What To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

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Nestled in the Rocky Mountains about 100 miles west of Denver, this Bavarian town lets life’s worries melt away in the fresh mountain air. Vail, Colorado is unlike any other mountain town in the state. From the beginning, Vail was designed to take visitors away from the reality of everyday life and into the vacation of their dreams. And that’s exactly what happened on my last summer trip to the valley.

What To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

What To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

The moment I pulled into the Sonnelap Hotel valet parking, the excitement began. Even though check-in was about 6 hours early, I received the warmest hospitality in Europe, as if they couldn’t wait for my arrival. Check in was quick and my luggage was quickly taken to a safe place so I could walk around Vail without a problem while waiting for my room.

Vail Winter 2022 2023: What To Know!

Colorful burkha village in summer! From flowers to flags, they are pleasing to the eye.

I arrived on a Sunday morning, which meant the Vail Farmers Market was packed. I knew that Weil’s design resembled the quaint mountain towns at the foot of the German and Swiss Alps. But as soon as I entered the village center of Vail, I was mesmerized by its alpine charm. This scene took me to a distant place. It was farther from home than Colorado. The experience was surreal.

Although we had only just arrived in Vail, we could already see that it was more than just another destination. There is no denying that there is something special about grapes, as if they remind you to enjoy life. The best way to live in Vail is to live like a dream.

Sonnelap’s outdoor swimming pool in Vail is the perfect place to relax and unwind on your dream summer vacation.

Travel Guide, Colorado: Visiting Vail In The Summer

When the small B&B that inspired the Sonnenalp opened in Germany at the turn of the 20th century, Weil didn’t even think about it. As Quant German Inn developed, the founders dreamed of bringing the legacy of European hospitality to the United States. And when word spread in the 1960s about a town growing at the base of Vail Ski Resort, they decided it was time.

Sonnelap and Vail have been together since the beginning, and now they are connecting. Since opening 40 years ago, the hotel has become a Vail Valley icon, and like the city, Sonnelap isn’t wasting any time moving to other places and by air. Life was easy. And the soul rises to new heights.

While staying at Sonnelap, I stayed in a one-bedroom suite overlooking Gore Creek and the pool. Unique Bavarian furniture, well-kept fireplaces and beamed ceilings give the space a comfortable calm that is rarely experienced during travel. Every day there is something new to explore in the Vail Valley, but it still feels like coming home at the end of each one.

What To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Vail Ski Resort is a world-renowned winter destination, but in the summer it’s a different world, full of personal goals, dreams to achieve, and mountains to climb. Whether you like pampering or pushing your physical limits, there is something for everyone. The only limits to reality are Vail’s instructions and only time between you and Vail. But do not worry. We help you get the most out of it! Here are some of the best summer activities in Vail, Colorado!

Top Things To Do In Vail Colorado! (special Winter Edition)

The Rocky Mountains are known for their excellent hiking opportunities, and Vail is no exception. At the end of July, the hiking trails were covered with wildflowers, so beautiful that I was constantly in awe. I share a tour for every comfort level, but I encourage you to do a little research on your own. You never know what a hidden hiking gem it might be. Visit the Discover Well website, ask locals or hire a guide. The possibilities for outdoor exploration are endless in the Vail Valley during the summer!

At the end of July, the mountains surrounding the vineyards are covered with wildflowers. Hiking should definitely be part of your dream summer vacation in the region.

The Eagles Loop is a mile long, nearly flat loop at the top of the Eagle Bahn cable car. This sweet little trail is perfect for families with kids or anyone who wants to enjoy the mountain scenery without breaking a sweat. You have to buy a gondola ticket, but the trip is half the fun!

The Shrine Ridge Trailhead is located a few miles off the Shrine Pass Road in Vail Pass. This four-mile round-trip hike starts out fairly easy, gradually climbing through pine meadows. The final push of the saddle is slightly higher. If you are not used to the height, you will feel it. The spectacular 360-degree view from above will take your breath away again. But this time for a different reason.

Exciting Things To Do In Vail, Colorado In The Winter (besides Skiing!)

All hikes have wildflowers, but Shrine Ridge stands out for its diversity. Pink, red, purple, yellow, orange. This July round was special because of the diverse variety.

The Notch Mountain Trail is a longer and more challenging hike. It takes about 5 miles to reach Notch Mountain Shelter. Notch Mountain Shelter is a great place for lunch and a scenic spot before heading back. The trail offers a panoramic high mountain landscape with the best view of the famous Mount of the Holy Cross. The trees provide shade during the first half of the day, but for more open walks it is worth bringing sunscreen. It’s a rough 8-mile hike up Tigiwon Road to the trailhead, so plan to leave early.

During the summer, Vail offers trails for all levels of hikers. The hardest part is the choice!

What To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than not looking your best. The well is 8,000 feet and only going up. If you come from sea level like me, you will feel the altitude. However, you can help prevent altitude sickness by spending a day in the city before hitting the trails, and perhaps most importantly, staying hydrated!

Mountain Mondays: Why You Should Take A Ski Trip To Vail, Colorado

The sun shines differently at higher altitudes. Leave early to avoid afternoon heat and afternoon thunderstorms. An early start means you’ll be sharing more popular trails with fewer people!

We constantly struggle to balance our desire to share our beautiful places with the need to protect our fragile ecosystem. You can do your part by enjoying the outdoors responsibly and practicing Leave No Trace. If you are a photographer, you should also check out Nature First. Its mission is to “help preserve and preserve the photographs we love and preserve through intelligent use, education, community, and research.” Both websites are great resources for low-impact exercises to help preserve our natural beauty spots.

During the trip, I did a half-day tour with Paragon guides. They’ve been bringing people to the mountains since 1978, so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands! Your guide handles all logistics and offers a wealth of local knowledge. Learn about the flora, fauna and history of the area which made for a great hiking experience. Next time I’m in Vail in the summer, I’d love to join Paragon’s famous llama tours!

As part of my Dream Vail trip, I explored Vail with award-winning professional landscape and conservation photographer Todd Winslow Pierce. Traveling with Todd not only taught me a lot about photography, but also pushed me off the beaten track in ways I never would have done on my own. Todd has lived in Vail Valley since the beginning. In fact, his father helped design the layout of Vail Village, Sonnelap and other iconic buildings in the area. I have to guess that very few people know the history of Vail. If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Vail Valley that can’t be found in the guidebooks, this is for you!

The Ultimate Guide To Vail, Colorado

As part of my dream trip to Baylow, Colorado, I was able to take part in a photography adventure. For this shot, we practiced moving in the water using a slow shutter speed.

Bale village is brilliant. In summer, colorful flower displays hang on every windowsill, customers are bustling in the picturesque open-air cafes, people walking on the winding streets wander, there is nowhere to go. Food on site

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