Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica – But don’t worry because I have listed the best cities to live in Florida, America’s sunshine state!

I’ve sorted them by interest so you know what to choose based on your preferences! Miami has long been one of Florida’s top cities, but if you’re going to the state or looking for something different, you’ll find all the information you need in the Florida Keys, Orlando, Naples, and Tampaas. !

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Costa Rica

I have carefully selected the hotels in each city and they all have good reviews and some are close to the beach. All you have to do is choose one and book first. These are big cities, but believe me, they are full of tourists!

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NOTE: We also have special listings for each of the places mentioned here and many other amazing places in Florida. Click here to check out all of our jobs in the sunshine state of Florida!

Do you want to book now? Then check out this list of the best Florida hotels located in Miami:

Here is a map of all the places to stay in Florida that I will cover in this post:

This historic South Florida town needs no introduction! Imagine these beautiful beaches, world-class hotels, incredible nightlife and a relaxing atmosphere that you can experience 24/7!

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Miami welcomes all types of tourists! Maybe not so much with families, but don’t worry, there are other amazing places in Florida like Orlando and Key West, which I’ll talk about later in parts #2 and #3

Whether you’re planning a fun vacation or maybe you just want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, there’s no end to things to do in Miami!

Yes, the beach! South Beach (Miami Beach) is famous, its golden sands and amazing hotels attract tourists (including celebrities) from all over the world.

You might want to skip the beach for a day and visit downtown Miami. The height is definitely a sight for sore eyes! Of course, booking hotels in advance is a must. Tourists from all over the world come here, and the best are sold out in seconds!

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Here are the best hotels in Miami for every budget, but if you’re looking for dates, check out our special Miami post!

This wonderful hotel has a wonderful spa, rooms with balconies and a restaurant! After a long day in Miami Beach, relax in the hot water! The resort is also just 5 miles (9 km) from Miami International Airport.

Enjoy your stay in Miami at this affordable hotel, which offers bicycle rental and access to a garden

This hot spot has white sand beaches, palm trees and lots of places to enjoy nature! For those of you who don’t know, the Florida Keys are an archipelago made up of several different keys or islands (which is why we wrote a whole post about it).

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Located in southern Florida, 90 miles (120 km) from Cuba, this place has borrowed a Caribbean atmosphere and some good restaurants! The archipelago, which has more than 800 islands, offers all tourists something to do and see.

Key West is probably the most famous island! How so? Well, Key West has a rich history, restaurants that serve delicious food, and a great atmosphere!

But if you’re looking for a family vacation in the Florida Keys, you should head to Marathon Island, which has national parks and beautiful beaches.

If you love vacationing, be sure to check out Key Largo hotels. There you can try many water sports such as jet skiing, surfing and diving.

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This place on Marathon Island looks amazing. I really do not think that the best hotel in this area! Spend your days in a tree overlooking the ocean, admiring the beauty of the sun! The hotel offers a private beach, a spa and family rooms.

This Key West resort has an outdoor pool and offers bicycle rentals, as well as activities such as snorkeling and windsurfing.

Relax on beach chairs at this Key Largo vacation park with family rooms, barbecue grills, and a garden

I love the design of this apartment in Key Largo, where guests have access to the pool

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Get on board because I’m about to take a short trip to Orlando, in the heart of Florida! Known for its theme parks and the Disney World Capital, this city is the perfect destination for families.

Universal Studios and Walt Disney World are Orlando’s two most important theme parks (which kids may want to be at 24/7). But don’t worry parents, there’s something for you too!

Each neighborhood in this city offers a variety of activities. Southwest Orlando and the Memorial District are great if you want to be close to the theme parks. But it can also be the most crowded. If you still want to relax during your Orlando vacation, you can choose a hotel in Thornton Park, a residential area that is quieter than others.

Book at this location and get free rides on the famous Universal Studios attractions! Can you complete it?

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You certainly can! Check out the amazing rooms! When you’re not at the theme park, you can relax by the pool.

Enjoy the hotel’s pool, which has family rooms, a fitness center and outdoor dining.

When you’re not out and about, you can soak up the sun and swim in the hotel’s pool and family rooms.

Equipped with everything you need, this apartment has a private balcony, free Wi-Fi and a TV.

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Today we are not talking about Naples, Italy. We will be exploring this city in Florida that is almost (but definitely) one of my favorites! And I’m sure you’ll love it too!

I love beautiful places, the kind you see in brochures and travel agency websites. Truly Neapolitan! Known for its (many) beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and excellent golf courses, this Florida city is perfect for people who like to be at the beach all day. , every day!

I can’t say I’m that kind of person. But every now and then I get the urge to go somewhere where I can relax on beautiful beaches without too much hassle! And Naples seems like a good place for that (as does Fort Myers, which also has lots of nature reserves)

The name of the city is not accidental. The beaches helped Naples get its name because many of them look like the beaches in Naples, Italy! And I agree, they have the same vibe and I can’t wait for you to get it too!

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Naples is not the only city inspired by Italy. Not far from West Palm Beach is Fort Lauderdale, known as the “Venice of America.” You should also go there and shop all day at Las Olas Blvd.!

This place has everything you need for a relaxing stay in Naples! Relax in the outdoor hot tub or grab a book and head to the garden for a quick read!

Enjoy your stay in Naples at this hotel with a pool, spa and fitness center

Just 2 hours from Orlando, this Florida town is a great destination for history buffs, beach lovers, and families!

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The scenery is beautiful, there are many museums, but that’s not all. One of the most famous places in Tampa is Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark that used to be the cigar capital of the world. Well, everyone comes here to play and have fun. But there are also many examples of photos that are worth checking out!

Downtown Tampa is home to some of Tampa’s most popular shopping and dining options. Just a short drive from Ybar City, you can drop by for a few hours.

While most people associate Florida’s theme parks with Orlando, you’ll be surprised to learn that the tallest and fastest theme park in the Southeast is Bush Gardens, right here in Tampa!

I love the modern design and beauty of this luxury hotel in Tampa. The rooms are very spacious and equipped with a flat-screen TV. Enjoy a quick dip in the pool before heading out to explore!

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Enjoy a drink by the fire at this pet-friendly hotel with an outdoor pool and free shuttle service.

Make yourself at home in this cozy home with family rooms, a pool and a deck where you can refresh yourself

How cool is that? It offers beach access, a garden view, a kitchen and a hot tub

I think Miami is one of the most beautiful places to live in Florida. The beaches are wonderful and the hotels like the Mandarin Oriental are great too.

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