Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter – Located in the great state of Colorado, Denver is a great and interesting city in the US to explore! With its trendy neighborhoods, centuries of history, and world-class art, Denver has plenty to do for every type of traveler!

Best of all, Denver is a city where you can easily embark on a larger journey and explore all that Colorado has to offer. This way you can spend some quality time outdoors or get away for a few days to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

That’s why I love a city like Denver; there’s so much to do in town, but there’s also so much to see outside!

Best Kid Friendly Things To Do In Denver In 2023

So, to help you get the most out of your stay, here are some gems and places you shouldn’t miss when visiting Denver.

Larimer Square, formerly known as Auraria, was built in the 1800s. Apparently it was used as a settlement camp after gold was discovered at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

As more and more people heard about these gadgets, many sticklers picked up their canes and migrated west in search of their possessions. Over the years, the small pioneer settlement flourished, eventually becoming what is today Larimer Square.

Today larimer square retains it’s historic charm and is a great place to visit especially if you want to shop, grab a bite or go to dinner we love rioja this is your attraction where. Some delicious Spanish food, not to be missed.

Fun & Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Also, nearby is the Grand Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), which showcases world-class art in its seasonal exhibitions.

With views of the Rocky Mountains dominating the landscape and plenty of hiking trails, Red Rock Park is perfect if you want to spend some time outdoors without traveling too far from the city.

Walking newbies can try the Post Exchange Trail for some great views. Really pretty on a sunny day!

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

Oh, and don’t forget that Red Rock is also home to the Red Rock Amphitheatre. With concerts and off-season events, it’s a great place for dinner. Just make sure to book tickets for special events well in advance, they sell out fast.

The Best Things To Do In Denver For Every Type Of Traveler

After a day in the mountains, head to nearby Willy’s Wings. This simple and cool spot has some of the best wings in Colorado, especially when they’re dipped in their signature sauce.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind, take a dip in the bath or soak in a hot spring, this is the perfect place to unwind.

Also, they have caves and geothermal springs where you can cool off and relax. Remember that caves are usually the first ones to enter, so if you die while entering them, get there as soon as possible. They can be filled up during peak hours.

If art is your thing, the Denver Art Museum, not far from the State Capitol, is one of the best things to do in Denver. Frankly, this place is iconic!

Denver, Colorado Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide

With thousands of works inside, the exhibits are truly incredible and constantly changing. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to hang out so you can spend adult time.

If you love history, a 30-minute walk from Union Station to the Colorado State Capitol is one of the best things to do in Denver.

With a completely free tour (weekdays), you can discover the history of the building and the city of Denver for yourself within the walls.

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

Nearby is the Molly Brown House, a museum displaying Victorian treasures collected over the years by Titanic survivors.

Things To Do In Denver In Winter For Families

If that’s not your thing, head to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Here, you’ll be able to track down windows and stained glass from centuries ago.

With its unique street art, cool vibe, and great restaurants and shops, it’s a place to spend an afternoon exploring.

Over the years, RiNo Street has become more colorful thanks to the work of international (and local) artists. To make things easier, you can even book an animated tour of the area. Really worth it, the whole neighborhood has such a cool vibe.

Be sure to check it out while you’re here. Zeppelin Station (serves cocktails and restaurant) and Mockery Brewing offers seasonal beers.

Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado With Kids

Speaking of RiNo, the Denver Central Market is one of the best things to do in Denver if you enjoy walking around lunchtime for hours in the cool.

Inside a renovated warehouse, local and independent retailers make Denver great. When you’re in, stop by Temper for a taste of their various chocolate creations, then grab a cake at the Curio Bar – they’re all great.

Oh, and be sure to check out some of the local artist albums offered by the market itself. They are all unique and worth a look.

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

About 30 minutes south of Denver is Roxborough State Park, a must-see when visiting Colorado.

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There are easy-to-follow trails like the Fountain Valley Trail, some of Denver’s best family-friendly trails. Not only that, but when you see the area’s famous red rocks, it’s often very peaceful and beautiful.

Just make sure to use sunscreen, it’s easy to get sunburned walking on these roads as there isn’t much shade.

On your return to Denver head to Broadway and stop at the Voodoo Donut for their delicious food. Plus, you have Sputnik, which is a great spot for an afternoon drink; the Mexican tequila cocktail (called Thor) is everything!

Although it’s about a 140-minute drive from downtown Denver, Mount Evans is a great place to visit when visiting Colorado. By the way, you can easily take a day trip too!

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Now to get to Mount Evans you have to drive down the Mount Evans Scenic Byway which is as beautiful as Mount Evans. You see, it’s called “The Way to Heaven” and you’ll see why you should follow it.

With an elevation of over 14,000 feet (above sea level), this drive will make you realize just how magical and amazing Colorado is!

Once at the summit, be sure to visit Summit Lake and stop near the Meyer Wimble Observatory for views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. It’s amazing.

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

Remember, this can only be done in summer when the roads are clear and safe from snow.

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Many American cities have forms of Union Station, but there is something special about Denver Union Station!

Recently renovated, it’s home to several restaurants in the heart of downtown known as LoDo.

After visiting Denver’s famous stations, be sure to stop by the Denver Dairy Market for a delicious lunch. They serve a variety of dishes in a very chilled market.

Oh, and don’t forget the Villain Ice Cream across the street from South Platte. Here, they serve some of the best ice cream in all of Colorado. Their hot sundaes are everything!

Of The Best Things To Do In Denver With Kids

Do you want to have some fun? Head to nearby Elitch Gardens, home of wheelchairs, ferris wheels and boomerangs!

Built more than 100 years ago, the Daniels Fisher Clock Tower is an important part of Denver and easy to see when visiting the city.

Very well visited and well worth the trip to see the historic observatory.

Best Things To Do In Denver Colorado In The Winter

You can then continue walking through the 16th Street Mall and through downtown Denver. There are shops, restaurants and bars on the center line.

Free Things To Do In Colorado

Puppy protector. food. Chocolate fiends and custard lovers. Dip, cover or wrap everything in sugar and I’m all yours! You can’t leave Colorado without spending time exploring Denver. Colorado’s state capital has a rich history, world-class museums, top breweries, major sports venues, a vibrant arts scene and more!

Known as “The Mile High City,” Denver has an elevation of 1 mile or 5,280 feet. If you are not used to high altitudes, you may find it windier than usual. Keep this in mind if you plan on exercising while traveling!

Whether you want to stroll through Red Rock Park or the 16th Street Mall, Denver has it all. If you’re a historian, you’ll love visiting the Colorado State Capitol or the artifacts at the Denver Art Museum.

Sports fans will want to catch local teams at Coors Field and Empower Field at Mile High. Animal lovers will have a great time viewing the mammals, reptiles and birds that live at the Denver Zoo.

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When you leave the Denver airport, don’t forget to check out

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