Best Hiking In Colorado In March

Best Hiking In Colorado In March – You can still get out and hike in Colorado after freezing. In fact, the best winter hikes in Colorado often have sparkling fairy tale snow views. As a local, I’ve done some hands-on research to bring you the best winter hikes throughout the state.

There are several things to know before hitting the snowy trails of Colorado. This guide to Colorado’s winter hiking trails gives you everything you need for the perfect winter adventure. Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

Best Hiking In Colorado In March

Located throughout the state, each of these Colorado beginner winter hikes offers a different landscape. Most of these hikes have little elevation gain, but there are plenty of views.

Breckenridge In March

These easy winter hikes in Colorado are great for those new to winter hiking or if you’re looking for a quieter, less time-consuming adventure.

Continue another half mile to Lake Hiyaha, one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s best overlooks. Bonus points if you watch the sunrise over Lake Hiayaha.

Distance: 3.6 miles Elevation: 846 feet Difficulty: Easy Paperwork and Local Tip: No dogs. Be aware of avalanche terrain. There are two different points, one in front of Panna Lake and the other on the way to Haiyaha, making it a great place to practice avalanche awareness.

The Bear Lake parking lot fills up by 8 a.m., even in the winter, so plan to get there early or take the shuttle.

Easy Hikes In Colorado Springs (with Map)

For the ultimate alpine experience with minimal effort, visit St. Glacier de Marie. This 2 mile hike is one of the best easy hikes near Denver. I visit this lake at least once a year and every time I am overwhelmed by its beauty.

If you have microspikes (or crampons) and an ice axe, you can go up the glacier and slide down the butt. Keep in mind that a “glacier” is a permanent snow field in Colorado, so there’s no need to worry about ice drifts or crevasses.

Distance: 1.9 miles Elevation: 807 feet Difficulty: Easy Paperwork and Local Tip: $5 parking in both lots. Friendly dog.

For one of Colorado’s best winter hikes, drive through heavy snowfall and head to the West Rim. Colorado National Monument is one of Colorado’s top winter hiking destinations.

Amazing Telluride Hikes You Can’t Skip

This gentle path winds into a deep sandstone bay, where you can admire the monolithic sandstone towers that rival neighboring Moab.

Distance: 1.8 miles Elevation: 246 feet Difficulty: Easy Paperwork and Local Tip: It costs $15 to enter the monument, or it’s free with a national park pass. The scenic drive is worth it. no dog

Located a short distance from downtown Crested Butte, this easy Colorado winter hiking trail runs along the back side of Mount Crested Butte. You will get many mountain and valley views along this relaxing trek.

Just off Highway 91 outside Copper Mountain Resort, you’ll find world-class hiking with spectacular mountain views. Not to mention it’s one of the best places to snowshoe in Colorado.

Dream Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park

Hike the gentle trail (closed in winter) for stunning views of Atlantic Peak and Mount Fletcher. You know you’ve made it when the path is narrow and there’s a dilapidated mine shaft.

This simple hike gives you all the glory of beautiful snow-capped mountains and a stunning lake with little effort. This is one of the best hikes near Breckenridge!

An ideal Colorado winter hike for kids, it’s less than 2 miles long and features a beautiful forest with views of Peak Forest over the lake.

Distance: 1.5 miles Elevation: 150 feet Difficulty: Easy Red Ice and Local Tip: If the ground is dry and you don’t like the cold, you can combine this hike with a biking adventure on the Frisco Bike Trail.

Best Winter Hiking Trails In The Us

If you’ve done some winter hiking and understand the difference between snow hiking and summer hiking, you’ll want to check out this list of hiking trails. Colorado Winters for Moderate Hikers

Another great hike on the western slopes, the Devil’s Canyon Loop offers many beautiful sandstone formations. You might even think you’re hiking in Moab!

What I love about Devil’s Canyon is that it has the same scenery as Colorado National Monument, but it’s also dog friendly.

Although this hike is much longer than the summer hike, most of the hike is easy, crossing snowy paths. A longtime favorite for good reason, Lake Isabel is a great Colorado winter hike that offers stunning views of glaciers.

The Perfect Springtime Rocky Mountains Itinerary, Plus Tips For Hiking In The Snow

Distance: About 11 miles Elevation: 1,030 feet Difficulty: Moderate Red Ice and Local Tip: You’ll park at the heat wire and hike to Lake Brainard, then continue to Lake Isabel. Friendly dog.

