Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado – Evergreen is one of the closest cities to the mountains in Denver, and is one of the few cities that is considered a city. It’s a convenient opportunity, Denverites take advantage of the annual event on their mountain getaway.

Depending on whether you travel downtown via North Evergreen or Evergreen Lake, it will take between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on traffic, respectively. Fortunately, there are a few freeways, including US-285 south, I-70 north, and CO-74 (also known as Bear Creek Ave/Morrison Rd) to get to Morrison and Kittredge.

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

This large mountain town of 9,307 people (at the time of the 2020 US Census) sits at an impressive 7,165 feet above sea level. It gives you cool weather in the summer and lots of snow and ice in the winter. And because of the population, there are many businesses and events to keep visitors entertained throughout the year.

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Located on Colorado Highway 74, Downtown Evergreen is a unique area filled with shopping, dining and more and is an easy walk from beautiful Evergreen Lake. For food and drinks, stop at any of the restaurants, including Maya’s Cantina and Grill or the Bat Shack Tavern. For a cup of coffee and a place to sit or work, visit Java Groove.

There are also two art galleries in town, a flower shop, antique shops and Baskin Robbins. To get the best view of this part of town, consider parking in the large downtown park and exploring on foot.

Visitors looking for snacks, sweets and treats should stop by Evergreen Clothing & Mercantile or Seasonally Yours, two gift shops that offer a variety of items. After exploring the town, be sure to follow the Bear Creek Trail to beautiful Evergreen Lake.

Connecting the towns of Evergreen, Morrison and Golden, the Lariat Loop is a scenic trail that spans forty miles. Designated one of Colorado’s 13 National Scenic Byways, this is a must-see on any sightseeing trip. The highlight of the trail is the five-mile Lariat Trail, a scenic section of the trail that winds past Lookout Mountain, Buffalo Bill’s famous haunt.

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Other attractions include Red Rocks Amphitheater, Dinosaur Ridge, and the charming towns of Golden and Morrison. Visitors should plan to spend about two hours walking, but a full day can be spent sightseeing along the way.

Part of Denver’s Mountain Park System, Genesee Park is located on I-70 north of Evergreen. Popular for its proximity to Denver, Genesee Park has many trails, playgrounds, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Also, many visitors come to Genesee Park for the Buffalo Overlook. Located just north of I-70 off Exit 254, this lookout offers visitors a chance to see wild bison.

Hiwan Heritage Park and Museum is a place steeped in history, with a large building dating back to the late 1900s. Visitors are free to visit the site on a daily guided tour, and guided tours are also available by reservation. Inside the house, visitors are guided through various rooms, dining rooms and halls where they have the opportunity to see historic furniture and original paintings from the families that once called the house home.

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Summer is the place to be in the mountains of the Colorado Front Range. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Evergreen offers day trips or camping trips to explore the nearby forest.

Evergreen Area Chamber Of Commerce

The Mount Evans Byway, often accessed from Idaho Springs, brings visitors closer to the 14,265-foot peak. This trail is known to be the longest in North America, and it rises more than 6,000 feet from its beginning in Idaho Springs. If you’re traveling from Evergreen, consider taking the eastbound route and crossing Mesta’hehe Pass on scenic route 103 before connecting with the regular trail to Echo Lake.

On the hike, be sure to stop at Echo Lake Park, which is 10,600 feet above sea level and has a campground and hotel. Access to the trail is free to the public and is usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but visitors should note that there is a fee to park near the summit. After a short hike to the top, enjoy views that stretch for miles.

Like Genesee Park, Echo Lake is part of Denver’s mountain pastures. Boasting a beautiful lake at an altitude of 10,000 feet, the park offers fishing, hiking and the unique Eco Lake Lodge, an old hotel converted into a general store, gift shop and the ultimate restaurant with a variety of cuisines.

Hikers can enjoy scenic walks through the area via the Echo Lake Trail. Additionally, the park has restrooms and picnic tables.

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US Forest Service Campground, with ten RV sites and seven tent sites. Each area has an entertainment table and fire ring. There are no utilities, but drinking water and garbage are available. Registration can be done online.

Located at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Evergreen Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole course near Evergreen Lake. In addition to courses with rolling hills and pine trees, the area also has green spaces and shops.

After enjoying the game, stop at the Key on the Green Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Appointments can be booked online from 7:00pm seven days in advance, but regulars can book up to 14 days in advance.

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Suitable for both beginners and experienced gliders, Airtime Above Hang Gliding offers visitors the chance to experience the thrill of flying through the air. Long-term visitors hoping to hit the ground running should have an unlimited tuition budget, while those wanting to experience the sport should try the two-day starter package.

Top Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Basic lessons include learning to use gliders, pedals, and even airplanes. Most lessons are done in groups, but individual lessons can be arranged for an additional fee. Be sure to wear running shoes, long pants, and a hat, and consider bringing a light lunch and a folding chair for use during breaks.

Tours abound in the parks and open spaces around Evergreen. A popular hiking area near the city is Elk Meadow Park, which has fifteen miles of two trails. The park can be accessed directly from Evergreen via the 3.5-mile Pioneer Trail. Tables and restrooms are available along the trails, and lucky visitors can see cows and wild animals during the hike.

If that’s not enough, the Jefferson County Open Space System has 261 miles of trails of varying lengths and difficulty, most of which are west of downtown Alderfer/Three Sisters Park. There are many trails through the park, so it’s easy to make a log or out and back. For the ultimate trail, hike the seven-mile Bear Creek Trail in O’Fallon Park on the city’s east side.

Evergreen lake is the main attraction of this high place come winter. This frozen lake attracts people from far and wide to go skiing, ice fishing and enjoy its unique scenery. The popular Downtown Evergreen district is just a short walk away with great shopping and restaurants.

How Much Snow Does Evergreen Co Get?

During the winter months, Evergreen Lake is open seven days a week. Rental cars are available for a fee but expect to wait in line on busy weekends and holidays. There is also a swimming fee, but guests who plan to swim more than once during the season can save money by purchasing a 10-punch sports card.

The range provides basic lessons for children who are learning to drive, but those over the age of nine must take the course alone or in a group. Parking is limited at Evergreen Lake House, but free parking is available between the lake and Stagecoach Park on weekends.

A very popular small ski area, Echo Mountain Resort has about twenty-three lifts. Equipment is available to rent, but beginners should stick to the park until they are comfortable with the basics. Food options include Brothers Grill, with a menu full of soups, salads, burgers and more, and 2 Mile Pie, a specialty pizza truck.

Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado

Echo Mountain also has six pipelines. The minimum height to participate is 36″, and each reservation includes equipment and a one-hour tube. Participants must plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before check-in. Warm clothing is required. Online.

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Here are some fun things to do in this part of Jefferson County. Enjoy your trip to Evergreen, Colorado!

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