What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend – Things to do in Boulder, Colorado: From hiking to a show at the Velvet Elk Lounge, here are the best things to do in Boulder, Colorado.

The Flatirons are sandstone rock formations and are one of Boulder’s most popular hiking spots.

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

With the Rocky Mountains on one side, nearly 45,000 acres of open space on the other, and over 300 miles of hiking trails and paths, you’ll never be far from an outdoor adventure in Boulder, Colorado.

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Combine that with art and music venues, a pedestrian-friendly shopping district, and upscale restaurants, and you’ve got a place that’s home to athletes, students (the University of Colorado is located here), artists, farmers, beer lovers, and more. . , and hippies. , business types and more will make you feel right at home.

It’s a place you’ll fall in love with, even if you only have a few days to explore the city. Here are some of the best things to do in Boulder.

One of the best things to do is head to Chautauqua Park on Bluebird Day, it seems half the town is there. The National Historic Landmark is full of hiking trails, including Ski Jump and Bear Peak Canyon Loop, many of which offer hikers and bikers access to the Flatirons (incredibly lit, tilted sandstone formations ). But it’s not just a place for a leg-burning workout; Chautauqua is a community gathering place. The park also has a historic dining room, auditorium and cabins for rent; Concerts and festivals are held throughout the year.

The park is free and always open, but due to its popularity, finding parking can be difficult.

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Stretching from 8th Street to 20th Street, the Pearl Street Mall is a popular pedestrian shopping area in downtown Boulder. You’ll find all the popular outdoor brands (Patagonia, Cotopaxi, Fjällräven, The North Face, etc.) as well as a great mix of local shops selling handmade shoes, plants, home goods, records and more. .

The Pearl Street Mall is home to some of the best restaurants in the city, including Frasca Food & Wine (a multi-James Beard Award-winning Northern Italian restaurant), River & Woods (down-home comfort food), and Salt (seasonal). are inspired bistro). There is also Avanti F&B, an international food court (including fare from Taiwan and Costa Rica), a coffee shop, two bars and a rooftop terrace. For coffee lovers, Boxcar Coffee Roasters shares space with a wine and cheese shop. Mountain Sun Brewery is also available, where you can enjoy pale beer.

It makes sense that the city that’s home to the Brewers Association (a trade group that promotes craft beer) is also home to some great brews.

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

There’s Finkel & Garf, a Great American Beer Festival gold medalist, with a bathroom full of old-school toys (help yourself if it’s oatmeal buttermilk); Vision Quest Brewing, where fun IPAs and roasted stouts are the order of the day; Wild Provisions, a sister company of the popular 4 Nose Brewing Company, produces premium independently brewed sours; and Avery Brewing Company, an old guard on the Boulder beer scene.

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If you want to sample beers from different breweries, Rayback Collective and Romero’s Dog Park/Taproom hybrid are great options.

In 1990, Dushanbe, Tajikistan sent a generous, albeit large, gift to its sister city Boulder. It was a 1,700-square-foot teahouse (painfully carved and painted by a team of more than 40 Tajik artists) that was disassembled and shipped to Colorado in 200 shipping containers. When the city finally decided where it was going (eight years later), craftsmen came to help put it together.

Now guests can visit Dushanbe Tea House for lunch, dinner or tea from Tuesday to Sunday. Even if you are not there for the tea, you can come and wander around the unique place.

With 96 miles of bike paths, 84 miles of multi-use trails, and nearly 50 miles of designated bike lanes, Boulder is an easy place for cyclists to travel safely.

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One of the most popular trails is the Boulder Creek Trail. The 7.5-mile route crosses the city from east to west, hugging the waterway for which it is named. If steep climbs bother you, one of the best spots is Flagstaff Road. It starts at Chautauqua Park and immediately goes uphill. Fortunately, there are various lookout (read: rest) spots along the trail, including Realization Point and Lost Gulch Overlook, where you can catch your breath and take in the views. All routes are 10 miles one way.

If you are interested in mountain biking, Betaso Reserve is ideal for beginners. There are many trails in the park, which is an adventure option in itself (although remember that this is public use, so hikers or horseback riders can also be here).

If you don’t have your own bike, there are several tour companies that can guide visitors around town, including Electric Cruiser Bike Tours, Boulder Bike Tours, and a bike-sharing system called Boulder is called B.Cycle. Users can rent bikes hourly at various kiosks around the city.

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

A word to the wise: watch out for what the locals call “mamils” (middle-aged men in lycra). Slaves to stop signs, they are known to speed through cities.

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If you love live music, Boulder’s scene is booming. Enjoy everything from opera to disco at the recently renovated Art Deco Boulder Theater; catch an acoustic show in the barn-like Chautauqua Auditorium; head-bang with craft cocktails at the Velvet Elk Lounge; Listen to national sports on Fox Theater; Or discover local talent at the various bars, restaurants and corners of Pearl Street.

In the early 1900s, Boulder residents decided they needed a luxury hotel to promote tourism to the city. Instead of seeking private investors, a group of locals sold enough shares to friends and family for $100 to build a five-story brick hotel. Bolderado has a large open lobby with stained glass skylights and a grand staircase. Expect rooms with antiques and original features throughout the property.

Must drink at 1 License (formerly the Catacombs Bar) in the basement of the hotel. The Specie-style cocktail got its name in 1969 when Boulder got its first legal liquor license.

Bailey Berg is an Associate Editor at Travel News, covering the latest news, trends, tips, sustainability, outdoors and more. When she’s not interviewing sources or writing articles, she explores art galleries, visits craft breweries, hikes with her dog, and plans her next adventure (she’s over 75 so far). countries and hopes to spend time in each of them. A few points. .Where to start? You’ll want to make time for these top Boulder activities during your stay. And they’re just the beginning. In Boulder Explore more with 48 Hours or go deeper with our insider guides.

Free Things To Do In Boulder, Co

Brick-paved Pearl Street, the heart of Boulder, is a central area where locals and tourists gather to stroll historic storefronts, shop, dine at bustling restaurants, drink coffee, brewpubs, or simply people-watch. . If you only do one thing in Boulder, walk around this pedestrian mall.

Strollers can be checked in for free at the Downtown Boulder Visitor Kiosk located at 13 Pearl Street. Visitors need only show two IDs and can rent a wheelchair during kiosk hours to explore downtown. For more information, call 303-417-1365.

Boulder’s beloved Flatirons — the tilted, giant sandstone boulders that form Boulder’s backdrop from any angle — have a somewhat magical effect on visitors. We’re sure they’ll catch your eye, and the Chautauqua area offers some great ways to see them up close. If you’re looking for movement and adventure, head straight to the Flatirons to see them from the beautiful plains of the hiking area, where dozens of trails lead into the foothills.

What To Do In Boulder Colorado This Weekend

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Top Things To Do In Boulder, Colorado

Sticking to the road prevents harmful erosion and irreversible damage to plants and soil. So we ask you to take the road less traveled (much to the chagrin of Robert Frost).

Unless you’ve been to Tajikistan, you’ve probably never seen a teahouse like this. The structure was handcrafted by craftsmen in Boulder’s sister city of Dushanbe, and was shipped in parts from Tajikistan and assembled in Boulder. It’s a pleasant and relaxing place to enjoy a bite to eat while enjoying one of dozens of teas and the vibrant carvings and paintings that cover every inch of the interior.

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