Buffalo Creek Colorado Mountain Biking

Buffalo Creek Colorado Mountain Biking – Buffalo Creek is one of the Colorado Front bike systems, with lines and trails for all types of riders.

Just one hour from downtown Denver, Buffalo Creek is a place to “get away from the city and go” for 2.9 million square feet. Add in the millions of other residents who live near Colorado Springs and Boulder, and this freeway system can be overwhelming.

Buffalo Creek Colorado Mountain Biking

. Fortunately, these expanded networks provide more channels to share with overseas carriers, and COMBA continues to expand the system by building new routes.

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Proximity and distance alone are not the main reasons Buffalo Creek is popular. But extraordinary beauty is great beauty. Many of Colorado’s birders thought Buffalo Creek was the place to swim, swim and sing, hence the name “Buff Creek.” The historic trail system has long been a favorite of cyclists across the country, but anyone who rides a bike will have a great time on the Buffalo Creek Trail. The amazing music found here earned Buffalo Creek the IMBA Epic title.

With the addition of trails like Blackjack and Little Scraggy, Buffalo Creek is no longer just a paradise. Long distance enduro riders will be asked to tackle the formidable Blackjack.

The New School Trail connects with old granite pavement and scenic Buffalo Creek to form the famous Scraggy Loop. A link to this event can be found in this article. If you click one, you’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you, and I’ll actually use it to buy bike parts.

Looking for a great day trip to Denver, Colorado? There are many to choose from, but Buffalo Creek is one of my favorites. Buffalo Creek has plenty of mountain biking, including the 24.5 mile IMBA Epic Ride. Of course, if you don’t want to spend a whole day, there are many options for short trips.

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Buffalo Creek is about an hour south of Denver and is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Many of Buffalo Creek’s mountain bike trails are over 7,000 feet, so if you’re coming from a higher elevation or are not used to altitude, be prepared to suffer. I live at 4500 meters and in the first 45 minutes my lungs and legs felt like they were on fire. Be prepared with extra water, sunscreen and sunscreen.

The 24.5 miles of Buffalo Creek has some ups and downs, but I never felt it was “hard”. The first climb to Nice Kitty can be tough when you’re warmed up and there are steep climbs where you might struggle to breathe. Also, the climb is manageable and mostly reverse for the rest of the trip. Remember that the whole route has more than 3,000 meters of ascent, a lot even for experienced riders.

If you don’t do a full turn, there will still be a climb, but you can change your route as you wish.

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Buffalo Creek feels remote. Even a drive from Denver feels like leaving the culture behind. However, I saw a mountain bike group on my weekend trip and I think this place is going to explode this weekend.

However, always tell someone where you are going and be prepared with a mountain bike bag and first gear. (I had no AT&T cell service the entire trip. Not sure about Verizon).

Buffalo Creek Big Loop is a 24.5-mile IMBA Epic mountain bike trail that takes you through giant pine forests, washes, climbs, over granite boulders, and over one side.

I hiked solo a few years ago and had a great time (even though it was over 8,000 feet high, I was short of breath!).

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There’s nothing technical about this trend, it’s just a fun pedal with a high and explosive bass.

Directions: Buffalo Creek Parking > Nice Kitty > Buffalo Burnt > Colorado Trail > Redskin Creek > Gashouse > Charlie’s Cutoff > House > Sandy’s House

There are several parking lots around the Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Loop, but the most popular starting point is the Buffalo Creek Main Parking Park on Pine Valley Rd. Starting here gives you a good warm-up for Nice Kitty and a nice, fast and long descent down to Sandy Wash.

The Buffalo Creek Loop starts as a light fire road from the main road. The road is soft and warm enough for the feet. You will pass Sandy Wash on the right, which is the exit at the end of the loop. A little further, on the left, you will see the entrance to Nice Kitty.

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Nice Kitty is a long and steep climb along the entire ridge, but it’s not bad (if you don’t know the altitude, it starts at 6,700 meters and ends at 7,600 meters). The first mile of Nice Kitty is a long and very technical stage, with a few hard rocks to stop and retrace and a few steps.

From there the road descends the mountain through a wide area. Be sure to check how you came to see the wonders!

After reaching the top of Nice Kitty, the Buffalo Burn continues to the right at a slight angle to Scraggy Station. After spending most of Nice Kitty’s free air through the burned area, Buffalo Burn returns to the forest with a pedal to the tree.

Much of the Buffalo Creek area was used for the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail runs through the state from Denver to Durango, and its section is actually the largest section of the American continent from north to south.

Buffalo Creek Recreation Area Trail Map, Pike Ntl. Forest, Deckers Co.

This section of the Colorado Highway is where most of the traffic is when you exit the Scraggy parking lot. There is a steep climb and then a fast and exciting descent from the wash.

Like the rest, the Colorado Trail has no technical sections. It is mostly isolated with flat land.

After 8 miles on the Colorado Highway, the river exits Redskin Creek. There is a steep descent at the start, then pedal to the Gashouse Gulch parking lot. You can choose to park on the road, or if you feel like miles and miles, the road also leads to the parking lot.

Gashouse is the last climb of the 2.5 km hill, the incline is very gentle and the walking is gentle (although there are a few rocky elements that can hurt your feet).

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I am very happy because there is still a little bit of climbing on the way down but for the most part you can get back to the car.

Charlies Cut to Home to Sandy Wash is a nice and fast hike through the forest with lots of granite boulders, sandy corners and great views from the top. That’s why you should spend hours on the Buffalo Creek Big Loop. If you use it for hours, you should go out and shoot this bomb!

Everything in this section is designed to be easy to follow, so there should be no surprises (unless someone has not read this article and run for hours).

The trail takes you down the fire road where you’re going, then it’s quick and easy to get back to the parking lot.

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Basically, Buffalo Creek and the full IMBA Epic cover the back country with little technology. There are a few rock climbs at the start of the ride, and a few rock features on the final descent, it’s all a circuit, but depending on your riding ability you may need to extend it.

If you don’t feel like a 24.5 mile trail, Buffalo Creek has many options for shorter loops and hikes.

The most important thing for cycling Buffalo Creek is water, so make sure to bring plenty (at least 3L). Here’s what I usually bring on big trips:

The Buffalo Creek IMBA Epic loop is beautiful country and fun. When I say “epic”, I don’t mean that it was the most epic IMBA season. There is nothing technical or difficult about this hike other than the miles and the climb.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Buffalo Creek, Colorado

I’m glad I did it once – and if you haven’t, you should go for it – but when I get back

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