Best Time To Whitewater Raft In West Virginia

Best Time To Whitewater Raft In West Virginia – There’s no adventure like whitewater rafting, and no river trip quite like whitewater rafting in the Lower New River Gorge. New rafting through New River Gorge National Park is a highlight for East Coast paddlers. Calm pools, perfect for swimming, design between rapids, boulders the size of a riverside house and many views.

In this section, the New River begins to narrow and at the same time decrease in height, and high water speeds occur. This section of the river, where the water passes beneath ancient sandstone cliffs through deep and dramatic gorges, is known by local boatmen as ‘The Gorge’.

Best Time To Whitewater Raft In West Virginia

Children as young as 10 years old can row down the Nova River Gorge on a rowing boat. Our Best Ride Guarantee means we’ll fit you with the most appropriate raft size for the water level…

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After signing up for whitewater rafting in the Lower New River Gorge and suiting up in a helmet, paddle and PFD, you’ll load into a bus and head up. Your rafting trip begins with quieter rafts, with a lunch break near the river, before heading downstream. From this point on, you take on the wilder reaches of the Lower New River, with rapids like Keeney, Double Zee, and Fayette Station ahead. However, it is a continuous rapid river, the New Grand Canyon is known as a pool drop river, where patches of smooth water are present after landslides. This will give you plenty of time to swim, cliff jump and enjoy the incredible scenery that the Nova River Gorge is known for. You’ll end your trip under the iconic New River Gorge Bridge, the perfect end to your East Coast whitewater rafting experience.

Ready to travel to New River Gorge country with ACE Adventure Resort? Choose from the options below to explore our 5-acre water park, resorts, white water rafting and other adventures, vacation packages and more. Goli River can be enjoyed throughout the year but the best time is known as Goli season. The term refers to the recreational release of water from the base of the Summersville Dam that occurs each year at specific times between early September and late October. These releases create 26 miles (42 km) of some of the best whitewater in the world, with over one hundred Class III, IV and V rapids. The season draws adrenaline junkies from all 50 states to all and beyond.

Experienced whitewater enthusiasts begin their adventure at the challenging Upper Golley, known for Pillow Rock, Iron Ring, Sweets Falls and other exciting rapids. Meanwhile, the most spectacular sights are found in the lower part of the Gauley River. For beginners and kids ages 6+, the Upper New River is the best place to start, offering over 25 Class III to V rapids, as well as Class II-III rapids and recreational pools. The highlight of the ride is the finish at the famous New River Gorge Bridge.

Finally, for those who can’t make it in the fall, white water rafting is also possible in the spring and summer, but without the beauty of the Gauley season. In addition to rafting, visitors can enjoy many other activities in the area, including hiking, ziplining, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, and rappelling.

White Water Rafting Near New River Gorge, Wv

Several area companies offer the Gauley season experience. Gorge Adventures provides white water rafting tours on the Upper and Lower New River, as well as the Lower and Upper Galloway Rivers. The company has other activities to choose from: ziplining, climbing, rappelling, fishing, kayaking and more. New & Gauley River Adventures, as the name suggests, organizes rafting activities on the New and Gauley Rivers. The company also offers horse riding, mountain biking and fishing. River Expeditions is another great white water rafting provider on the Gallia and New Rivers. They also run zipline and canopy tours and ATV tours along with fishing, paintball and rock climbing. ACE Adventures operates white water rafting trips on the Lower and Upper Nova River and the Upper and Lower Galloway Rivers. In addition to rafting, guests can enjoy paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking, paintball, mountain biking, and playing at the ACE Adventures Water Park. West Virginia river cruises are world famous for a reason. We offer New River Canyon tours for all experience levels and Gauley River tours for those looking for a real challenge. Select a river below to learn more…

NEW RIVER CHURCH. An option for all ages. MIN. AGE. 6 years SEASON. April-November GALIA RIVER FALLS. The best trip of the year. MIN. AGE: 12 years SEASON: September – October.

White water rafting in West Virginia has become world famous. ACE Adventure Resort offers rafting trips in the scenic and challenging Lower New River Gorge and the family-friendly Upper New River Gorge as you travel through the 70,000-acre New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. We raft in the spring, summer and fall with tours suitable for beginners, experienced and advanced rafters, as well as options suitable for children.

ACE Adventure Resort offers more than 40 years of experience providing West Virginia river cruises through the New River Gorge and Golley River. In summer, our full-day tours on Dolna Nova Reka are the most popular. We also offer summer tours in Gawli for those who aspire to our more challenging summer tours. Then comes the Autumn Gauley season, with big whitewater for experienced pups in the Upper Gauley and a scenic section of the Lower Gauley for those newer to the sport. Choose below to get started.

Top 10 Rivers For Winter Whitewater In West Virginia

The Upper Nova River offers whitewater river adventures for families with children ages 6 and up, so your group can take on the Upper Nova River as a full-day or overnight adventure. And the best part. Kids go on a free* day trip on the Upper Nova Reka. Alternatively, if your children are no longer so young, you can paddle the Lower New River or the Lower Galloway River. Family vacations are better on the river anyway.

So you’ve never been on a ferry before and you’re feeling a little intimidated? No problem. Gorna Nova Reka Gorge is a great place for children of all ages. Are you feeling a little more confident? The Lower New River or Lower Gauley are great options.

Did you know that the New River Gorge flows even bigger in the spring? Like a bigger 16′ high wave? Have you heard of the mighty Gorna Goli River, the largest river we flow on? This is your place… click that button.

Summer Gauley is a river trip started by ACE Adventure Resort and over the years has become an iconic river adventure for those looking for a real challenge. We warned you…

Rapids And Wilderness: An Introduction To White Water Rafting

Guiding the Lower New River is a bit of an adventure, but we know you can keep up. We also promise you’ll be laughing down the river. Class III and IV rapids provide as much fun as any beginner could want and a challenge for veterans. Enjoy the view as you pass directly under the Nova Reka Klisura Bridge

Children as young as 6 years old can experience the joy of flowing the river. Introduce your kids to the flowing river on our new tour or experience it yourself for the first time. It is a trip with calm pools, accessible rapids for beginners and strong big rocks to jump.

Cruising the Goli River this summer is a combination of highly interactive adventure and remote scenic beauty.

The autumn river Gauli. you’ll hear it talked about all spring and summer. There is reason for confusion. Cutting through a steep, remote and scenic canyon, this river offers a world-class whitewater challenge. Fall Gauley River Irrigation is so life-changing that many of our guests return year after year in reunion style to participate in this community event. It’s part river flow, part fun and all good times.

Ohiopyle Spring White Water Rafting

When we hear the words spring, summer, autumn, we only hear “white water”. With three water seasons, each with its own unique characteristics, it’s always a great time to be on the river with ACE.

Summer River Trips for ALL Fall River Trips BEST RIDES OF THE YEAR Spring River Trips BIG WAVES, BIG SAVINGS Thrill seekers from around the world gather in Fayetteville for the annual Bridge Day Festival. It’s the only day of the year when it’s legal to jump the 876-foot New River Gorge. (October 19)

It was early June, more than a year after our family of four moved too far from our central Ohio bubble. We knew we were not alone in our caution as the uncertainty of the pandemic hung over our country like a dark cloud.

But now that the threat of COVID-19 is receding and we’re approaching mid-2021, we were ready for the adventure.

West Virginia White Water Rafting

We wanted to be together, but after working together for so long, we also wanted wide, open spaces. So we went to the New River Gorge in southern West Virginia to see if we could

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