Best Hiking In Colorado In April

Best Hiking In Colorado In April – Colorado’s western slope is rich in backcountry hiking. Knowing where to find them—and what to expect along the way—just got easier with a new guide from Grand Junction outdoor author Bill Hagerty. Falcon’s guide “Hiking Colorado’s Western Slope” describes more than 45 trails on the western side of Colorado.

There are simply no standard route descriptions. Hagerty includes historical information, geological information, friendly dogs, and insights gleaned from life hiking in Colorado. His route descriptions include the joy he finds in walking – feelings described in the front book:

Best Hiking In Colorado In April

“I love hiking in western Colorado for the cool mountain air and bright desert heat, the low roar of high mountain canyons, and the vibrant colors of desert wildflowers in the spring…the way the light dancing over the valleys. peaks at sunset, the smell of fresh pine after a rainstorm, pupils dilating, skin tingling, all the senses alive and adding to the wonder that Mother Nature provides. “

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“Yes, it has been a problem to write out since 1976 when I wrote my first column about the Black Canyon. And I have struggled with it over the years,” he said. “But my main problem is if you don’t write about it, if you don’t get people out if they don’t understand what they have, it will be ignored, and then someone else will ‘ take advantage of it. to do it… Take it and it will go away from us.”

“When I first wrote about the Black Canyon, they were thinking of putting another dam in the canyon and putting one of the most amazing places on earth under the sea,” he said. for me to stand and watch this happen… now I drag millions of hikers in the woods because of this? You know I went back to Black Canyon last year, and I went I was there a few weeks ago. There’s nobody down there. I was always alone there. So I don’t think I’m done with it.”

Hagerty’s book comes out just as the Colorado Trail Explorer — a comprehensive online map of the entire state — goes live. This online resource is part of Governor John Hickenlooper’s Colorado the Beautiful Initiative. The explorer maps include more than 39,000 miles of trails throughout the state, including urban trails and hiking, biking and motoring trails in state parks and federal lands.

Storm King Forteen Memorial Walk: This nearly four-mile trail takes hikers up a steep climb through rough and rugged terrain where fourteen firefighters died in a wildfire in 1994. There is an abandoned trail that ends at the firemen’s memorial. A rough shape to remind you of the tough conditions firefighters face. Not the best addition to the book. Of course, part of it overlooks I-70, but it’s an important contribution to remember the firefighters who lost their lives.

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Mee Canyon: With arches, windows, columns and alcoves, this 5.5 mile trail is one of the most interesting trails in the desert. It is not for the faint of heart as there is a steep descent on sandstone and jagged rocks. Hagerty also recommends a walk and shine for brave hikers who want to check out one of the largest natural alcoves on the Colorado Plateau.

Ice Lakes Trail: So Hagerty says it’s “just awesome.” This round trip to the San Juan Mountains is 6.8 to 8.6 miles, depending on how many lakes you visit. A steep climb up to the turquoise waters will take hikers past half a dozen waterfalls from small glaciers and ice sheets on massive granite ridges. Five 13,000+ peaks rise into the sky and, in season, vast fields of wildflowers.

Blue Lakes Trail: “Awesome” is Hagerty’s word for this 6.6 to 8.7 mile round trip in the San Juan Mountains. The steep route climbs three alpine lakes in the shadow of Mount Snaefells and the peaks of Dallas and Gilpin. Because of its popularity, Haggerty encourages hikers to tread lightly on the frozen lakes on this trail.

Sand Canyon: This trail in Canyon of the Ancients National Monument is a 6.5 mile one-way trip that cuts through some of the richest Native Puebloan ruins in the Southwest. There are stone houses on the stone walls along the way. Sand Canyon Pueblo at the end of the high road is three times the size of the largest town in Mesa Verde National Park. It has been excavated and filled in the past, so it is mostly a pile of rubble, but the incredible dimensions of the city are still outlined in stone.

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Oh-Be-Joyful: This relatively easy hike above Crested Butte is a summertime wildflower wonderland. A 9 mile round trip will take you to one of Colorado’s 150 lakes called Blue Lake. The route was named because young people would happily run down the route to get to the town’s brothels.

Monument Canyon Trail: This trail in the Colorado National Monument passes the amazing rock formations of this monument on the edge of Grand Junction – Kissing Couple, Independence Monument and Coke Oven. Hagerty recommends leaving a car at either end of the 6-mile hike. Not in the book, but near the monument, and on the shore, are the Corkscrew and Liberty Cap trails. The aptly named Corkscrew climbs three miles through a canyon. Liberty Cap – a local favorite – has three entry points in a “cap”. These hikes have steep sections, between two and seven miles, at the beginning.

Ute Park and Bobcat Trails: These two trails in Gunnison’s Black Canyon near Montrose are both challenging but offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the state. The benefits of reaching the Gunnison River at the bottom of the canyon are great fishing, rock climbing, white water rafting and amazing geology. Ute Park is a 9 mile drive and is within the Great Gorge of the Gunnison National Conservation Area. The Bobcat is 2.2 miles and has a rope for walking on steep terrain.

Powderhorn Lakes: This is a roughly 10-mile drive on Route 8 in the Powderhorn Wilderness Area near Lake City. He walks through the country’s largest unbroken expanse of alpine tundra. It ends in the ancient lakes below the Cannibal Plateau – the site of Alfred Packer’s infamous ‘Cannibal’ meal when snow falls in these rugged mountains.

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Piedra River Trail: This trail near Pagosa Springs is a place to see river otters that were released here in the 1970s and 80s. The trail is approximately 9.5 miles, with the first two miles being easy before a moderate climb. The trail climbs through ponderosa pine, aspen, wild rose and oak before reaching the confluence of Sand Creek and the Piedra River. After living in Colorado for over 12 years, I scoured the landscape to find the best hikes in Colorado. From uncrowded mountain vistas to breathtaking sandstone monoliths, Colorado has all kinds of hikes.

This ultimate guide to the best hikes in Colorado brings you a collection of local hiking tips for all abilities. These hiking trails in Colorado each offer something a little different and help you build your skills as a hiker.

Listen, I’ve been on each of these hiking trails several times. As a local Colorado agent and writer for the outdoor industry, I fully support achieving Colorado’s most spectacular hikes without the crowds.

My mission is to take you on the best hiking trails in Colorado as a local, not a tourist. In this guide you will find a lot of information about the best hikes in Colorado and how to get to them without the crowds.

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When it comes to finding the best hikes in Colorado, look no further, you’ve arrived. I’ve done all the work for you, walking each of these paths over the years to bring you the true views of the Centennial State. This guide includes:

Get to know this Colorado hiking map. With hiking trails found throughout the state, almost anywhere is a good hike!

Colorado is a hiking mecca full of incredibly beautiful trails. This list includes the most beautiful hikes in Colorado. Everyone knows about them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check them out.

I spent a lot of time on these soulless paths. trick? Go for the sunrise. Plan to reach the final destination at sunrise to beat the crowds and get amazing views.

Hiking Blue Lakes Trail In Colorado

This is my favorite place to take out-of-towners on a sightseeing trip. Mayflower Gulch is an amazing Colorado wildflower hike and is home to some of the best wildflowers in Colorado.

The low mileage and spectacular views make for a great hike. Then check out nearby locations in Dillon, Frisco and Breckenridge.

Pro Tip: If you want to hike high, this trail offers access to some of the 13 best in Colorado.

Giant sand dunes rise almost randomly from the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. An inspiring place for the nearby Native Americans, these sand dunes have a magical landscape. Star Dune is the biggest of them all.

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Distance: 3 miles Project Elevation:

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