Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado – Pagosa Springs offers breathtaking scenery, nature breaks, vibrant festivals and countless other great activities. It is a hot spring town with many tourist attractions. It has a nice downtown area with shops, restaurants, and historic sites.

In addition to rest and relaxation, hot springs offer many opportunities for more adventurous endeavors. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more winter activities are all nearby. During the warm months, you’ll enjoy gentle nature excursions to warm deep water aquifers, camping, and plenty of fishing.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

At 7,126 feet above sea level in the San Juan Basin, Archuleta County is the perfect balance between nature and culture. Whether you’re looking for black diamond ski runs or just a cozy spot with stunning views, this high-altitude Colorado retreat has it all. As of 2020, the city has about 1,751 residents.

Best Things To Do In Pagosa Springs, Co

The Utes were the first group to discover the famous “Mother Spring” and take full advantage of the healing properties of water. The name “Pagosa” comes from the Ute word, which means “healing water”. Settled by Europeans in the spring of the 1960s, military doctors have documented that water does indeed have a healing effect.

This exciting announcement attracted more people to the area, and by 1877, the U.S. government had established Pagosa Springs as a town. A railway line was built in the town and tourists flocked to taste the healing waters. This fad continued until the mid-1930s, when modern medical practice became widespread.

Some Hussan followers persevered and eventually revived the tourism industry by establishing a number of guesthouses and inns where tourists could relax. It has passed through many owners over the past two decades of this century. Today, evolving into a luxury resort and spa, Pagosa Springs continues to maintain its reputation as a healing destination.

Hot Springs – Named after the natural geothermal hot springs in the center of town, Pagosa Hot Springs is known for relaxing and healing the mind and body. Springs Resort is the largest resort in town, with over 20 plunge pools and one of the best hotels and spas.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs, Co

Also in the city center, the Overlook offers an escape from the crowds and stunning views of the area. In addition, there are spa facilities, but no accommodation. Healing Waters is a great option for those looking to spend the night on site.

Wolf Creek Ski Area – With an average of 465 inches of snow per season, pros and amateurs alike flock to the lifts during the ski season. The resort is less popular with tourists and has become one of the country’s best kept secrets. Top ski only 30 minutes from downtown Pagosa.

Little known, Wolf Creek Ski Resort actually has some of the highest snow in Colorado. Visiting the pristine trails of Wolf Creek will be a trip of a lifetime, but the quaint village is more than just a winter experience. Year-round, Pagosa Springs creates the ideal world for any adventurer.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

It’s no secret that the San Juan Mountains are full of endless recreational activities. Thrill-seekers will find days reminiscent of lake fishing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and a painful summer camping trip satisfying after a long and arduous hike.

Summer In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Summer temperatures average in the 80s, suitable for long-distance biking along the Eight Mile Mesa and rock climbing along the Piedra River Trail. Watersports enthusiasts can spend the day kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or jet skiing on the many lakes throughout the spectacular Navajo National Park.

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Alpine Inn – This cozy and modern inn has everything you need for an enjoyable stay. The rooms are decorated with unique antiques and maintain a very peaceful atmosphere for guests to relax in.

The Springs Resort & Spa – one of the most popular hotels in the city due to its direct access to the hot natural lake. There are numerous suites to choose from and an on-site spa for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Days In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Fireside Inn Cabins – 15 two-bedroom private cabins located on the San Juan waterfront. The hotel is far enough from downtown Pagosa to allow you to feel connected to nature, yet close enough to enjoy local restaurants and shopping.

Healing Waters Resort – Another resort overlooking the San Juan River, this spa and hotel offers three main room types: standard cottages, queen suites with two queen beds, and one-bedroom queen suites .

Riff Raff Brewing Company – As the sun goes down, enjoy live music and local craft beers at this brewery. Their menu features six top creations, including the American Hopgoblin IPA, so don’t forget to bring your own beer.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

Rosie’s Pizzeria – For an authentic experience, follow the locals upstairs and grab a bite at this lovely restaurant.

Best Hot Springs In Pagosa Springs (2023) For A Good Soak I Boutique Adventurer

May-August – Festivals – Head to Town Park on the third Friday of every month for live music, grab a bite from the food cart and buy beer and wine to donate to organizations from local charity.

May to September – East Side Market – Every summer weekend, downtown Pagosa Springs hosts a local art market and live music.

June – Pagosa Folk and Bluegrass – three days of bluegrass and camping in mid-June.

August – Archuleta County Fair – Pagosa Springs has been celebrating the county’s Western Heritage since 1951, held for four days in early August.

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August-September – Four Corners Folk Festival – Folk music thrives over three summer weekends in late August and early September.

September – Festival of Colors – Since 1986, Pagosa Chambers has been hosting a weekend of color with hot air balloons, food, wine, beer and live music throughout Pagosa Springs. Located in Colorado’s southern sunny belt, the town of Pagosa Springs is the most charming town we’ve ever visited. Outdoor enthusiasts will find hiking, skiing and ancient cultural sites. Those looking to relax can take a dip in the eponymous hot spring, or shop and dine. Pagosa Springs has a lot to offer, whatever you fancy.

We visited Pagosa Springs for the first time to see family. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the town and all it has to offer. We have now been to Pagosa Springs in the summer, fall and winter. After three visits, I can confidently say there is never a bad time to visit.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

With 300 days of sunshine per year, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. Add the San Juan Mountains around and you’ll have a stunning backdrop like no other. Just driving around the city, you can enjoy the scenery that never fades.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado Tourism

However, these mountains do not provide easy access to Pagosa Springs. Many visitors pass through New Mexico because the town is only 35 miles north of the border. Those wanting to take to the skies must arrive by charter flight, private or commercial, to Durango, about an hour west.

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With a population of only about 2,000, you might think that there isn’t much to do in Pagosa Springs. However, don’t let the small population fool you. Pagosa Springs has several motels. So Pagosa Springs is not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to visit often enough to own a second home.

Pagosa Springs takes its name from the Ute Pagosa word, which means “healing water”. Indeed, the all-natural hot springs have drawn tourists to the area for years. As with many hot springs, visitors have flocked to the area in the past, where the hot mineral water is said to have healing properties.

Top 9 Family Activities In Pagosa Springs

In addition to the potential healing powers of hot springs, “Mother Spring” also holds the title of the deepest geothermal hot spring in the world. The measured depth of the spring is 1002 feet. Interestingly, the true depth is not known each time it is measured and the line is not long enough to reach the bottom!

Today, there are hot springs on the banks of the San Juan River in the center of town. While several hot spots can be found along the public waterfront, the best way to enjoy the hot springs is to visit The Springs Resort & Spa. The stream has 24 flooded lakes, accommodation, restaurants and spas.

Whether you choose to stay at a hotel or take a day trip to the springs, soaking in the hot springs is a must.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

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