Located just outside of Telluride, this multi-use trail is great for winter walking when you’re not sharing the road with a Jeep. Slowly visit the magnificent frozen waterfall for a real winter treat.

Distance: 4.8 miles Elevation: 1,368 feet Difficulty: Moderate Red Ice and Local Tip: Be careful of avalanche terrain. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you’re not in dangerous mountains. Friendly dog.

For those experienced in avalanche terrain and looking to head into the mountains in winter, Mount Sniktau is a great starting point. If you feel better, continue to Grizzly Peak.

Best Hiking In Aspen — Colorado Hikes And Hops

Distance: 3.5 miles Elevation: 1,532 feet Difficulty: Moderate to difficult (depending on how familiar you are with summer hiking) Local staff and guidance: The trail itself avoids avalanche terrain, but if you take the wrong route, you can be in serious trouble. . , so be aware. It is often very windy in winter. Friendly dog.

The majestic fort of Mt. is the stuff of legends. Its dramatic color and ridgeline are the payoff for hiking Hermann Gulch in the winter. One of Colorado’s most popular winter hikes, this trail offers great views and some challenges.

Distance: 6.3 miles Elevation: 1,7554 feet Difficulty: Moderate Red Ice and Local Tip: Share the trails and watch for skiers in remote areas. Friendly dog.

Roxborough State Park is the place to be after a dusting of snow settles in. The white snow contrasts in utter awe with the wings of red rock.

Colorado Elopement Guide: Best Places To Elope In 2023

Admire the view from the top along the Carpenter Peak Trail. You don’t have to go far from the city to get great views!

Distance: 6.4 miles Elevation: 1,007 feet Difficulty: Moderate Bureaucracy and Local Council: No dogs. You want microspikes for the steeper sections.

This list of the best winter hikes in Colorado includes the hardest hikes and even the easiest winter Colorado 14er.

These hikes are for those who love a challenge but don’t plan on climbing. These are the ultimate winter hikes for any experienced Colorado hiker.

Rocky Mountain National Park Winter & Spring Activities

Rise and shine before the sun to watch the sunrise over the state’s most iconic mountain range. One of Colorado’s best winter hiking trails, the Maroon Bells Scenic Loop lives up to its name.

However, it is very difficult to get to in winter – due to closed roads. Positive points? You will find that there are not many people in this crowded area.

Distance: 12 miles Elevation: 800 feet Difficulty: Occasional challenges and local Advice: There are many rules here, please follow the signs and rules. Advance reservations are required. no dog

Local Tip: The road is currently closed for the winter. This makes the drive through the closed gate about 12 miles round trip.

The Best Time Of Year To Visit Colorado According To Locals

This trailhead is home to several great hiking trails in the summer, but it is most famous for the trail to Mowhawk Lakes.

If you’re looking for stunning views of the Tenmile Range, you’ll love the challenge of reaching Mowhawk Lake.

Distance: 8.6 miles Elevation: 2,129 feet Difficulty: Red Ice Difficulty and Local Tip: Upper Mawhawk Lake can be inaccessible due to avalanche risk. Friendly dog.

If you want Colorado desert solitude, visit Rattlesnake Arch. The trail is long, crossing and climbing two separate gorges before crossing a difficult climb. This is one of the best hikes in Grand Junction thanks to the changing landscape

Most Beautiful & Best Hikes In The Us In 2023

My advice? Just keep doing it! Seriously, at the end of this trail is an extraordinary canyon with arches as far as the eye can see.

Distance: 13.5 miles Elevation: 2,444 feet Difficulty: Red Tap Difficulty and Local Tip: Dog friendly. You’ll be using your hands at some point and navigation can be a bit tricky without a track, so bring a GPS.

If you’re looking to train for a Colorado 14er hike, you’ll love climbing Bergen Peak in winter (one of the best hikes in Evergreen). Start at the Elk Meadow Park Stagecoach Trailhead and take this challenging winter hike through the evergreens. The views from the top are so amazing!

This long trail outside of Gunnison is a great choice for Colorado winter hikers who love to hike. If you’re not into hiking, you can still take in several spots within a few miles, making this one of Colorado’s most versatile winter hikes.

Yes, You Can (and Should) Visit Garden Of The Gods In Colorado Springs In Winter. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Walk around the base of Mount Evans at the back entrance to this magnificent winter delight. The

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