14er Hiking Trails In Colorado

14er Hiking Trails In Colorado – Of course, we’re talking about hiking two 14 Colorado cars in one day. This is an impressive feat, one of his best ways to see some of the best sights Colorado has to offer. Those wishing to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience look no further than the city of Georgetown. With not one but two of her astonishing 14-year-olds, Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt, Georgetown is a great place to check them off your to-do list.

Luckily, we got a step-by-step guide on how to do this from guest blogger Kyle Ratten, a Georgetown native who knows a thing or two about Step 14. Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt, each peak of 14,000 feet, can be climbed by him in one day.

14er Hiking Trails In Colorado

From Denver, head west on Interstate 70 to Idaho He Springs. From there he will take exit 240 and follow Hwy 103 south he will reach the Echo Lake Trailhead for 13.4 miles. There is a parking lot at the intersection of National Route 103 and National Route 5 (road to the top).

Fourteener Fitness: How To Get In Shape To Climb A 14er

Those looking for a scenic route can literally leave this 14er via Highway 285 from Grant, Colorado, or Interstate 70 from Georgetown, Colorado. Until you see the Guanella Pass Summit sign.

Mount Bierstadt sits just over 14,000 feet at an impressive 14,065 feet. The trailhead-to-top hike is seven miles round-trip, making Bierstadt Mountain one of the state’s 14 busiest peaks. Don’t let the height scare you.

The walk starts off fairly easy as there is a footbridge on the first part of the trail. The trail follows a small stream and slopes through thick shrubs, adding to the intensity of the walk. After passing the bushes, you reach above the tree line. This is where the real fun begins. This is where things get steeper and steeper with frequent shifts.

There’s no denying it’s tough, but the views from the walk are absolutely stunning. Abundant wildflowers and views of the valley floor from the top are worth all the hard work.

Colorado 14er Hiking Use Estimates

As you approach the summit from there, the 2nd grade climbing begins and you break through a high cliff. Once you start working and reach the top, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful 360-degree views.

P.S. Did you know that Mount Evans is the 14th highest mountain in Colorado and has the highest paved road in North America?

Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and wild grasses from highlands and mountaintops. Mount Evans is truly a sight to behold.

Climbing Mount Evans is easiest by taking the road on the northwest side of the summit parking lot at the end of the causeway. This trail is very short but very well maintained for hikers. The route to the summit is easy to understand if there are trail signs, so follow the signs and enjoy the trail.

Colorado Day Hikes To Help You Train For Colorado 14ers — She Dreams Of Alpine

You can easily climb one and then fast travel to the other, but there is actually a short route to climb both. This road is called Sawtooth and connects Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evan. The Sawtooth Saddle achieves a total distance of 10.25 miles and an elevation gain of 3,900 feet.

Remember, you need class 3 climbing skills to cross the sawtooth. Fear not. The two peaks are not adjacent. Comfortable and experienced climbers can climb both peaks in less time.

There are a few things to keep in mind while hiking before deciding if you’re up for the challenge. It is not enough to prepare for altitude to avoid dizziness and nausea in extreme cases. Also, be aware that the weather in these areas can change at any time, with dramatic temperature fluctuations and possible high winds and thunderstorms. Therefore, you should prepare accordingly.

Climbing these peaks alone is done by many climbers given how easy it is to climb, but climbing both in one day is done by far fewer people. As long as you have the resources to properly load up and keep your energy underfoot, you should definitely be able to climb both.

Hiking Colorado 14ers: Tips &tricks For Summit County Climbs

Take lots of pictures and have fun while staying safe! Your Instagram will thank us later.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to try it this summer Check out one or both of these incredible his 14 year old he’s enjoying the wonderful city of Georgetown please

I also want to give a special thanks to his guest blogger Kyle Rutten and the City of Georgetown. Happy hiking!

Follow @ and tag # on Instagram to get noticed. All are beautiful, but some are not suitable for climbing. Decaying rocks, dull rock plains, and private property ownership issues make some of the tallest peaks of high elevation a chore.

How To Climb Your First Colorado 14er

So when it comes to choosing the best of her 14-year-olds to climb, the journey is just as important as the destination. Rated by RootsRated.com, these 10 mountains range from easy hill walks to exhilarating Class 4 exposed scrambles and embody some of Colorado’s most fun and challenging mountain adventures.

Editor’s Note: Due to heavy snowfall in the winter of 2018-2019, please check conditions at your destination prior to departure. Many mountains will snow much later than usual this summer.

Colorado’s highest peak is a beautiful, gentle giant, at least by Rocky Mountain standards. Elbert’s large rounded dome is easily accessible via several trails. All trails begin in vanilla-scented pine forests and emerge above tree lines with stunning views of the Sawatch Mountains.

We are not walking in the park. Over 4.5 miles and 4,400 feet of elevation gain, the trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Once you reach the summit, you are in the heart of the highest mountain range at 48 degrees above sea level.

Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Colorado 14er Climb — Miss Adventure Pants

One of her most challenging 14-year-olds, Capitol at his peak is tough for all the right reasons (hard rock, deep-throat exposure, difficult but fair route finding). It’s an 18 mile round trip and it’s one he enjoys. The long trail along Capitol Creek winds through a beautiful aspen forest and ends at Capitol Lake where the real work begins.

After climbing a steep pass, fair grade 4 boulders, including the infamous Knife Edge Cross, form a spectacular trail to the summit. Experienced climbers know that the summit is only half way to the top.

San Luis Peak is located in a remote part of the San Juan Mountains near the town of Gunnison, Colorado, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Separation is part of its charm. A summer adventure in San Luis follows some quiet streams and past vibrant wildflowers.

The scenery is vast, and the trail remains intact and easy to navigate as alpine plants give way to the rocky terrain of the summit blocks. The views at the top are rugged and pristine, with few man-made landmarks.

Five Colorado Peaks & 14ers Near Winter Park

The Crestone Needle is a beautiful mountain to look at, but a difficult one to navigate. The trail upstream is well-worn, but the rocky canyons that provide access to the summit are easily confused.

However, the rugged rock that forms the surface of the summit is solid. The standard crash on top is probably the best in the state. Careful navigation reveals the secrets of the impressive Needle Pass. This is something that almost all climbers brag about after their experience.

The Longs is by far the most popular ‘hard’ 14er. Most climbers rank it as the 10th most difficult peak. Yes, congestion is expected. Only 50% of those who attempt longs reach the broad, flat crest. But the adventures of this Front Range Classic are one of a kind.

After a 5.5-mile long approach, hikers pass through magical Keyhole Rock features and enter a new world of dark rock formations, steep drop-offs, narrow ledges and wild crawls to the final summit. Even though he is over 14 miles on a standard round trip route, many people attempt this rugged mountain in his day.

How To Hike A Fourteener Just A Colorado Gal

BlancaHis journey to the peak is as important as the approach

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