Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky

Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky – Although the most popular places to take children are museums and traditions, go when you want to see local cultural events. But sometimes it’s good to change things. Fortunately, the Cincy/NKY area has exciting entertainment and fun activities for you. Get ready to plan your next trip!

Experience the thrill of soaring inches above top predators at Newport Aquarium’s Shark Bridge, the world’s first suspension rope bridge that allows guests to cross waters teeming with sharks and stingrays. Take a good look at the 385,000 liter tank.

Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky

Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky

Florence Y’alls is a Frontier League baseball team in Northern Kentucky, named after a giant red and white water tower off I-75 with the words “Florence Y’all” on the front. Offered each theme night. affordable food and quirky humor that fans enjoy about Minor League games. You can enjoy a hot dog, popcorn or local LaRosa pizza while watching the teams play. But one food you won’t be able to get is peanuts – Thomas More Square is friendly. For more family fun, head to the Kids Zone or follow Y’all Star, Florence Y’all’s water tower mascot.

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Covington’s Hierophany & Hedge is a story book for lovers of magic and fantasy. The apothecary’s antique shop features what it describes as “custom arcana” featuring wooden shelves and tables filled with everything from dried herbs, tarot cards and candles to books, crystals and owl figurines. There was even an entire handmade wall where wizards young and old could find the perfect match. The owner of the shop is helpful and helpful and always on hand to give advice and tips. Note: hours change weekly, check their Instagram account to see if they are open.

Play with the friendly cats at Purrfect Day Café in Covington. The cafe partners with Tri-State Statewide Animal Rescue to keep the dining room full of adorable and adoptable animals. Reservations include 50 minutes of play time and guests are welcome. Whether they’re looking for a new furry family member or just want to have a cup of coffee with their kitty. The restaurant and cafe are separate areas. So visitors can still come to Purrfect Day to enjoy a local dish of “paws, paws and cats” without cat hair.

The hiking trails at Highland Hills Park in Fort Thomas offer more than a nature escape. The park also features a series of lush green alien sculptures. including many wooden forest animals carved by local chain link artisans. See if you can find the inhabitants of the forest artistically or using a map. There is a “hunt” to find them that can be found on the artist’s website. (

Northern Kentucky is home to Vent Haven, the world’s only museum of sound, founded by William Shakespeare Berger in 1973. More than 1,000 wind books, pamphlets and photographs are housed in the home of Berger used to be. Sign up for a tour to see historic, colorful and sometimes quirky dolls. It features pieces from the 1800s to the present, as well as exhibits from

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The American Sign Museum illuminates the past with a collection of retro neon signs from the late 1800s to the 1970s. Walk down Main Street from the 1950s to see fake storefronts with old signs for pharmacies, motels, gas stations. and even the old McDonald’s. You’ll find retro advertisements, signs and road signs from the early days of the gold leaf. from neon buzz to modern plastic in a very unique and bright setting. have a guide

A large herd of buffalo roamed the plains of the United States. including northern Kentucky But after they became endangered in the 1800s, the only places people could see them were in national and state parks. Follow the signs to wander one of the park’s four kilometers of trails to see Big Bone bison grazing happily in the fenced area. while you’re there Visit the Learning Center Focus on prehistoric mammoths and mastodons that visit the salt lick that the park is named after.

The charming town of Rabbit Hash on the Kentucky coast has a unique authority at its peak. this is wilbur French Bulldog Since 1998, Rabbit Hash has elected a dog mayor, with Wilbur becoming the fifth dog in charge in 2020. His main job is to be friendly and greet the residents. and visitors. But when he’s not around, there are plenty of other pups to be found in this historic little town. It has a nearly 200-year-old general store, quirky shops and regular live music on weekends.

Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky

In 1853, the nation’s first professional fire department was established in Cincinnati. And visitors to the Cincinnati Fire Museum, housed in a former firehouse that operated from 1906 to 1962, have the opportunity to witness this history. and down the actual lamppost Exhibits include firefighting equipment and art from the 1800s to modern times. Features a working fire truck with lights and sirens, plus a Safe House to help families plan their own fire safety.

Things To Do Winter 2021 Northern Kentucky

The fairies lived in Newport’s historic East Row district, and gateways to the abode of these magical creatures can be found hidden in arches, sidewalks, gardens and building walls. an already beautiful one in The Fairies. An anonymous group helped more than 100 fairies move from the forest to Newport. Each has a unique mini-portal. See if you can find them all.

Smale Riverfront Park has been voted one of the best river fronts in the country. And within the 45 acres of green space that connects Paycor Stadium to Great American Ball Park are plenty of interactive experiences and public art. Roaming the banks of the river is a giant pig figure that can climb a grand piano. has been dubbed “The World’s Largest Outdoor Resonant Piano.” Guests can jump on a pad at the base of the 19-foot structure to activate 32 different sounds.

The Swing House at Camp Washington takes an 1880s brick barn and transforms it into an artistic experience. Interior walls, stairs and upper floors were removed to create a single building. with a swing in the middle of the living room Attached to the ceiling by a 30-meter rope, open to the public once a month or rented out as Airbnb, guests can breathe between the bedroom and the kitchen as they learn about the history around them. .

Jungle Jim’s International Market is more than a grocery store: it’s an experience. The 200,000 square meter space features more than 180,000 products from over 70 countries, including 1,500 hot sauces. values ​​that live in There is Elvis singing in the candy aisle. Robin Hood near the ceiling in the British section. and a giraffe standing at the door

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Need accommodation advice when planning your trip to NKY? Visit our unusual camping page in Northern Kentucky. A bit unusual — funny. In fact, in this series we will share unusual places that will appeal to your sense of adventure. Join us on the trail of fun and unique things to do in NKY.

EarthJOY Village, in the woods near California, KY, has three treehouses for rent. The tree climber is the dream of Shelly and Bill Byrne. Each wooden house has its own style and character.

“Pete Nelson” (host of Animal Planet’s Tree House Masters designed it for the show) is simple with some modern conveniences, such as air conditioning. and the coffee maker “Aliyah” (pictured). There are live trees growing in the living room and swing bridge. hanging under the house

Things To Do Today In Northern Kentucky

The paths through EarthJOY Village are paths of varying difficulty. You can fish and jump in five pools. Or wander through the hobbit house to find a hidden cottage. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, EarthJOY Treehouse is for you.

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With the goal of making the process of adopting a cat more fun and engaging, the owners of Purrfect Day have created a welcoming place to meet your new pet. Since its launch in March 2020, it has facilitated the adoption of nearly 1,000 cats while welcoming walk-in visitors. Space is limited in the kitty living room. So it’s a good idea to make a reservation. Even if you’re not in the market for a new furry family. But spending time with these playful animals will make you happy. (Also, there’s cat yoga.) During breaks between cat interactions, you can pick up a heavy load at the cafe.

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