Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today – Driving trips are on the rise as people avoid air travel due to concerns about COVID and the coronavirus. Chicagoans and suburbanites are moving to the Midwest to find more local places instead of these faraway places. For those of us who have lived in Chicagoland for many years, Southwest Michigan is a place to visit. Spending a weekend in Northern Michigan is so far away, so amazing and fun. There’s so much to do in Northern Michigan – check out my tips for how to spend a weekend in Petoskey and beyond.

Petoskey is a beautiful city, the fifth largest in northern Michigan. Including Charlevoix, Petoskey, Port Springs, Harbor Falls and Bovine City, each town has its own feel and charm. If you’re spending a weekend in Petoskey, there’s a lot to see that you might not see in other towns. However, if you’re looking for more things to do in Northern Michigan, budget time will hit three. Here’s how to plan a trip to Northern Michigan on a date. If you only have one day, make it day 1. Do two days, day 2, and so on.

Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

Have breakfast! If you only have one day in Petoskey, you’ll want to make sure you keep the tank full with all the activities on your plate. Where you live, where you can get breakfast. If you are staying in a staff home, I recommend breakfast on site. Stafford Hospitality is well established in Northern Michigan with attention to detail. These buildings are called nothing, and breakfast is no exception. You won’t get fried eggs and treat yourself to a continental breakfast, but instead, home-made dishes are really delicious in a beautiful house.

Here’s Some Of Our Favorite Things To Do In Petoskey Michigan

Once you equip yourself, you will be proud. You can check out a meal at one of Petoskey’s restaurants, but maybe a snack will do. If you’re looking for something smaller, consider Kilvin! For students in the Midwest, you might think, “Hey, that’s a link, and I have one near my town.” A miracle! The original Kelvins were from Petoskey. It started in the city in 1947! My favorite food/snack is Kilwin’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Caramel Apples. Fruity, sweet, antioxidant… Enough for lunch in my book!

If you don’t get a chance to visit Kilvin in Petoskey, there are many Kilvin locations in Northern Michigan.

A weekend in Northern Michigan can be even more fun if you know the history of the area. But I think it is more important to know the city I visited. There are many tours that can help you experience Northern Michigan.

Depending on when you visit, there are many tours available throughout the year. For example, your visit could be a yacht or ship tour, a garden tour or a city tour. The best way to find out if there are any special events or visitors in Northern Michigan during the weekend is to contact the city’s tourism office.

Petoskey Winter Activities And Snow Sports

Northern Michigan is known as the Land of Million Dollar Sunsets. Therefore, it is important to stay in the city and experience the sunset. Here are some places to suggest your booking options:

If you only have one day in the area, I hope this itinerary helps. For those lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the city, read my tips for a weekend in Northern Michigan.

If you want to spend another day in Northern Michigan, good luck! Enjoy your extra time in a place that has a lot to offer tourists.

Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

Also, Castle Farm has a different history. His first employer was a director of Sears Roebuck who used the farm as a showroom. Here, he displays and displays the portable farm equipment that can be purchased through Sears. On the baseball diamond, it was Ossa Bianchi’s coaching tour that coined the term “farm team” that is still used today.

The Lake House

Another famous owner turned the place into a huge concert venue, with acts like Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and the Rolling Stones appearing in the lakeside gem.

If you are lucky enough to spend a third day in the city, I highly recommend going to one of the outdoor activities you missed. It can be by boat, hike or bike, but either way, it’s an easy and fun way to spend a weekend in Northern Michigan. As a bonus, I would highly consider Holland, Michigan upon my return to Illinois. Here are some of the best places to help make your gardening dreams come true.

WSET Level 2 Certified Winery, DuPont County Brand Ambassador. DME + Orthotics during the day, love family life and travel at night.

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Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

Based on our personal experiences, we share the best things to see and do in Michigan. Here are 50 ideas to add to your bucket list.

Fun Things To Do In Suttons Bay May 2023

This Gaylord museum is a vibrant reference to the era of local road attractions, where the long drive north consisted of corny tourist attractions and kitsch small towns along the way. The museum houses dozens of animals preserved by local cabins from decades ago, but it’s also a museum of a lost era of tourism, when highways like I-75 allowed travelers to bypass cities as they passed.

In many Michigan cities, local festivals are a celebration of small town life, an opportunity to promote the unique personality of the city and the rest of the country. Central Vermontville’s annual Maple Sauce Festival is a wonderful small town event. It offers scrimmage, barbecue and bowling bingo, which includes betting on the field drawn on the football field. The queen of the maple syrup festival is crowned at the end of it all. It is held every year on the last weekend of April.

Want the thrill of a grown man standing next to a full-grown bear that could kill him with one shot, but chooses to jump instead? Oswald’s Bear Ranch in Newberry is home to 240 acres of rescued and orphaned bears on the peninsula, and a chance to have your photo taken with a bear.

Located on the north shore of Lake Huron, Rogers City’s 40-mile century lighthouse offers more than spectacular views and relaxing self-guided tours. There is also a real shipwreck on the beach just steps from the lighthouse.

Experience Fall At Shanty Creek

Located about half an hour west of Cadillac, Pine offers a challenge you won’t find on popular rivers like Au Sable or Rifle. Yes, you can hit the water and fast obstacles.

This cinnamon roll is made in the USA. A city with the same name. Sold in a brown paper bag, the triangular toast lives on into the next millennium.

Many of the best waterfalls have no signs or directions, and can only be found by finding directions on site (or a good Google search). For example, take Route 510 west from Big Bay in Marquette County and drive half a mile past a small bridge and park.

Things To Do In Northern Michigan Today

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