Best Place To Whitewater Raft In Costa Rica

Best Place To Whitewater Raft In Costa Rica – After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel by a comfortable minibus heading east, stopping at several hotels along the way to pick up other guests.

When you arrive at unloading, you will have a safety briefing with your rafting guide before entering the Pacuare River, which offers the most beautiful white water rafting experience in Costa Rica. This exhilarating trip takes you through Class III and IV rapids, winding through lush rainforests and several narrow, steep gorges with whitewater waterfalls cascading from the surrounding greenery.

Best Place To Whitewater Raft In Costa Rica

The dense forest surrounding San Jose is home to a variety of birds and butterflies, which you can see on the banks between each rapid.

Days And 2 Night: Pacuare River And Discover The Rain Forest Sarapiqui Area

You will enjoy a delicious package at the top and the opportunity to dive into a beautiful natural pool. Change into dry clothes and return to your hotel in San Jose by minibus, which takes approximately two hours.

These features are designed to give you the most accurate stay experience. We work with local guides who use their knowledge and often the eyes of locals to show you the most important and unusual places. Our experts can recommend tours and activities to give you an insight into the local lifestyle.

You can do this activity as part of the tour suggested below or we can organize a tour that revolves entirely around you.

Covering all seven continents, Your World shows you how to see the world. It features our expert travel ideas and handpicked accommodations and experiences, and explains how we create meaningful travel experiences. Just 50 minutes by car from La Fortuna is the Balsa River, which has Class II and III rapids.

Costa Rica Pacuare Rafting

The Balsa River is a class II and class III white water river. During your rafting trip you will see many exotic animals like monkeys, tusks and exotic birds.

The day begins with hotel pickup in your area. Rijeka is a 30-minute drive away, where you’ll meet your guide and pick up your gear. Professional guides carefully read the safety rules and give instructions on the use of rafting equipment. When all participants are comfortable and ready, the tour begins.

You will enjoy crystal clear water for more than 2 hours. On your way down the Balša River, you will pass through beautiful forests and have the opportunity

Learn about wild animals. You will jump at high speed and come out the other side wet. The tour ends at the San Carlos Bridge, where you can swim and enjoy beer, soda, fruit and other snacks. After resting here, you will be transferred to the hotel. Note: This tour is not suitable for pregnant women, those who have recently undergone surgery, those with recent injuries and those with heart problems.

Pacuare White Water Rafting: Conquer The Rapids In The Jungle

Customers say Costa Rica is great. We travel a lot and this was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on.

Customer Comments at Monteverde Lodge We appreciate that they have kettles in every room and provide ice and fresh fruit to refill our water each evening. This might be a good idea for other accommodation – we hesitated to buy bottled water for the room, which shows that the tap water is good (if it is).

Customer Reviews Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. Speaking of Costa Rica, my mom/travel buddy said “Is that where people go?”. After the first day, all her worries were eased by all the wonderful and helpful people we met. Today we will sail 21 miles along the world famous Rio Pacuare through one of the most spectacular views on earth. Here, a 100-foot waterfall tumbled from the river’s edge into the river directly in front of us. Wildlife is abundant and we enjoy a warm walk until we reach a restaurant for lunch. Then we continue walking in the afternoon until we reach the small town of Siquirres where we can change before heading to the Sarapiki Hotel for the night.

Today we get up early to discover the Jindama Falls, the real gem of the city. A natural wonder hidden at the bottom of the river. It’s one of those feel-good places in life, just looking at it energizes you and lets you experience all that this country has to offer. On the way back we will have a delicious and typical lunch in a nearby town.

La Fortuna White Water Rafting

Tonight, explore your city of San Jose guide. On this tour, you’ll visit the Central Market and Central Avenue, giving you the opportunity to learn about Costa Rican daily life while enjoying the market’s delicacies. New! Our Best Destinations in Costa Rica tool reviews 66 destinations based on nearly 150 criteria to help you quickly and easily decide where to go in Costa Rica based on your preferences, interests and needs and your personal needs. Learn more and find these tools on our sister site DIY Costa Rica.

Hello friends! We are Ricky, a Tico (Costa Rican) mother, former rafting guide, nature and wildlife photographer, and Nikki, a writer, published guidebook writer and a Tico (Costa Rican) at heart. In our 16th year of exploring Costa Rica together, we are a happy, adventurous couple. (Click here to read our full bio.) In addition to blogging about Costa Rica travel, we are the team behind several Costa Rica projects, including:

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The Best Spots For White Water Rafting In Costa Rica

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