Class 4 Whitewater Rafting Colorado

Class 4 Whitewater Rafting Colorado – Choose any destination from below on a rafting adventure in Colorado! If you don’t know where to start, most white water rafting trips or third party trips are great for beginners in Colorado whitewater. For many adrenaline seekers with swimming skills or first-timers, Adrenaline Adventure’s Colorado Class 4 Whitewater Adventure Tour has you covered.

Whether you are traveling through the Arkansas River, traveling through the beautiful waterfalls of Browns Canyon on a boat, viewing the Upper Colorado, or hugging the Shoshone River on the Colorado River, the river flows for a day or half an hour. . a day. With us it is an experience you will never forget. Trust Sage for the best free water near Vail.

Class 4 Whitewater Rafting Colorado

All participants must sign a consent form before you travel to Colorado. The letter can be found at the bottom of this page. Enjoy a white water rafting trip in Colorado with us!

Narrows Overnight Rafting Trips In Colorado

* Sage Outdoor Adventures operates with a Special Use Permit issued by the USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Sage is an equal service provider.

Perfect for anyone looking for the perfect Colorado rafting trip! Feel free to move on to the second level with your family, new friends, and mentors!

Enjoy the best of Colorado while paddling with friends on the Colorado River, guided by our dedicated crew. Compared to Third Class Scandal, this adventure puts you right in the middle of the waterfall!

Laugh with your partner (or by yourself if you’re going solo!) as you learn to lean on the line and go with the flow (really!).

Class 4 Rapids Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Drive to Sage’s Colorado River Outpost in Ducero, and start your cruise from there. You will visit, grab your gear and jump on the ferry that takes you down the river. You will immediately float in the job in Ducero.

Although it is really fun at the summit, we accept children up to 6 years old!

The trek starts from Dotsero River. Contact details and instructions will be included in your confirmation email.

Bringing the family white water in Colorado, or a group of friends who haven’t been? The Upper Colorado River is a popular trail for explorers of all ages and experience, and Colorado’s largest whitewater park. Discover the beauty of our country as you float through the beautiful canyons, play in the swimming pool and splash in the waves. Drive to Sage’s Colorado River outpost in Ducero, and start your cruise from there. You will visit, buy gear and slip on the ferry that takes you up to 6 kilometers uphill. You will immediately float in the job in Ducero.

Estes Park, Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Class I-II – This is the perfect Colorado adventure for families, with small waterfalls, small sections, and lots of water play time!

Crush the Class III rapids of the world famous Glenwood Canyon in the first half, then float through the jaw-dropping Class II rapids in the heart of Glenwood history. This Shohone tour is great for families. If you have children under 7 years old, no problem! They can change the first part of the Shoshone and join the trip to Grizzly Creek. A float in the Holy Mall is not to be missed! Fun, history and geology all around.

Minimum age // 7 years and 50 pounds for the falls // 5 years and 30 pounds to enter Grizzly Creek (age restrictions depend on water level and time of year)

** Best water last year change at least – please call or call us now at least **

River Runners Browns Canyon, Buena Vista, Co

Vail the truth of the water. Raft through the heart of Vail Village! Surfing the waves and the game mixed with the exciting waterfall. The spectacular view of Gore Ridge, waterfalls cascading over granite rocks, surrounded by some of the most beautiful aspen trees in Colorado. Enjoy Vail in a new way! 6 miles above water.

Lionshead Welcome Center, located at the bottom of the west steps of the Lionshead parking lot, or the Welcome Center at the top of the Vail Village parking lot.

Pick Up Times: 8:45am, 11:45pm, 2:45pm – Meet at the Lionshead Welcome Center or Transportation Center.

Lower Eagle is our favorite white water rafting route in Colorado when this section is flowing!! One of the few remaining virgin rivers in the West. Fed by snow from Gore Mountain South Eagle means only snow from Gore Mountain, wind from 2,000 foot stream, with tall trees that reach the river and raise its edge, and features a 3-bedroom waterfall. Pleasant, and just minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek. The aroma of choked cherry bushes mixed with spicy pine and marshmallow is a unique way to decorate the cake. This is an amazing trip in Colorado – don’t think you have to limit yourself to the Colorado River.

Best Colorado Springs Whitewater Rafting Trips

We take you to the “Moose Field” below Beaver Creek in Avon, the Transportation Center and West Lionshead Plaza. We will go straight to the river, there are toilets, but no changing rooms, so wear a bathing suit under your clothes.

Step into the third fastest growing mall in the world famous Glenwood Mall. So get out there, plan and do the research!

Gather at Sage’s Colorado River Outpost at the entrance to Glenwood Mall. The river is full in just 12 minutes! You will leave all your clothes and dry clothes in your car. We will leave the river and return to the river with the water supplies. Most people choose to wear swimwear or sportswear that is better for getting wet. Wetsuits and boots are available for free if needed.

All participants should meet at the Colorado River outpost for this exercise. No transportation from your location.

Whitewater Rafting Classes Of Rapids: Boring To Scary!

*If Glenwood Mall is closed due to weather, and you can only act quickly, you will receive a 20% discount*

The most famous lll whitewater course in the American West – everyone wants to go to Browns Canyon for Arkansas whitewater! Paddle Browns Canyon through the zoom plume, pinball, widow maker, laundry room, meat grinder and raft ramp as you make your way through the Browns Canyon Monument. This dry desert is a dry desert. This is a unique international product! 10 miles above water.

Sage River Arkansas is about an hour and 20 minutes from Vail County. All Browns Canyon tours require guests to meet at the Outpost located in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Great game on the local alpine river! The constant situation of the innocent people in this fourth stage holds your attention all the time. Probably some of the best white water in the country during the season.

River Classifications, Up To Class 4 Rapid

We pick you up at the “Ski Eel station” below Beaver Creek. Then we will go to the river where there are no toilets or changing rooms. Wear your bathing suit under your regular clothes so you can easily change into the water on shore.

If you’re a seasoned athlete looking for a whitewater spot in Colorado, the rapids on the Arkansas River make it popular with adventurers! Famous LV prices, continuous water, and a great view of 14,000,000 Colorado mountains – if you have time to look! The clear water has a speed that makes you feel like you are flying over the river. You want this to last forever! It is 7 miles from the water.

Sage River Arkansas is about an hour and 20 minutes from Vail County. All tour numbers require guests to meet at the Outpost located in Buena Vista, Colorado.

All the tours mentioned above are group activities. If you want your party to have its own board, we can set it up.

Grand Canyon River Rafting Guidebook And Map

Sage Outdoor Adventures operates in all weather conditions. Refunds are not accepted within 48 hours for any reason, including the corona virus. This lake has some of the most beautiful water in Colorado! With layers, a few small steps, and non-stop water activities, you’ll want to stay fit and swim well. Admire the beautiful rocky peaks of the stunning snow-capped Collegiate Peaks as you relax at the long and thrilling waterfalls. Perfect for white water veterans and first time adrenaline junkies.

A journey of 16 miles of water in 5 hours, the whole day will have the beautiful white water and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Plus, you’ll have a chance to fuel up at our ultimate Fajita Party, a fresh, fresh meal on your trip!

This half-day trip is just continuous and exciting. Get ready for a total of 1.5 hours on the river, together

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