Best Places To Go Hiking In Colorado

Best Places To Go Hiking In Colorado – From skiers to ski doctors who moved here to live in the outdoors, no one loves their mountains like Coloradans. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best day hikes from Denver, from a relatively easy foothill hike to the state’s 14th highest peak (and the second highest peak in the contiguous United States). All Colorado hikers should watch their elevation, drink water, and stay comfortable. Remember that afternoon thunderstorms, especially thunderstorms, are common in summer. Climbers should plan to get up early and reach the summit by midday before the weather changes.

The Trading Post Trail is the easiest and most family-friendly hike on this list, but it’s still a great way to get out of Denver, stretch your legs, get some fresh mountain air, and even visit the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Less than 20 miles from downtown is the small town of Morrison, home to one of the best concert venues in the country. The entire area is a public park (Red Rock Mountain Park) and is known for its spectacular rock formations jutting out from the mountainside. South of the amphitheater is the Trading Post Trail, a 1.8-mile groomed loop with scenic views. Everything closes around 2:00pm, so get there early. on concert days, which are more frequent than in the summer months.

Best Places To Go Hiking In Colorado

About 30 miles west of Denver is the mecca outside of Boulder. Historic Chautauqua Village sits below the Flatirons and offers great views and many hiking trails. Many easy trails lead from the Chautauqua Ranger Station through Bluebell Mesa, and many people keep walking until they want to turn around. If you want to remember your destination, the 1st Flatiron Trail is 4.9 miles round trip with great views of Boulder and the Royal Arch is 5.2 miles. Because of Chautauqua’s beauty and proximity to US-36, keep in mind that these are the most popular trails for Boulder visitors. The Flatiron is also popular with rock climbers, so keep an eye out for rock climbers or solo climbers.

Hiking In Estes Park

If you have two cars, our favorite trail is the Mesa Trail from Chautauqua to the Eldorado Springs parking lot (or vice versa). This 10.7-mile hike covers classic Boulder terrain with views of the Flatirons, foothills, and Denver. Just drop off one car at the trailhead, park at the other, and enjoy a nice one-way walk around Boulder. Also, don’t forget to visit Pearl Street when you head out of town for a day outside.

Located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, this national monument is another example of beautiful red rock in the foothills. Trails from the visitor center lead through the park with short hiking trails in all directions (some are paved, but you can leave the main trail to avoid the crowds). Cathedral Valley is one of the highlights of the park, and on clear days you can see Longs Peak in the background. Garden of the Gods is perfect for families. The entire trail is about 4 miles, but the hike is relatively easy and parking is never far away. For more solitude and similar scenery, Red Rock Canyon Open Space is two miles south.

Brainard Lake Resort is arguably the true beginning of the Rocky Mountain Wilderness. The hikes above are in the foothills, just as beautiful, but Brainard feels like a Colorado wonderland; stunning mountain lakes, craggy snow-capped peaks, blossoms in spring and summer, and cool air. Brainard Mountain can be crowded for hiking, but for more solitude, you can walk past the decks and picnic tables near the parking lot to Mitchell and Blue Lakes (Blue Lake is 4 miles from the Mitchell Lake Trailhead). As an added bonus, it’s a scenic drive on the Peak and Peak Highway, but beware of the high elevations outside of Denver.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of Colorado’s gems, and Emerald Lake is one of the park’s best short hikes. Departing from the Bear Lake Trailhead, the trail, at 9,475 feet, passes Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and overlooks Longs Peak. About 1.8 miles from the trailhead, at an elevation of 10,000 feet, the stunning Emerald Lake appears. The lake is fed by Tyndall Glacier, one of the park’s five active glaciers, and is a great place to stop for lunch and enjoy the view. If you’re looking for a more challenging hike in the area, the nearby Flattop Mountain Trail skirts the Continental Divide and is a 13.6-mile loop from the Bear Lake Trailhead. If you’re walking, parking fills up quickly, so be sure to leave early or use the park’s shuttle service. Note: RMNP access permits are required from spring through fall for a limited time (unless you book camping, hiking, etc.), so plan ahead.

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Less than two hours from Denver on I-70, Breckenridge is one of Colorado’s mountain towns. A weekend in Breck is perfect, but you still have plenty of time to take a day trip to the Mohawk Lakes and get back to town. Height is important here. Lower Mohawk Lake is at 11,861 feet and Mohawk Lake itself is at 12,110 feet. If you can handle the vertical climb, the views of Colorado’s mountains, alpine lakes, wildflowers, and wildlife above the tree line are spectacular. This local favorite climbs to its peak with plenty of climbing opportunities and views of Pacific High and the 14th-status Crystal Peak. Climbers in Breckenridge can climb up close to the 14er Quandary Peak, the state’s 13th highest mountain.

Length: 9.2 miles one way to Fern Lake Trailhead; 0.8 miles to Fern Creek Ferry Terminal

To beat the crowds in Rocky Mountain National Park, take the same route from Bear Lake to Fern Lake. The park offers a free and efficient transportation system. due to elevation, most hikers start at Bear Lake, finish at Fern Lake, and take the bus back to their car (7:00am-7:00pm in the spring). Fall): Those who choose this hike will be rewarded with beautiful scenery, alpine lakes, waterfalls, and spectacular mountain views. In 2012, the unfortunate Lake Fernie fire caused extensive damage to the vegetation surrounding the lake due to illegal fires in the countryside. However, conditions are improving rapidly and this should not be too much of a deterrent for those who decide to make the trip.

Adjacent Grays and Torres Peaks are two of Colorado’s 14 most accessible mountains (over 14,000 feet) and two of the highest on the mainland. The hike to Grace at 11,280 feet on the I-70 trailhead and saddle up to Torres is tough but manageable for most hikers (again, elevation is one of the biggest struggles here). The easiest trail starts at the Grace and Torres Trail on Stevens Gulch Road, just 3 miles from the interstate. The trail to the trailhead is bumpy in places. If you have a lightly loaded vehicle, it’s wise to park in the dirt lot near the highway exit and take another hike. The hike requires you to reach Grace Peak first, and if you’re tired or the weather is questionable, it’s easy to skip the saddle (the saddle requires Class 2 climbing). The total round-trip distance is 13.4 miles, and the summits of both peaks are over 14,270 feet.

Great Beginner Hikes Near Denver

We don’t have Long Peak here because it’s classified as climbing, not climbing. The popular Keyhole Route has many grade 3 sites for roped or non-roped climbing. Due to the difficulty, a significant number (estimated at around 50%) who attempt to climb the summit fail. However, the breathtaking Chasm Lake is located in a spectacular rocky valley below Longs Peak’s famous diamond wall, providing an even more beautiful view of Longs Peak than from the mountaintop. In addition, you will see fewer people than people from below. The trail is a great spot for wildlife like elk, sheep, mountain goats, and marmosets. Conditions can change at any time of the year, so be prepared for wind and cold weather even in summer, and check the weather forecast before heading out. The high walls of Longs Peak block the view of storms from the west.

At 14,439 feet, Mount Elbert is Colorado’s tallest mountain and the second-tallest in the contiguous United States (California’s Mount Whitney is 14,505 feet). Not so in Mount Elbert, outside of Colorado

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