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Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is an old gold town aptly named Golden. The city, internationally recognized as a prime location for outdoor living, is home to the world’s largest archive of landscape manuscripts. Golden is also the birthplace of the Coors Brewing Company and the popular Jolly Rancher candy. As a thriving place, the city has many museums and events every year.

Vacation Rentals Golden Colorado

During the summer, Golden transforms from a school town to a tourist destination. The motto “West Lives” describes how the city has preserved its western atmosphere. If you ever fancy a trip to the Rocky Mountains, here are some Vrbo vacation spots to check out in the Rocky Mountains.

Golden Cir #9 411, Golden, Co 80401 1 Bedroom Condo For $1,250/month

1. Peaceful West (from USD 399) 1/5 lodge exterior near the center of Golden. 2/5 Kitchen. 3/5 bedroom with pull out bed. 4/5 sun room. 5/5 Show all photos This rustic home is close to the bustling center of town and the tranquility of Coal Creek Canyon, giving you the best of both worlds. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, this 3 bedroom home has large windows in the sunroom that let in lots of natural light. The vaulted ceiling has several skylights, perfect for those nights when you just want to look at the stars. Outside, guests can dine alfresco while admiring the natural surroundings. 5 Star Western Cabin Golden, Rock, Netherlands, Ski, Newly Renovated Golden, Colorado, USA Premier Host WiFi Available Cabin 11 Guests 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Top Guest Check Sites and Rooms: View Amazing, Comfortable and Comfortable Beds with Lots of Linens was Owner: The owner was very helpful he responded to my request very quickly Location: The place is a favorite place and the best place in the hills Read more reviews from USD 399 View request 2. Beautiful house near Golden location (from USD 153) 1/5 living room 2/5 outhouse. 3/5 extra bed. 4/5 Kitchen. 5/5 Show all photos This beautiful home was built in 1985 and looks like a home. The interior is simple, but sweet and attractive to the core. Located steps from downtown Golden, this area is a great base for exploring the city’s arts and culture. It is also located next to the Golden Recreation Center. If you want to feel more at home, you can leave the hotel and go to a beautiful, comfortable home. Best House in Downtown Golden, CO, “Where the West Lives” 187 reviews Wifi Available Townhouse 4 Guests 2 Bedrooms 2 Baths: 4 Nights Minimum Stay: 3 Refund Policy: 100% Refunded Cancel at least 60 days in advance. Top Guest Reviews Facilities and Rooms: We have provided all kitchen appliances and a quiet little place to drink coffee Clean: The property is clean and well organized it is quiet and the equipment is clean and beautiful Spaces fans and shelves should be dusted. The floor was cleaned the host: it is very helpful and nice to work before and during our stay the location: the place is very good place for summer in golden we like the surrounding area is wonderful place for walking. Distance from the city center and very hot location and an ideal base for outdoor activities and beautiful Christmas lights going down in gold Read more reviews from USD 153 View offers 3. Stylish vintage house by the road (from USD 249 ) 1/5 house exterior. 2/5 living room with library. 3/5 bedroom. 4/5 Kitchen. 5/5 bathroom upstairs. The house may be 117 years old, but recent renovations have transformed it into a vintage chic hideaway. With both a garden and a library, it’s the perfect place to relax and be one with nature. In the center of Golden, it is close to many commercial buildings and cultural destinations. If you want to continue your nature exploration, the trail is just steps away. It also has a designer kitchen and bathroom, adding a touch of luxury to this beautiful historic home. Stylish Old Home Near Trail Price: From $249 Number of Guests: 6 View Listing 4. Tudor Home at the Foot of South Table Mesa (From $135) 1/5 Home Ext. 2/5 living room. 3/5 restaurant. 4/5 Kitchen. 5/5 bedroom. A Tudor home as charming as the South Table Mesa is at its foot. Decorated with beautiful interiors and beautiful plants, this is the house where you want to spend your vacation. It has a terrace and patio perfect for mountain views. There are also several hiking trails within walking distance if you want to explore the rugged terrain. Tudor House in the Heart of Golden Price: From 135 USD Number of Guests: 4 Views 5. Rustic Home Near Rocky Mountains (From 185 USD) 1/5 Outhouse. 2/5 Kitchen. 3/5 bedroom. 4/5 Breakfast bar/dining room. 5/5 family room. Sometimes the view of the mountains should also be experienced. Located on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, this 2-bedroom apartment has a bright and rustic interior that blends well with the natural surroundings. It is also close to several hiking trails, some perfect for nature walks. When you’re done with your trip, you can use the washing machine and dryer to keep your clothes fresh. Rustic House Near Rocky Mountains Price: From 185 USD Number of Guests: 8 View Route 6. House Near Two Mountains (From 117 USD) 1/5 Kitchen. 2/5 bedrooms. 3/5 living room. 4/5 bath. 5/5 living room. With Lookout Mountain to the left and Castle Rock / Table Mountain to the right, this quiet two bedroom home is all about the mountain views. Simple and homely, it also has a large kitchen and large sofas and beds. It also has a stone fireplace for those chilly winters. Downtown Golden is just a short walk away and Castle Rock is just outside for you to hike too. Home in the Heart of Golden Price: From USD 117 Number of Guests: 4 View 7. Cabin in Peaceful Golden Valley (From USD 143) 1/5 Outside Cabin. 2/5 Kitchen. 3/5 bedroom. 4/5 living room. 5/5 bathroom. Lookout and Tabletop Mountain are a real sight, and seeing them from a place that feels like home is even more important. This beautiful home is located in a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood near the center of Golden. It has front and back terraces, as well as interesting landscaping that complements the surrounding land. It’s a nice, simple place that still evokes rural charm. Cabin in peaceful Golden Valley Price: From USD 143 Number of Guests: 6 Views 8. Luxurious modern house in Mt. Zion (from USD 825) 1/5 fields. 2/5 front tires. 3/5 Kitchen. 4/5 pot. 5/5 Show all photos If you don’t want to spend a little money for a beautiful view and a taste of luxury, go for a solar house on Mount Zion. In addition to private driveway access, this four bedroom home features a front terrace, fire pit and patio perfect for gathering family and friends. Downtown Golden is also five minutes away if you want to travel around town. With a spacious, bright interior and a modern aesthetic, this property cannot be missed while in the western suburbs of the city. June and July are now open! Modern home in Lookout Mountain! Very nice!! Golden, CO, US 47 reviews House 8 guests 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Top guest reviews Cleanliness: It’s very modern and clean and backs up to beautiful hiking trails Host: The host is very nice and nothing is a problem and Phyllis is very responsive to any questions is Or Location of Concern: Best Location Best House and Location We Love It This place is definitely worth booking. Hope to return again. The property is beautiful inside as well as the location backs to the mountains and hiking trails. Read more reviews from USD 825 View Available 9 .Ranch The Home on the Edge of the Rocky Mountains (From $263) 1/5 Master Bedroom. 2/5 kitchen leading to living room. 3/5 outhouse. 4/5 rear tire. 5/5 Show all photos If you’re looking for a western feel at home, visit this beautiful two-bedroom ranch home on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. The house is bright and spacious and is the perfect place for groups to gather while eating or relaxing. Outside, guests can admire the mountain views from the back deck. Downtown Golden is also nearby if you want to spend the night. Golden Bungalow – 2 Bedrooms – Walking Distance to Center of Bungalow Golden 85 Reviews WiFi Available Rooms 8 Guests 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Sleeps: 8

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