Colorado Convention Center Ski And Snowboard Expo

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Colorado Convention Center Ski And Snowboard Expo

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Amputee Vets Learn More Than Skiing

Workers prepare a booth for Volkl Skis and other companies at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center on January 29, 2019 in Denver. (Catherine Scott, Special to the Colorado Sun)

Snowsports Industries America, a nonprofit trade group representing retailers, resorts and manufacturers in the snow industry, is hosting the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Show and its sister show in Boston.

This move, announced on Friday, gives SIA – the 65-year-old founder of the annual winter show, which is now part of the annual winter outdoor Retailer show in Denver – the first customer-facing event after decades of hosting business-to-business. . Exhibitions.

The Denver and Boston show, founded by Bernie Wichel’s BEWI Productions Inc. in 1979, it draws thousands of players, retailers and brands in the so-called “unofficial winter opening.”

More Snow Show Standouts: New Skis From Rossignol + Dps

“We asked ourselves how best SIA can connect our industry directly with today’s customers and customer programs, understandably,” Nick Sargent, president of SIA in Park City, Utah, said in a written statement. “We look forward to building on the heritage and culture that the BEWI brands have come to represent as we open up a new, modern, consumer approach to the winter festival.”

In 2017, SIA sold the 50-year Snow Show, an annual meeting of all snow sports retailers, brands and media, to Emerald Expositions, the founder of the outdoor summer and winter exhibitions.

The combined outdoor and winter show attracts more than 18,000 outdoor industry companies to the Colorado Convention Center every January in an agreement through 2030 that marks the largest convention invitation in Denver’s history.

The sale of the Snow Show left SIA without a line of its brand event, and the trade group spent the last two years exploring a new role in the industry as a place for industrial products and data to help snow sports companies grow, to increase integration. in winter sports and adapting to the effects of climate change.

Trade Show Time: Steamboat Migrates To Annual Or Snow Show In Denver

The deal was announced Friday at the opening of the 38th annual Boston Ski and Snowboard Show, an annual event that marks the start of the ski season for New England skiers.

Sargent said in a statement that he hopes to change the signs in two cities and expand to other cities, “to create a network of events that face customers of the industry.” The Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, North America’s largest trade show for the winter sports industry, will take place January 30 – February 1 in Denver, Colorado. As usual,

Will take center stage and give you a preview of next year’s gear, but in an effort to get ready and prepared, we recently sat down with OR’s Director of Retail Relations, Chris Sears, to take a look at what’s in store for this year’s show, as well as take a look at the state of the industry together.

The 2019 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show is coming up in January. What is new this year that marketers should keep in mind and include in their exhibition plans?

Sia Snow Show’s Best Gear

We are introducing new features to add value to retailers. Our Buy the Show with an Industry Vet program allows them to gain knowledge of how to run a show and what to look for as an experienced buyer. The Retail Buyer Friends program is a central meeting point for consumers to connect with other retailers, share information and develop sales partnerships. And the night before the show, we’re hosting “The Mingler,” a networking event that gives attendees the chance to connect with old friends and make new ones while enjoying live music, food and drink. For participants, we also have an extensive training program, as well as recurring indoor exhibition spaces such as Venture Out, Scandinavian Village and LUXE. More information about all of these events can be found at

The outfielder just completed his first full year in Denver. How was the first year in the new city?

Denver has welcomed the outdoor industry with open arms, and we had three great shows in 2018. By hosting the show in the capital, our audience has access to more accommodations, better transportation, and great restaurants. The city has a wide range of options from sports, arts to outdoor activities both locally and in the nearby mountains. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the City of Denver and providing our attendees with the best experience possible for years to come.

With two winter shows now – Winter Market and Snow Show – what are the differences and how should traders approach each show?

Annual Sia Snow Show Features Local Brands

Exports are available and accessible. Both programs, still in development, offer different targeting depending on the date of purchase. Winter markets focus on shoes, clothing and crafts and this is the opening of the winter sales season. The Snow Show features end-of-season introductions focused on snow sports products. Both provide a bookend to the big shopping season, allowing retailers to focus on the gaps that occur between light goods and heavy goods.

What are the benefits that traders and other businesses gain by participating in major trade fairs, such as foreign trade fairs, as opposed to regional trade fairs?

While regional displays are important and allow buyers to look inside the inventory of current vendors, an outside vendor provides a view through the lens of the entire industry. Our team strives to provide a “30,000 foot view” of everything the industry has to offer a retailer. Accessibility is a key reason for participation, as well as creating new partnerships and bringing communities together. Outdoor Retailer is also a major contributor to the Outdoor Industry Association, which supports the trade and recreation industry and promotes outdoor participation and enjoyment for all.

Outdoor Retailer is the largest outdoor and winter sports trade show in America. Canadian retailers have the opportunity to shop over 800 brands, connect with a variety of non-profit organizations and media, showcase new products and celebrate our great industry, all under one roof. The Union Relations Department is available to answer and assist with any questions or concerns from customers and representatives. Education is available online for entrepreneurs to use travel assistance. Reps can also encourage their accounts to participate due to budget constraints. For product or exhibitor questions, please contact our sales team.

Lee Canyon Announces Plan For 2020 21 Winter Season

A common topic of discussion lately has been around the changing face of retail. How do you see the development of physical stores and what do you see as the future of retail?

Shopping experience gives a person a service and something that online shopping can never do. From fitting the right shoe, to community events, to technical information, a sales professional provides the local advantage. We are also seeing more collaboration with retailers and community organizations. We expect to see continued growth in in-store training courses, such as backcountry and ski orienteering, as well as in-store programs such as group outings and women-specific events. Although retailers continue to sell their own brands, stores also carry local and regional brands as part of their commitment to telling their story.

• The Blizzard Shiva Ski is a women’s skier designed with the skier in mind, focusing on subtle nuances that solves the problem that women skiers of all sizes and levels have had for years, to use the smaller sizes of men.

• To help improve the performance of your hard products, DPS introduced PHANTOM wax-free abrasive technology that provides a new way to protect our water. They also won the Foreign Retailer Innovation Award for this technology in the winter market in November.

How To Think About Ski Length

• Unsustainability – several brands are dealing with bamboo and other fibers, which not only improve performance, but have less impact on the environment. Check out Arbor Snowboard and Ski Liberty.

• Performance analysis and wearable technology – Rossignol PIQ sensor tracks running and analyzes each operation. Madshus continues to develop ski technology and the eMpower app. Garmin watches also offer feedback as well as backtracking tools. Being able to measure your skills is another way to progress.

• Innovative products that focus on efficiency, such as hydration packs built into outerwear, multi-functional bags and accessories built to keep you on top all day on the mountain. 686 designed the GLCR Hydrastash Reservoir insulated jacket – with the first built-in micro-hydration system with a water bladder inside the powder skirt.

• Sustainability issues also drive innovation in the field of winter sports, emphasizing the need for consumers to educate themselves about certain factors in the products they buy. Volcom introduced Repreve made from recycled polyester, keeping Authenticity

How And Where To Find Discount Ski And Snowboard Gear

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