Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today – Planning a big trip to Detroit, Michigan but not sure where to go? Well, I’m here to help!

First of all, plan your transport around the attractions. If you are coming from the airport and live in downtown Detroit, take the 261 East bus for only $2 or a cab/UBER for $40.

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

Although the city is not as touristy as some of the best Colorado adventures, the best things to do in Detroit are mostly educational, historical and cultural. In my experience, you need to visit the best Detroit cultural attractions to fully experience the city.

Best Things To Do In Detroit, Michigan

From the history surrounding Automobile City to the impressive buildings that make up the city’s skyline, Detroit is full of culture and historic sites.

If you’re planning a trip to Michigan and want to visit this amazing city, I highly recommend stopping by the cultural attractions and landmarks below.

One of the first places I saw after arriving in Michigan was the Detroit Institute of Arts. There you can see how human artistry has changed over time.

You can walk through more than 100 galleries and see more than 65,000 works of art. These works come from all over the world, including Africa, medieval Europe and, of course, the Americas.

Must Visit Cultural Tourist Attractions You Need To Visit In Detroit Michigan

We found the exhibits interesting as they not only compare the cultural differences between places but also the differences between times.

While visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts, you can also take a free guided tour (with admission) Tuesday-Sunday at 1, Saturday-Sunday at 3 or Friday at 6. There are many opportunities to learn about art history.

If you want to dive deep into the transformation of art, this might be one of the best things to see in Detroit.

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

When it comes to Detroit’s top attractions, Bert’s Warehouse Theater is a must-see. The theater is located in Bert’s Market Place, which also houses the Motown Room and Jazz Room.

Things To Do In Downtown Detroit

During the tour you can see a local concert or maybe a Motown show like we did. If you are a jazz fan, this is one of the best places in town. There are several ways to buy tickets for under $100 to save on your travel ambitions.

But on the weekend you can catch some blues shows or go to an open mic night. Bert’s Warehouse Theater or the Motown studio offer plenty of entertainment options.

Also consider a trip to the Ford Piquette Avenue plant, also known as the “Birthplace of the Model T.”

This is one of the best historic attractions in Detroit if you are a car enthusiast. This building was the second car factory of the once famous Ford Motor Company.

Best Things To Do In Detroit, Mi

Today you can tour the factory and learn about the history of the Model T. The site is inclusive, and you can arrange a longer tour if you want more options.

When you’re done touring the facility, stop at the Bucharest Grill for lunch. Located on the street, it offers a delicious Shawarma sandwich for only $5.95.

You will not regret this trip! The Ford Plant is one of the best things to see in Detroit, and an afternoon can’t be beat. If you want to see great museums, check out Santa Fe Tours and Museums.

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

Among Detroit MI’s many cultural attractions, the Guardian Building stands out. If you love historic sites in North Carolina, you will appreciate this building.

Fun Things To Do In Detroit For Couples Visual Story

This building dates back to 1928. Many tourists visit the attraction because it is a fine example of Art Deco architecture.

If you can appreciate great architecture when you see it, you will be left in awe. As you enter the living room you will see the beautiful, elegant Pewabic and Rookwood tiles.

From the outside you can see magnificent and complex buildings. If you stay long enough, you’ll notice that the Guardian Building’s magnificent stained glass windows remind you of a cathedral.

Bring your camera on this Detroit tour because you’ll remember how beautiful it is.

What To Do In Detroit, Michigan

Detroit’s professional sports attractions also reflect the city’s culture. Just going to a game gives you a good idea of ​​how much sports fans love their team.

If you’re a football fan, try to catch a Lions game at Ford Field. Here’s a breakdown of the action:

Eight home games are played between September and December, so you have plenty of opportunities to take part in these fun and exciting games.

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

You can also watch the Detroit Pistons play professional basketball at Little Caesars Arena in Midtown. If you’re not a basketball fan, hockey might be your best bet. You can buy tickets to a Red Wings hockey game at the same arena.

Best Kid Friendly Things To Do In Detroit And West Michigan

As a fan of the NFL, NBA and NHL, you can watch all the above teams at once. Little Caesars Arena is within walking distance of Ford Field, so you don’t even need to pay for transportation to see the best sports attractions or experience Detroit’s great sports culture. If you’re a traveling sports fan, check out our guide to today’s final New Orleans Saints game at the Superdome.

Of course, sports fans won’t want to miss these attractions either. If you want to party before it happens, Detroit has plenty of press games to offer.

If you visit Detroit Michigan, you should visit the city’s history museum. The Detroit Museum of History is an excellent historical site to celebrate the Motor City’s past. Here’s how Detroit got its nickname as the Motor City, as well as its reputation today. See accurate reconstructions of historic Detroit streets, dioramas and model railroads. You can better understand the city’s past by browsing the products. Learn about the lifestyle of the residents, the city’s history and the old Detroit lifestyle when you visit the city’s history museum.

Yes, you must visit Henry Ford on your cultural visit to Detroit Michigan. The Henry Ford is a great outdoor/indoor museum with lots of Americana flair. Here, visitors can see the world-famous Kennedy limousine, the Rosa Parks bus and the Abraham Lincoln chair. Outside, be sure to explore Greenfield Village, a stunning recreation of Thomas Edison’s laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. You can also see the Wright Cycle Co., where the Wright brothers first experimented with airplanes. If you want to see places that are full of information, full of culture, be sure to check out our Montana History and Heritage Vacation Itinerary.

Fun Things To Do In Detroit Michigan (with Kids!)

If you want to get the most out of your trip to Detroit, immerse yourself in the city’s history.

One of the best cultural centers to visit while you’re there is the Detroit Institute of Arts. I also recommend checking out Bert’s Warehouse Theater for some great entertainment. Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is a great choice if you love cars.

It is also worth stopping by the beautiful Art Deco to admire their beautiful, impressive architecture. Don’t forget to stop by the professional sports center for NFL, NHL and NBA games.

Things To Do In Detroit Michigan Today

When you really need to go, don’t forget to take bus 261 westbound instead of a taxi! You want to save what’s left of your budget for your next big adventure. You will love it more if you want to eat at the best restaurants in New Orleans.

Your City 5: Things To Do In Detroit For The Weekend Of February 2 4

This expert guide on Travel Hacking Tactics To Slash Vacation Costs has saved me over $15,274. How to do it in this guide: With travel on hold for over four months due to the coronavirus, I thought I’d start sharing. some posts about traveling to USA. Of course, we won’t be traveling much at this point, but you can always use these tips later! Today my former Creative Director Raimee of Remote Raimee shares her tips and advice for visiting Detroit, one of the coolest cities in the world!

At the northern end of western Lake Erie, Detroit, Michigan is a large city of over 4 million people. Steeped in echoes of the past, the city is often overlooked or overlooked by both domestic and international travelers.

Having grown up in the Detroit area, I can understand why those who don’t know its beauty see Detroit as a bad city, burdened with debt, crime and runaways. However, I can assure you that this assumption cannot be wrong.

The famous “Motor City” has long been known for its automotive industry, its contributions to the early music industry and its sports teams. Today, its revival has made it a new attraction for Detroit.

Unique Michigan Attractions To Travel To And Gawk At

From its world-class museums and amazing eateries to its culturally inspired bars and eclectic garage music scene, Detroit is one of America’s most exciting cities to explore and be a part of. Recommended amount

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