Best Hiking In Aspen Colorado

Best Hiking In Aspen Colorado – Located 10 miles from Aspen on Maroon Creek Road, Maroon Bell is not to be missed when visiting Aspen and is a highlight of your trip. The most famous view is from the shore of Loch Maroon, a beautiful lake covered with flowers of wild flowers. There are many ways to enjoy this beautiful place.

The Aspen 14ers represent some of the best mountain climbing in Colorado. From professional, knife-edge peaks to high-altitude, backcountry climbs, seven of the state’s 14ers in the Elk Mountain Range near Aspen, hiring an instructor is a great way to learn the skills. fresh. . and explore the Aspen area from a new perspective. Professional guide companies Aspen Alpine Guides and Aspen Expeditions offer a full line of guided mountain tours year-round as well as climbing guides.

Best Hiking In Aspen Colorado

The Elk Range Mountain Safety Coalition – “A coalition of partners – including Aspen Alpine Guides, Aspen Expeditions Worldwide, Mountain Rescue Aspen, USFS – Sopris, and the Pitkin County Sheriff – whose primary mission is mountain safety education to provide outdoor enthusiasts, climbers, mountaineers, and the general climbing community with integrated training that provides consistent information from demonstration and clinic that best teaches the techniques of safe and successful climbing in the Elk Range and beyond. For more information, follow their Facebook page for updates on The upcoming events in and around Aspen.

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Stay informed, subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter & stay updated on events, activities, resources and more. Nothing heals your soul like a walk in the woods; the view from the top of that mountain when you get to the top. Here we have highlighted the five best ways to capture the beautiful mountains and bird’s eye view of Aspen and Snowmass. When you find these trails, you’re sure to find some of the best views in Snowy Tree.

A popular “urban” exercise for locals, the Smugglers Mountain Trail is short and rewards you with great views of the Cairn and Sliabh na Crancha. The road is a dirt road with a half dozen turns to a long cut that bends gently to the right to a turn with a small observation deck.

Directions: Follow Highway 82 (Cooper Street) east of town. Fifty yards after crossing the bridge, turn left onto Park Avenue. This road turns left, turning right on the hill at Circle Park.

For the ultimate aerobic exercise seeker, the Ute Trail is a rugged, rugged trail easily accessible from downtown Aspen. A steady climb with many switchbacks leads to the rocky crag above Aspen. The power pays off in spectacular views.

Top 6 Fall Hikes In Aspen

Distance: 2.4 miles round trip Elevation: 1700 feet Directions: Head east to the Key. The road turns right, turns Buny and turns south towards Sliabh na Crancha. After History, turn onto Ute Road. Continue to the sign. There is parking in front of the street.

Red Mountain’s many transitions climb through brush and oak with better views at every turn. Discover panoramic views of Aspen, ski resorts and snowy peaks in the Roaring Fork Valley. The road is not gravel so walking in sandals is not necessary, but bring a hat and plenty of water because it can get hot (hence the name: “Sunnyside”).

Directions: Go west on Main Street. Turn right into Cemetery Lane (just over Castle Gruth bridge) and drive 1.1 miles to the car park near Slaughterhouse Bridge. The journey is on the road.

The exciting Edge Trail in the Snowmass Village area features Brush Valley and beautiful views of the Maroon Bell-Snowmass Wilderness. This is a dirt road that can be walked in its entirety or modeled in small pieces. Choose your start and end points. Start from the South Trailhead to Spiral Point, Yin Yang signpost with stunning views of snowy peaks in the background.

Aspen Travel Guide: Vacation + Trip Ideas

South Gallery: From Aspen take Hwy 82 west to Brush Creek Road and take a left to the village of Snowmass. Take Brush Creek Road for 5.3 miles, then right onto Co. Road.

North: From Aspen take Hwy 82 to Brush Creek Road and take a left to the village of Snowmass. Take Brush Creek Road for 4 miles and turn right onto Horse Ranch Drive. Turn left onto Horse Ranch Drive and turn right onto Rider Lane.

One of the most scenic trails around, the Capitol Creek Trail is a bit of a hike, but once you get there you won’t be disappointed. You must have 4-wheel drive to access the highway, and you will lose cell service shortly after the highway 82 closure.

Through beautiful aspen groves and clear forests, beautiful views of Capitol Peak lead your way. If you really want to, pack your tent and sleeping bag for the night at Capitol Lake. If not, do a ‘loop’. Start with Capitol Creek Trail #1963 (river road) and cross the creek for 3.3 miles and return to Capitol Creek Trail #1961.

The Best Hikes In Colorado

Directions: Drive 14 miles west of Aspen on Highway 82 to Old Snowmass and turn left onto Snowmass Creek Road near the Conoco gas station. Continue 2 miles to a “T” intersection. Turn right and continue 5 miles to the end of the road. Follow the dirt road for 3 miles to the trailhead. The last mile is on a 4WD road. You must have a 4 Wheel Drive to go on the trail.

SUSAN LINDEN Susan Linden has worked as a writer, journalist and journalist since college. He left the stressful business world to live in the mountains, spending as much time as possible hiking, biking and skiing. Working, playing, and raising children in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past 29 years, Susan shares a unique speaker’s perspective. We went on a long weekend in Aspen, and for the first time, I didn’t plan anything but why. maybe walk the Maroon Bells and take pictures at night when the kids are sleeping.

The stars didn’t align for the second time but I slept well for the first time since 2016. ūüôā

One thing to keep in mind when traveling in Aspen is that this mountain sits at 8000′ and is one of the highest towns in America. Even as someone who lives in Colorado and came here from 5000′ elevation, I have had a hard time doing some hiking here because the air is so thin. If you’re serious about keeping it simple, take a few days at the beginning of your trip to take a break from these activities!

A Mapped Guide To Great Fall Hikes In Colorado

The Maroon Bells Lake trail is a 10-minute walk along the lake that you can walk. I would classify this as more of a habit than anything else. It’s amazing any way you look at it, but in reality, everyone comes here to see the arrows of light.

Due to the lack of research above, we returned here after walking before the sun set… and reached a dark mountain covered in shadows. So, we came back on time – at sunrise – because I couldn’t miss this view! Thank God the kids don’t have to talk about how many times they’re back in the photo booth…

This photo was taken at 6:45 am, with 30492034958 other photographers trying to capture the moment (even without the kids). This place is very close to the station so you don’t have to go far when you land.

Tip #1: It’s best to get here before sunrise so you have time to set up and find parking. But you have 30-45 minutes after sunrise in the mountains to get the full view of Arrow.

Top Wildflower Hikes In Aspen

Tip #2: Be sure to bring a camera and use HDR – the mountain lighting will contrast with the shadows in front, so you will need more contrast.

Contrary to (my) popular belief, this hike is not a 2 mile round trip. Yes, 2 miles ONE. Of course it’s good, as long as you bring a carrier, snacks, good things…

So 1.5 hours into the journey with Danny carrying the big thing on his shoulders, we had to talk to the kids; just a few snacks, maybe only half way :/

Although labeled as ‘easy’, the journey is long and uphill. The beginning

Aspen Trail Maps

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