Attractions In Ouray Colorado

Attractions In Ouray Colorado – Sometimes called the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray, Colorado is a beautiful mountain town surrounded by rugged canyons and the insurmountable beauty of the San Juan Mountains. Located in southwestern Colorado, Ouray is known for its hot springs, outdoor activities, and historic, charming downtown.

From off-road adventures to deep soaking in the area’s hot springs, here are things to do in Ouray.

Attractions In Ouray Colorado

Attractions In Ouray Colorado

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Ouray, there are plenty of activities for the eternally curious. Start your days with an adventure to the majestic waterfalls and end it with a relaxing soak in one of the city’s many hot springs. Here are our top year-round activities to enjoy in Ouray.

Facts You May Not Have Known About Ouray’s Amazing Hot Springs

One of the main attractions of Ouray are the five famous sulfur-free hot springs in town. A perfect way to spend a day of hiking, skiing or simply exploring the city. No visit to Ouray is complete without a dip in a hot spring.

Ouray Hot Springs is the most famous of the hot springs in the area. Located in a valley surrounded by towering mountain peaks, the five hot springs that make up the springs are complemented by slides, a playground and even a climbing wall, making this a great activity for the whole family.

Box Canyon Falls Park consists of three main trails and offers an easy opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Canyon Creek and the twenty-five foot waterfall that gives the park its name. Located in a narrow canyon surrounded by thirty foot walls, the falls are easily accessible from the Falls Trail, a short five hundred foot hike into the canyon.

For those hoping for a longer hike, consider the High Bridge Trail, which winds its way to the top of the canyon and crosses a bridge, with great views of the surrounding falls. In addition to the waterfall, the park has a large picnic area and a visitor center that is closed in winter.

Amazing Things To Do In Ouray, Plus Where To Eat And Stay

The Ouray Alchemist Museum is a unique museum in the city of Ouray. Exhibiting a large collection of medicines that showcase the history of medicine in Colorado, this museum is a great stop for any visitor interested in the rich history of Colorado’s frontier era. Some artifacts date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, and the museum has a large collection of patent medicines with original artwork.

For visitors looking for lodging in Ouray, the Ouray Museum of Alchemists also has a large penthouse above the museum that is available for short-term rentals year-round.

Housed in a mining hospital that first opened in 1887, the Ouray County Museum has a fantastic collection of artifacts that showcase the history of Ouray and the surrounding San Juan Mountains. The county museum spans twenty-seven rooms and displays important artifacts related to mining, ranching and railroading. In addition, the museum has a variety of exhibits about daily life in Ouray, as well as cabin and barn recreation.

Attractions In Ouray Colorado

Whether it’s a hot summer afternoon or a cold, windy winter evening, hanging out at one of Ouray’s four local breweries is a great way to pass the time. Ouray’s breweries, such as Red Mountain Brewing and Ouray Brewery, offer local craft beers that are sure to please beer lovers of all levels. Besides beer, most of these local breweries also offer great local food and even rooftop terraces and bars.

Fourth Of July In Ouray

The Wright Opera House, with a history dating back to the 1800s, is a beautiful historic building in downtown Ouray, Colorado. The Wright Opera House hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including live music, live theater and even film screenings. In addition, the building is home to various lectures and lectures by local experts.

For anyone who needs a fantastic event venue for weddings or other gatherings, the Wright Opera House is available for rent year-round. Otherwise, visitors to Ouray should visit this historic site by attending a performance or screening on the main stage.

Whether you want to explore the mountains on foot, by car, or by bike, there are many ways to enjoy Ouray in the summer! For the outdoor enthusiast in all of us, here are the best summer activities in Ouray.

The San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway is a 235 mile line that winds through the beautiful mountains of San Juan, Colorado. Awarded the prestigious title of National Scenic Byway, the San Juan Aerial Drive is perhaps the best and easiest way to enjoy the great beauty of the San Juan Mountains.

