wonders for creating a more feminine silhouette. Problem solved.

Unlike summer clothes, the quality of winter clothes should not be affected. Your clothes should be durable, practical and resistant to wind, rain and sub-zero temperatures. The temperature ranges from 0 to -40 degrees.

What To Pack For Autumn In Iceland (september + October)

Quality is a requirement for winter wear, so consider spending less than an everyday jacket and treat it as an investment. You will feel the benefits of buying quality when you are still well insulated at -20 degrees Celsius. There’s a lot of truth to getting what you pay for, but buying cheap clothes can be a false economy when it only takes a year before the zippers start breaking and the armpits break.

For me, the jacket that shows its value is a North Face Parka that I bought a few years ago and have taken with me to the North Pole many times. Even though I think I look like a marshmallow wearing it, I don’t care, it’s so delicious and it makes me believe it. It’s like wearing a light sleeping bag all the time, so I even wear it at home in the winter!

For a full range of women’s winter jackets I recommend checking out simplehike.co.uk who specialize in quality outerwear.

It is made of underwear, which is the best insulation for outerwear. In addition to using the highest quality cotton, North Face says it examines materials from source to final product and follows strict animal welfare measures to avoid unnecessary harm to animals. . If you want to make sure the jacket you buy is ethically made, check the following signs.

Visit Iceland In October

For Iceland and the Arctic, the key to successful dressing in all seasons is layers! In winter I prefer to wear synthetic warm materials because they are thin but very insulating, but in summer I prefer natural fabrics like cotton.

It is very practical to lay down when you are at home, visiting museums, refueling at restaurants and cafes. You can easily remove the excess layers when the cold weather is out in the fire room!

In Rome it is done like the Romans, but in Iceland it means wearing the Lopapeysa, a traditional Icelandic shirt characterized by a decorative yoke design. You will see many people wearing it!

These pants are a little disgusting for men, but they are a must-have for winter! I prefer a shirt without pockets because it’s something simple that I can wear with warm pants. If it snows and you plan to do a lot of activities, this is a must.

Iceland In October: What To Expect & Why It’s The Best Time To Go

You’ll enjoy wearing your Converse cut-outs in the summer, but if you plan to hike, leave room in your luggage for a pair of sneakers that are good enough to handle uneven terrain. In winter, you need sturdy shoes that perform well in extreme weather. The fleece lining is also a bonus!

It looks like my shoes are on sale and I recommend picking them up at a good travel store. Look for shoes made of Gor-tex, as they are lightweight and designed to improve performance.

We recommend Yaktrax poles if you are traveling anywhere in the Arctic during the winter. I say this because after a few crashes I’ve been grinding turkey for days.

I love labels! I think I have more hats than shoes. They not only play a special role on windy days, but if you wear black or gray, they instantly dress up any outfit. In Iceland, look for a brand called Varma, which makes beautiful woolen hats in all colors and styles. I couldn’t resist buying that bright orange with the gray Sprayway jacket.

What To Wear In Iceland Guide

Finally, if you’re boating, dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc., you’ll be happy to know that you often get extra clothing, like overalls and shoes for big companies. However, it is a good idea to check with the company beforehand.

Alternatively, if you need something for your entire trip to Iceland, Reykjavík has several clothing stores and rental equipment, which can be economical for those in warmer climates who will not use the products. . again.

At Culture Maps we share inspiring travel stories and aim to showcase the diversity of our world. Are you in the land of fire and ice between October and March and wondering what to do in Iceland in winter? (Yes, Icelandic winters generally last at least 6 months a year).

This Icelandic winter packing list describes everything you need for men and women during the coldest time of the year! From warm base layers to waterproof jackets and even the little things you didn’t know you needed.

What To Wear In Iceland And The Arctic

When we booked our first trip to Iceland, we had no idea what to do in Iceland in the winter. We live in Brisbane, Australia and it is hot all year round. Therefore, our usual wardrobe does not have many clothes suitable for Iceland in winter. We had to buy a suitcase full of new clothes on our winter trip.

We traveled part of the circuit in Iceland at the beginning of March. This is the best time to visit Iceland. If you​​​​​​are planning a trip during the winter months, this Iceland packing list will not only help you prepare for your trip to Iceland in March, but also help those wondering what to do in Iceland in October , November, December and January. , February, March, April.

If you like minimalistic packaging but still looking good (like me), then this set list is for you! We did a lot of research before our trip and came up with a winter packing list for Iceland.

However, during our trip to Iceland we took too many clothes and left some things out (rookie mistake). Even more

A Smarter Iceland Packing List + What To Wear In Iceland

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