Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado – The mountains are stunning, so when the fall colors arrive in October, the beauty is enhanced by the bright yellow aspens that line the hillsides.

Known as the Switzerland of America, Ouray is the gateway to world-renowned mountain towns and San Juan. Nestled between towering rock faces and 13,000- to 14,000-foot mountains, Ouray is a high-end adventure playground.

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

The amazing thing about the Alps is that regardless of your ability or fitness level, you can still access one of the most amazing mountains in the world compared to the Alps. This is due to the amazing trail network that complements the endless trails and climbing routes in the San Juan Mountains.

Ouray, Little Switzerland Of America, Guide

Once the world of summer is gone, October is probably the best time to visit Ouray. Check out our epic project in October…

A popular off-road experience in Ouray – not to be missed! We’ve done so many epic things in our 7 year full trip, but one of our top 10 off road adventures is near Ouray!

With off-road driving, you can travel through some of the world’s most spectacular mountain regions.

Ouray is located near the cities of Telluride and Silverton, and between these 3 cities there is a large, compact network of dirt roads. Waterfalls, steep gorges, stunning valleys and the history you’ll find off road is epic.

Beautiful Reasons To Visit Colorado

Unlike many beautiful mountains that are remote and require long hikes or climbs, there are 4×4 roads to get to many of the best views in San Juan!

We love renting hives from Rock Pirates of Silverton. Their new snow park is very easy to ride and the owners, Jodi and James, are very nice and took great care to prepare us for a fun and safe adventure.

From Silverton, you can head to California Pass and Hurricane Pass for beautiful turquoise lake views and, if conditions are right, complete the Alpine Loop with Cinnamon Pass.

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

Other popular and epic passes from Ourai include Ophir Pass, Imogen Pass and Black Bear Pass, the most famous and powerful due to the many drops, switchbacks and shale beds.

Did You Know About These Fun Places In Ouray Colorado

Speaking of off-road, if you want a two-way adventure, don’t miss Mount Snæfells, combining off-road with a spectacular hike. This hike is considered an easy category 3 hike and is not for the faint of heart. Although it is only a 6 mile hike, the hike is very steep and tiring. But when you see the view from Sneffels Peak, you’ll wonder why this is one of the best hikes in Colorado.

Climbing Snæfells is a popular hike that requires no special skills in the summer. But experience with mountains and/or country is recommended in October as you may encounter snow. Meanwhile, if you have the skills, this is the best time to travel to Snæfell, as it is less crowded and the snow-capped mountains make the scenery even more beautiful.

Besides the legendary land, the hot springs are Ouray’s main attraction! Our hot springs are located in the heart of Ouray. They have different temperature pools so you can find the one that suits you. I personally love their hot tub which is slightly elevated and offers amazing views of the mountain horizon as you relax in the 108 degree pool.

The only downside was that in October, the hot spring closed the climbing wall and seasonal inflatables on the water slide, and the younger kids had a blast.

Top Things To Do In Ouray, Colorado

If you don’t feel like swimming, they also have a gym to work out and a large park with weekly concerts in the summer.

The first time I walked into Mouse Chocolate and Cookies and ordered a cookie, the lady behind the counter said, “Be careful, they’re addictive.” I didn’t believe it then, but it’s true. Mouse cookies are made from daily baking of chocolate, coffee and caramel and they are delicious!

As the name suggests, the Ouray Perimeter Trail is a 5-mile trail that runs through the city of Ouray. This is a great thing to do in Ouray in October!

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

The Perimeter Trail is high above the city and follows the highest level of rock, and there are various access points throughout the city to guide you. From the top of the trail you have a stunning view of Peak Ouray and a panorama of the surrounding mountains.

All The Things You Must See In Ouray Colorado

Some of the attractions on the trail include Cascade Falls, Highpoint Lookout, Uncompahgre Bridge, Our Ice Park and Canon Bridge.

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can stop at the Swiss American Bed and enjoy the same amazing views of Ouray with a 4-way round trip south of Ouray. From mid to late October, you’ll see beautiful fall colors draped over our beautiful historic buildings.

If you’re an adventurer, don’t miss the Via Ferrata in Oeiras when you visit in October. On the east side of the famous Ice Park gate, the Via Ferrata is a narrow rock, steep rock faces and a cable traverse that is fully protected by safety cables.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or have never climbed before, stair ferrata and rope climbing adventures are a safe and fun way to experience the thrill of climbing.

Reasons To Visit Ouray Colorado • Nomads With A Purpose

There are now two route options to choose from: the upstream route and the downstream route. Uphill is the standard route as it is a little easier, but experienced climbers who want to be more challenging can check out the uphill option.

If you do the upstream route, it’s easy to do loop 8 as well as the downstream route. Both took about 3-4 hours to complete.

Free but compulsory equipment is required for the Via Ferrata and we have a ranger to make sure you have it:

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

You can rent gear kits from San Juan Mountain Guides or Basecamp on Osai Main Street for about $25 a day. You can also purchase your gear at Ouray Mountain Sports.

Ouray Hot Springs Pool In Ouray

If you are not experienced, there are many guide services that offer guided tours of the area, such as San Juan Mountain Guides, Mountain Tours, etc.

No trip to Ouray in October is complete without exploring the Million Dollar Highway! While you can ride the Million Dollar Trail all the way to Silverton, the 13 miles from Ouray to the top of Red Mountain Passage is easily the most scenic drive of all!

This section takes on the most spectacular autumn colors in October and there are plenty of places to stop, explore the old mining buildings and take photos.

To find other great stops along Red Mountain, check out our guide to driving the Million Dollar Highway.

Exploring Dog Friendly Silverton & Ouray, Co

Ice Lakes is one of the best hikes in San Juan and is not too strenuous. Access to Ice Lake is about a 40-minute drive south of Ouray on the Million Dollar Highway and a 5-mile drive on a well-maintained dirt road.

This journey takes you to mountain meadows and beautiful clear blue mountain lakes!

Add to your day a drive along the Million Dollar Highway for an unforgettable adventure.

Things To Do In Ouray Colorado

Ouray is a world-renowned climbing destination with amazing rock climbing, an ice climbing park and dozens of sport and commercial crags within a 30 minute drive.

Ouray Vacation Rentals

Many rocks are even in the city center, such as the swimming pool wall or the Rotary Park wall. How many places can you drive to climb less than 15 minutes from your campsite/lodge?!

Climbing in the mountains really has something for everyone, which is not always the case with climbing in cities. Beginner climbers and families will enjoy the easy climbs at Niche Basin, while experienced climbers can explore more difficult climbs at Technica Crag or take on more adventurous climbing routes like El Sueno or Astro Zombie!

Our breweries are favorites among visitors. This brewery offers great beer on tap, delicious food and great views. In the bar downstairs or on a nice sunny day, you can sit in the cool rocking chairs and enjoy food and drink from the roof terrace overlooking the mountains. soft drinks.

I hope this blog has helped you plan an amazing trip to Ouray in October! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

Hot Springs — Visit Ouray

Hello! We are so glad you found us! You can also follow our travels by joining us on Instagram. The Mountain West is my favorite part of Colorado…and that’s saying something because I love Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

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