Hiking From Ouray To Telluride The Long Way

From Ouray, visitors can access two of the main sections of the Skyway. South of Ouray on the Skyway is the Million Dollar Highway, fitting for its high cost to create and the beautiful views that run along it.

It eventually heads to Silverton after crossing Red Mountain Pass at 11,075 feet, then heads north to Telluride. Either way, this scenic drive is a great summer activity to explore the natural beauty that surrounds Ouray.

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks in the San Juan, Yankee Boy Basin is located just outside of Ouray in the Uncompahgre National Forest. In addition to massive peaks, including Mount Sneffels, one of Colorado’s famous 14ers, Yankee Boy Basin is a fantastic area to view many of Colorado’s summer wildflowers, such as the state flower, Columbine.

Attractions In Ouray Colorado

To reach the basin, medium or high clearance vehicles and 4 wheel drive are required to reach the Sneffels Mountain trailhead. From Yankee Boy Basin, many visitors choose to hike up Sneffels Mountain after enjoying the wildflowers and views the basin has to offer.

Mountain Town Of Ouray, Colorado Stock Image

Located outside of Ouray near the town of Ridgway on the Ridgway Area Trail System, also known as the RAT. It is a system of singletrack mountain bike trails totaling over thirty miles. With easy access from Ouray and Ridgway, riders of all abilities are sure to find a trail that is fun and challenging in the system.

The main access road to the area is known as “The Big Cheese” and all the trails have rat-inspired names, thanks to the humorous acronym given to the RAT system. In the end, whether you’re riding the expert-level “Destroyer” trail or riding the beginner-friendly Rattus Maximus, a visit to the RAT is a great way to spend a summer day near Ouray.

The Ouray Perimeter Trail is a unique six-mile route that follows the contours of the city. There are many places to access the trail, so you don’t have to commit to the entire trail to experience it. The Ouray Perimeter Trail has four separate waterfalls and countless scenic overlooks, making a summer hike on this local trail well worth it.

Over about six miles, the trail climbs 1,600 feet in elevation, reaching 8,500 feet above sea level at its highest point. The views of San Juan from here are magical. Because this trail is never far from the city limits, there are many rescue points, making it a great trail for beginner hikers who want to test their legs on a six-mile hike.

Ouray, Colorado, Summer Evening 1

Climbing and hiking along the cliffs of Uncompahgre Gorge, the Oray Via Ferrata is a fantastic and safe way to experience the beauty of the canyon. Stretching approximately 1.3 miles through the canyon, this via ferrata is free to use and open to the public, making it a great choice for summer or fall visitors to Ouray.

The route consists of rocks, two bridges and even some traditional European steps, which give the via ferrata its name. Appropriate equipment is required, including a climbing harness and helmet. Although the route is only 0.8 miles long, it usually takes about four hours, thanks to the rather difficult 4b graded climbing you encounter along the way.

One of Colorado’s 26 scenic and historic trails, the Alpine Loop is a 60-mile mountain trail that connects the cities of Lake City, Ouray and Silverton. Generally snow-free from June to September, this off-road adventure requires high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles to handle the often rugged terrain.

Attractions In Ouray Colorado

Visitors who strive to conquer this full-day adventure are rewarded with beautiful views of Engineering Peak and Cinnamon Pass, both of which rise to over 12,000 feet. In addition to the views, the road passes through a number of abandoned ghost towns, including Animas Forks and Capitol City. Despite the vehicle requirements, the Alpine Loop is one of the most rewarding ways to experience the San Juans.

Ouray Hot Springs, Pool. Ouray, Colorado Stock Photo

Winter in Ouray brings breathtaking snow-capped peaks, picturesque Main Street scenes and a variety of outdoor activities such as ice climbing. Be sure to add these things to do in Ouray to your winter itinerary.

Within walking distance of the city of Ouray is the Ouray Ice Park, a sprawling man-made ice climbing park with over 100 ice climbing rinks. Free to use and open to the public, this world-class park in the beautiful Uncompahgre Gorge has been transformed into an icy wonderland by carefully placed irrigation pipes and

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