Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids – From time to time I like to share the wisdom of other travelers and my readers to give great advice. I am very happy to welcome Tanya from Rad Family Travel as the author of today’s post. Enjoy!

We just moved here a year ago and it feels like we’re on a mini vacation as we walk around the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

Visit the only zoo in America! Cheyenne Mountain is the sixth best zoo in the country. Get up close and personal with the wildlife by hand-feeding giraffes and parrots while taking in the views from the open-air chairlift called the Mountaineer Sky Ride.

Colorado Springs With Kids

Situated right on the side of Cheyenne Mountain, this zoo is built on levels that rise up the hillside. Your kids will love seeing grizzly bears, rhinos and elephants up close and more. I like it.

Plan to eat at the zoo. You understood me correctly. The Grizzly Grill at the zoo offers delicious food that will blow your mind. Think daily cutting stations, pasta dishes, rice dishes, soups, stews, and freshly made salads. Throw in delicious burgers, homemade pizzas, sandwiches and ice cream and you’re in the shade.

The Park of the Gods is a must see and experience for people of all ages. Imagine breathtaking views, 300 meters of sandstone formations behind the famous Pikes Peak and clear skies.

And it’s free entertainment. A family that donated Colorado Springs Park on the condition that the Garden of the Gods is free in perpetuity and is a registered national monument.

Kid Friendly Things To Do By Colorado Springs

There are many ways to experience the Garden of the Gods; cycling, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and sailing are offered.

Great time for all ages! When our friends and relatives come to us from another city, our children ask to come here. Just $15-20 kept our family of six entertained for about an hour. You have to go.

Hundreds of old and new arcade games and most can be played for as little as a quarter. Pinball, racing games, skiball, Pac-man, Joust and more. The arcade is located on Main Street in Manitou Springs and consists of small buildings painted white with red lettering.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

The US Olympic Complex is the flagship training facility of the US Olympic Committee. and programs of the Olympic Training Center. The training center provides housing, dining, training facilities, entertainment facilities and other services for over 500 players and coaches at the same time in the complex.

The 17 Best Colorado Springs Hiking Trails (for All Levels) — She Dreams Of Alpine

Talented athletes train here. Public sports include boxing, cycling, skiing, gymnastics, shooting, wrestling, etc.

(The children are pictured with 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist snowboarder Keith Gable, who was on campus the day we visited.)

Pikes Peak is 14,115 feet high and you can get to the top on the world’s tallest train! Enjoy the breathtaking views and breathtaking landscapes that inspired Catherine Lee Bates to write America the Beautiful.

If you’re looking for truly breathtaking views and excitement, visit the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City, Colorado, an hour from Colorado Springs. Ride down the gorge in a red gondola and then cross the bridge on your way back. Visit Tommy Knocker Playground, Cloudscraper Zipline and Skycoaster Royal Rush!

Colorado Springs With Kids: 15 Top Things To Do

This new indoor water park resort is located within walking distance of Sweet Square with restaurants and a movie theater on the north side of Colorado Springs, 31 miles from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and about 20 minutes from downtown.

Spacious, clean and comfortable suites feature flat-screen TVs and pull-out sofas, as well as mini-fridges, microwaves and coffee makers. Superior room options and room service are available.

The best part: Access to the water park is amazing. There are also 8 bars and restaurants, as well as children’s activities throughout the day, mini golf and a children’s spa. The resort fee includes use of the gym and parking.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

Josh and John make natural ice cream. Try Mocha Java Jolt or Colorado Cookies and Cream. Yum.

The 7 Best Springs In Colorado

Ivywild Schoolhouse is a historic school building that has been turned into a community market and brewery, home to the Ivywild Bristol Brewing Company and the Old School Bakery. Both are delicious.

Bingo Burger is also located in the city center. This cute little burger serves delicious burgers, delicious fries, great cocktails and craft beers.

Colorado Springs is a great place to relax all year round. But if the weather forces you to stay at home, here are a few options.

Tanya Radeke runs a family travel blog at He recently moved from Kansas City to Colorado Springs. When she’s not taking her four kids to sporting events or dating her husband, who is almost 20, you’ll find her in the kitchen preparing a real meal or daydreaming about the family’s next adventure. Tanya offers a great travel planning team to help families budget, plan and pack all their adventures!

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids (in 2023)

Have you been to Colorado Springs before? What attractions or restaurants are on your wish list? Leave a comment below!

Get ready to plan your trip, grab my FREE 1 hour tour planner to help you plan your trip in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show! It was August and I was ready to escape the Arkansas heat and humidity. Colorado seemed like a good place to go. Our family of 4 spent 5 days in Colorado Springs and it was the perfect place for a family summer getaway. Colorado Springs offers great views and plenty of activities for kids. The Garden of the Gods Resort hosted our stay and was a great base from which to explore the area. Click here for an overview of the property and all its amenities. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado Springs with kids, below are 12 great things to do on your next family vacation!

Note. Due to COVID-19, many of these major parks and tourist attractions have implemented codes of conduct and best practices to ensure the health and safety of their guests. I greatly appreciated and heard the standards set by these institutions. I’ve included links to each site so you can learn more about their protocols if you’d like.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

Disclosure: Some of the events listed below are sponsored by Visit Colorado Springs. In any case, all opinions and experiences are 100% ours.

Best Neighborhoods In Colorado Springs, Co

Talk about great ideas! You can’t visit Colorado without at least one trip, if not more. Traveling with children (especially small ones) can be difficult. But this park offers a lot of short trails to great heights. Perfect for little feet when taking in the amazing views all around. To get an idea of ​​the rest of the park, start by driving the entire Juniper Loop first. Then choose a lane and park accordingly. There are plenty of parking spaces throughout.

The Derkins Central Trail is wheelchair accessible. The trail of Siamese twins is a mile long and not too big. The Balanced Rock Trail is an Instagram-popular stop thanks to the balanced rock that’s great for a photo op. That’s a lot more. Pack snacks and bring plenty of water for your morning walk. Here is a link to the Park of the Gods.

My KIDS love to explore the Manitou Cliff Shelters. For them, it was like a small playground. For me, I was amazed, immersed in history and felt like I stepped into the past. You will visit the preserved Anasazi buildings and see what life was like for the indigenous people of the region. Definitely a great place to visit Colorado Springs with kids!

Visit the best waterfall in Colorado. Now 244 stairs with a baby on your back is not easy. But the views are worth your effort. I was so proud of Jimmy. He was only 3 years old and climbed to the top by himself. The stairs go up the mountain next to the 7 waterfalls… So, SEVEN Broadmoor waterfalls. If you are not ready for the full ride, you can take the elevator up to see the view. Watch our YouTube video below.

Fun, Family Friendly Things To Do In Colorado Springs

We can be called a “zoo” family. We love going to zoos and have been to many around the world. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has been named the 4th best zoo in North America. If you’re visiting Colorado Springs with kids, you won’t want to miss this stop. We fed giraffes, saw lions dining, jumped from kangaroos.

Trainer’s Tip: Pay $2 to use Shettle. The golf cart driver will take you to the top of the mountain and let you ride down to the other side of the park. Then he will bring you down and up again. Now you can go down to the other side of the park. It is very time-saving and very easy for small children.

Peak Peak

Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

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