Attractions In Aurora Colorado

Attractions In Aurora Colorado – Aurora may be the third largest city in Colorado, but there are lots of open spaces, great parks, and other green spaces to enjoy.

If you’re thinking of moving into one of Aurora’s apartments, or if you’ve been here for a while and looking for something new, this list should be a great place to take advantage of the area’s famous beauty. opinion

Attractions In Aurora Colorado

Attractions In Aurora Colorado

Cherry Creek State Park is one of the most popular parks on the Denver subway. Located about 10 miles south of downtown Aurora, it is a large natural park and offers nearly 50 miles of paved, multi-use trails for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. In winter, when there is enough snow, the mountains are ideal for skiing and hiking.

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The 850-acre reservoir is popular for swimming, fishing, boating and other sports on both the west and east sides during the warmer months of the year. There is a fully licensed marina where you can take bait or boat lessons, a campground and a model airfield with two asphalt runways.

Located in East Aurora, just west of E-470, the 54.5-acre Great Plains Park offers many recreational activities and is a great place for kids to cool off in the summer with its open-water playground.

There is also a traditional playground, hiking trails and ponds, picnic shelters with tables, a softball apple, a half-court basketball court, an amphitheater, and deer, rabbits, coyotes, squirrels, and geese. and other birds.

Located 12 miles southeast of downtown Aurora and adjacent to Cherry Creek State Park, Mission Viejo Park offers 22 acres of parkland, several baseball fields, tennis courts, playground, hiking and biking trails, and picnic areas.

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What makes this place unique are the solar system-themed rock formations where kids can learn all about the solar system while others discover information about the quarter-mile Smoky Hill Trail. There are also special events such as taillights and movie nights that host family-friendly movies and food trucks. You can bring your own picnic food if you wish, and don’t forget your blanket.

Located at the eastern end of the city just 30 minutes from downtown Aurora, the more than 800-acre Aurora Reservoir sits on more than 30,000 acres of wetland, making it one of the largest parks in the area. There are 8.8 kilometers of trails that are ideal for walking, running or cycling along the water.

In the reservoir itself, visitors can enjoy motorboating, swimming, and fishing for rainbow trout, yellow bass, catfish, and walleye. It is also a great place for bird watchers, thanks to its natural habitat and reservoir that is home to a wide variety of waterfowl from autumn to spring. In winter you may encounter birds of prey, occasional hornbeams, skunks and Lappish sparrows.

Attractions In Aurora Colorado

Just 5 minutes north of downtown Aurora, Bluff Lake Nature Center is a 123-acre wildlife park that includes a 1.4-mile loop for hiking and wildlife watching. Peace-keeping bicycles and motor vehicles are not allowed.

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Despite being so close to the city center, you will feel like you are in a remote, swampy area. Enjoy the peace, quiet and wildlife, many predatory dogs and other bulls, frogs, rabbits and many bird species.

Cover photo: Sand Creek in Aurora, Colorado. The location is in Sand Creek Park, a few short blocks north of the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. Photo of Jeffrey Bill via Wikimedia

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Top 5 Parks & Nature Attractions In Aurora, Colorado

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Attractions In Aurora Colorado

Aurora has many great attractions, including Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora Reservoir, Aurora History Museum, and Stanley Market. There are many options for activities to be done between these venues and different activities.

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Before checking out, visit the website of the event you want to attend. The details of these events are subject to change. The website also has additional information about prices, parking and rules or restrictions.

Here is a list of the best events and festivals in Aurora in order of events throughout the year:

Earth Day is an annual celebration where people show support for various environmental issues and raise awareness about environmental protection. Aurora’s celebration of Earth Day takes place in the scenic Aurora Reservoir.

Past events include an Earth Day-themed scavenger hunt and HawkQuest shows. Participants also learned about water conservation and watched forestry demonstrations. At the previous event, volunteers collected 200 trees along the coast to prevent future coal damage.

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The Colorado Memorial is an annual ceremony to honor all members of the military and their families. It is offered by the City of Aurora and the Colorado Statue of Liberty Foundation.

Activities include pancake breakfast, live music, ceremony, award and memorial tours. There was also an exhibition of military artifacts. While the entire event is free and open to the public, donations are gratefully accepted.

Chalk Lines & Vines is a unique wine festival where white artists also showcase their work. Attendees can sample a variety of wines from more than 15 Colorado wineries in the state, enjoy musical performances, and watch more than 10 different artists use wood to create beautiful works of art.

Attractions In Aurora Colorado

This two-day event takes place outdoors at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Central Green. Guests can bring a picnic or purchase food from the various food trucks.

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Carnival in the Plaza is hosted by Aurora City and is a free one-day event every summer. The fun takes place at Fletcher Plaza on Colfax Ave.

Attendees can expect all the traditional carnival activities – balloon rides, floats, carnival games, face painting, special cartoons and frozen treats. The event is free and event information indicates that there are events for individuals of all skill levels.

Aurora Rhythm concerts are held once a month, starting in June and ending in December. Available at various library locations in the city, including Tallinn Library, Aurora Central Library, and Mission Viejo Library.

These concerts are organized by the Aurora City Library and Department of Culture. Some concerts even feature a pre-show Aurora Dance performance. Besides the music, there are creative activities and free treats for the kids.

Best Things To Do In Aurora, Co

July Spectators celebrates Independence Day in a family-friendly way. The city opens the Great Lawn at 6 am. to start the festivities. Live entertainment and local food trucks have featured in some years.

Earlier, the fireworks started at 21:30. The city has also suggested that you bring your own seating, such as lawn chairs and blankets. This event is free and open to the public.

The Arapahoe County Fair is an annual multi-day summer event. Live music, toys, pet farm, 4-H exhibits and

Attractions In Aurora Colorado

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