Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter – Thinking of going to Colorado for Breckenridge and Colorado Springs in 2022? If you’re interested in visiting Breckenridge, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you have a great winter exploring Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

This post features a winter visit to Breckenridge, or “Breck” as it is often called, as well as a visit to Colorado Springs. In addition to fun things to do in Breckenridge, I share information about the Breck mask, altitude dedication, and even how to eat out. This information is based on skiing in March 2021, so be sure to check the Breckenridge website for the latest Colorado travel information.

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

Also, if you’re thinking of driving to Breckenridge from Denver or Colorado Springs, I share the pros and cons of that.

Winter Wonderland In Colorado

And finally… après-ski. If this is your first time skiing in America, you might want to know this first.

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When I personally heard about altitude sickness from Denver, I didn’t think much of it until my cousin who lives in Colorado told us to pack some magnesium a week before arriving. That’s when I started to do research.

Altitude sickness, or AMS which stands for Altitude Sickness, can occur at 8,000 feet or more when you ascend (climb, walk, even sleep) higher than your body is used to. You may experience dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, or more serious symptoms. Learn more and find out what to do if you develop symptoms of AMS from WebMD.

Don’t Wait For Morning: Things To Do On A Snowy Night In Breck

I didn’t take my family too seriously since you don’t have height issues when skiing in Austria or France or even Italy, but when I found out that Breckenridge was the highest peak in the States United (I admit I haven’t I don’t know. It’s still going on), I started doing my homework.

The town of Breckenridge is at 9600 feet, where the peak rises to 12,998 feet. The Four Hours is the longest run at 3.5 miles if that helps paint a picture of ski ability.

As the Matterhorn is the highest ski area in the Alps, it highlights the steep slope of Breckenridge.

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

When I mean what we’ve been working on, the truth is, it’s not. I have read clinical trials on how to prevent MAM and even thought magnesium would work, the truth is there is no evidence or medical evidence that it will work. Best practices recommended by experts are:

Things To Do In Breckenridge

Despite an abundance of Tylenol, ibuprofen, baby vitamins and magnesium (because BIL told us), it took our family 4-3 days to adjust. Symptoms include headaches, migraines, shortness of breath, and all good things.

Although we paid for the ski passes before our trip to Breckenridge, we didn’t force ourselves into a winter we weren’t ready for. The truth is, you will know, and your children will be the first to tell you or show signs that they have feelings.

In a few days, you should be happy. And if you don’t, be sure to consult a local doctor.

With AMS out of the way, let’s get ready for some fun stuff. And it all starts with how to get there.

Best Things To Do In Summer In Keystone & Breckenridge

One thing to ask yourself when considering a trip to the Vail Resorts area: how far is Breckenridge from Denver vs. Colorado Springs?

Although Denver is technically closer to Breck, driving from CS to Breck can take about the same time due to traffic. It is 2 hours from Denver to Breckenridge and it can take 2 hours from Breckenridge to Colorado Springs in good weather. Denver has a straight shot, while Colorado Springs has beautiful trails through small towns (like the home of South Park), scenic views, and if you’re lucky you might even see a cougar (I have done).

If the weather calls for snow, Denver is the best bet. The drive from Colorado Springs to or from Breck is rough, hilly, and has few parking spots or sweaters to pass the time. If time is a concern, Denver is a safe bet. Otherwise, Colorado Springs is great.

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

We originally booked a tour to and from Colorado Springs, but as the trip approached and the weather forecast called for 3-6 feet of snow, we immediately switched brands. we had planned to fly to denver but leaving from colorado springs, give it our best. of the two events.

Things To Do In Breckenridge In Winter (beyond Skiing!)

For winter, consider nothing less than a 4×4. Breckenridge gets 300 inches of snow each year – 100 of which I’m sure fell when we visited in March. 😂 one

Avis has the best rental cars but book in advance and if you return the car to the same airport you rented it from it will weigh on the total price. Get car rental estimates before you book plane tickets and compare Denver and Colorado Springs.

If you want to park and walk everywhere to eat, shop and hit the slopes, staying on or near Main Street is key.

There are large hotels like the Marriott that are located on the south side of Main Street, but it’s the charming houses for rent on France Street that will make your trip especially if you need an attractive location on Main Street.

Breckenridge Colorado Christmas: 11 Best Ways To Celebrate

Major hotels and resorts such as Beaver Run and the Grand Lodge at Peak 7 have direct access to the summit, but access to historic Breck requires a bus ride. Although the shuttles are free and convenient, it’s something to think about if you’re bringing more than your own gear or all of the day’s activities.

The bottom line is that almost everything in Breck can be reached by free bus. But if you want the freedom to go anywhere at your own pace, being near the main drag is best.

We live in a beautiful two bedroom house at Alpenrose Condominiums. Although I wouldn’t call it 5 star accommodation, the location to the ski town of Breckenridge and the slopes are fine.

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

Whether you plan to ski full time or just a little, there’s plenty to do in Breckenridge that will take your breath away – and it’s not just the slopes! 🤣

Top Things To Do In Breckenridge, Colorado

There is a different peak to try almost every day of your visit: from peak 6 (southernmost) to peak 10 (northernmost). Ski the 8th Summit to brag about having skied the tallest mountain in America. And if you’re not very skilled, that’s okay. There are plenty of greens and blues running around which is good if black isn’t your thing.

Personally, I find cross country skiing in Breck easier than cross country skiing in Europe. I play black, but mostly blue, and definitely not black black. My family on the other hand. 😳

Remember to dress warmly and pack plenty of stoves (sold inside for $3 each). It’s an ideal 20℉ during the snowy months, which can make for very cold days. Peak 6 is known for the wind blowing from the north side of the mountain, so it can feel colder than the other peaks on a windy day. These extra hand warmers are perfect for ski bags and ski mitts.

In addition to the shops, there are many museums about Breckenridge’s mining heritage, the gold rush, and even its contribution to the arts.

Epic Things To Do In Breckenridge Winter Travel Guide

It is a 15 minute walk to downtown Breckenridge Main Street. Even though my middle kids didn’t want to do the hike to see the Breckenridge Troll, it was worth it. The short drive on the Illinois Gulch Trail itself is very interesting. With the snow falling on the trees as if they were glowing, it’s a walk through the forest to see the magnificent Isak Heartstone, the Breckenridge Troll.

There are opportunities for long walks or trolling, but it’s important to have good shoes and goggles to avoid falling on the ice. In the summer it will be a short trip with children.

Learn to ride your snowmobile across the great Continental Divide. Even children can learn to drive and have a chance behind the wheel of their own mini snowmobile.

Breckenridge Colorado Things To Do In Winter

You are taken to a special place, such as Turquoise Lake for viewing and family photos. Definitely the highlight of a winter trip to Breckenridge!

A Guide To Breckenridge In The Winter With Kids (includes Where To Stay)

White Mountain Tours offers snowmobiling in the winter and rafting in the summer. Breckenridge Summit Tours can help you make reservations.

Ice Castle is only open in winter and operates in 4 US states, Colorado, New Hampshire, Utah and Wisconsin.

Unfortunately we missed the store for 2 weeks before the season closed. But for anyone planning a winter 2022 visit, this is the best thing to do in Breckenridge for any Disney fan or traveler.

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