Christmas Attractions In Colorado

Christmas Attractions In Colorado – Good news! Vacationing in Colorado is always a wonderful experience, and visiting Colorado Springs this time highlights an aspect many people love about the city: it feels like a small town despite its large population.

As you walk downtown among the twinkling lights, fresh snow falling while holiday music plays through the streets, it has a small-town feel. The mountains are deep in the blanket of stars and you feel like Santa’s sleigh could cross the great circle of the moon at any moment.

Christmas Attractions In Colorado

Christmas Attractions In Colorado

November and December are normally parade season in Colorado Springs, but most of these traditional parades have been canceled due to COVID-19. While cancellations and delays are expected during this time, there are still ways to enjoy the holidays with the rest of Colorado Springs in a socially distanced way.

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Experiencing the wonders of winter in Colorado Springs may be all you need to bring the holidays to life in your heart, so check out these sprawling social events to celebrate with the whole family.

Every December, the city is transformed into a sea of ​​lights for this annual parade, which features floats and performances by Colorado Springs’ most talented artists and performers, all performed in their best light atmosphere. This year, the event will be slightly different from the usual parade at Jalan Tejon due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Instead, it will be held indoors at the Broadmoor World Arena, where ticket holders can ride the station’s parade from the comfort and safety of their vehicle. Unfortunately, all tickets are sold out this year, but you can still watch the parade (stationary) live on local news station KKTV.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Colorado Springs, and during the winter season each location will receive a holiday update called the “Electric Safari.” Take the kids to see the lights and animals at night, when the zoo comes alive with the season.

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With more than 85 light sculptures and warm lights (unless there’s a fire ban) to keep the chilly nights at bay, Electric Safari is a holiday adventure and light-filled zoo tour in one night. Be sure to stop by the hippo exhibit and habitat, which debuted just a few months ago. Book your tickets now as tickets will go fast for this popular event and please note that you cannot buy tickets from the website and must book online in advance.

Every winter, Acacia Park becomes the city’s only outdoor ice rink, open for several months when the snow falls. Take your family for a walk around town and you might find kids asking you to skate on a winter’s night. This is a great way to stay warm when it’s windy, but be sure to set aside time beforehand to comply with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

If you get too cold while skating, you can purchase clothing such as hats and gloves with a credit card on site. There are also skates available so you can bring your little one, but be sure to book in advance as numbers are limited.

Christmas Attractions In Colorado

Looking for some social fun in the sun this winter? Check out the Nature Walk with Santa, an event held at Fountain Creek Regional Park each holiday season.

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Take a guided walk that lets kids meet Mr. Claus and hear him perform “Twas Night before Christmas” as they immerse themselves in the wonder of nature in this beautiful park. Be sure to click on the link above, scroll down to “Nature Walk with Santa” and reserve your child’s spot in advance, as tickets are selling fast for this fun holiday event.

Anyone who visits Michael Garman’s Magic City is sure to love the colorful miniatures created by this incredibly talented sculptor. Each season, this creation is brought to life with the addition of festive decorations made around the small town, as well as a hand-carved Santa visiting the town for his special day.

There’s plenty to see in this incredible hidden gem throughout the year, but Christmas in the Magic City is a highlight. Reserve your tickets in advance and follow social distancing guidelines when visiting Old Colorado City’s fascinating museums.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 seems to have canceled many of the traditional holiday activities that Colorado Springs residents look forward to the most. While it is a shame that this event will not be taking place this year, there is hope that they will be back for the holiday season next year.

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Don’t miss this event in 2021 if you find yourself in the winter wonderland of Colorado Springs in December.

Join our Colorado travel community Enter your email below and receive free local guides and monthly things designed to help you live in Colorado and discover fun things to do. – and a dreamy Colorado resort surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge is a vacation paradise. Seriously, this place looks like a Hallmark Christmas movie. Along with Vail and Aspen, Breckenridge, Colorado is a ski resort that has more to offer than powder snow—especially during the Christmas season.

With less than 10,000 residents, Breck is a beautiful town with many possibilities. Honestly, the sight of the city’s charming bars is enough to make the most Grinchy traveler into holiday bliss. Who can resist the sight of snow-capped mountains, sled dogs and an excuse to drink extra hot cocoa?

Christmas Attractions In Colorado

Ready to learn more about Christmas Breckenridge Colorado? Here are 11 things to do while on vacation that you and your crew are sure to enjoy.

Salida Chamber Of Commerce

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One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is, without a doubt, seeing the cities light up. These bright lights, lighting up the night sky, make long nights heavy, less heavy in winter. For Breck residents, the city of Breckenridge does not have a Christmas light tradition.

On December 3, 2022, Main Street and much of the town will be illuminated by the Breckenridge City Lights. The city’s illuminated holiday decorations feature more than 13,000 feet of lights and many LED lights, 250,000 flowers. In fact, tourists say that their holiday light is one of the most photographed spots in winter.

Holidays In Estes Park

For celebrations like Lampu, Blue River Plaza is the place to be. If you’re visiting Breck and want to get into the Christmas spirit, head downtown to the square after dark to enjoy the warm glow of the season.

Before the tree lighting ceremony and the town became a Christmas card, Breckenridge had a beloved tradition on Main Street. The Race of Santas runs down the middle of Main Street and ends at Blue River Plaza. Breckenridge Recreation says this tournament is up to 800 people…That’s a lot of Santas!

Children can also compete in competitions starting at the age of 6. The top three finishers from the men’s and women’s categories will each receive a custom Ullr helmet. While Santa costumes are not required, they are definitely encouraged. Even rogue Buddy the Elf can still be seen running around among the Santas. (If you decide to dress up as Buddy the Elf, don’t forget to smile – smiling is his favorite thing.)

Christmas Attractions In Colorado

If you read the last part and asked yourself “What is the Ullr helmet?” You may not be alone. Ullr, the snow god, is a somewhat unknown figure in Norse mythology. Son of the grain goddess Sif (as well as Thor’s adopted son), Ullr represents what it means to be a Viking warrior. He’s a hunter, skier, skier and archer, so celebrate Ullr Fest in Breckenridge in the spirit of this Norse god.

Christmas Stroll — Old Colorado City

Since 1963, Breck has celebrated Ullr Fest as a way to end the powder ski season. There’s a parade, an annual attempt at the world’s largest Shotski (a series of people taking pictures on skis), bonfires, good food and festivities.

What makes this a Christmas activity, you may ask? Well, for one, it takes time

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