Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Colorado Whitewater Rafting – Wanderlust Adventure offers great rafting trips in Boulder. Located just north of Fort Collins, our meeting place has some of the best white water skiing in Boulder. It takes about an hour to reach our destination. The scenic views and rapids of Poudre Canyon are worth the drive. We split on the Cache La Poudre River, Colorado’s only “wild and beautiful” river. Unlike other marshes and waterfalls in Colorado, the Poudre flows through a narrow valley with constant currents. Be on the lookout for wildlife such as deer, mergansers, eagles, bighorn sheep and black bears.

Wanderlust offers rafting trips for families and adventure seekers alike. Our introductory whitewater tours feature Class II and III rapids, perfect for beginners and families. This is our most popular tour. Our White Water Tour blasts through medium to high Class III and Class IV blasts. This tour is perfect for experienced riders or those looking for a more challenging adventure. We always get Blast trays first. We ask that you be in good health and able to sail if you book this tour.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

We recommend visiting Boulder before or after your ride with us. Rich in history, culture and entertainment, Boulder offers many exciting activities. Our top Boulder activities include visiting the Flatiron, shopping at the Pearl Street Mall, visiting the University of Colorado, hiking Eldorado Canyon, and dining at one of the many restaurants Boulder has to offer. Other fun activities include a tour of the Heavenly Spice Tea Factory, a trip to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, shopping at the Boulder County Farmers Market, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. At MAD Adventures we offer White Water Rafting tours for all ages. On the Colorado River, we specialize in family and group cruises.

Rafting Clothing To Make Your Trip More Comfortable

Whether you want to try white water rafting for the first time with your kids, stay with your family or just enjoy the river scenery, book a half-day, full-day or overnight trip. Rafting trips are only 45 minutes from Colorado Winter Park and Steamboat Springs, so you can get home before campfire time and river water time.

Clear Creek has family friendly sections as well as recreational sections. At one mile, Clear Creek has more waves than most rivers you can ride. This makes for a very enjoyable ride, even in the family-friendly sections. Cleek Creek’s proximity to Denver (35 minutes), Winter Park (45 minutes), and Breckenridge (45 minutes) makes it an easy way to go rafting without having to drive too much. Clear Creek Rafting Trip is rated 4.8/5.0 based on 56 guest reviews.

Four-year-olds and grandparents are still young at heart, and everyone in between will love a rafting trip on the Upper Colorado River.

Take a white water rafting trip on Clear Creek as Emeril suggests. Rafting at Dumont is within easy reach of Winter Park, Denver, Estes Park and Grand Lake.

Best Places For Whitewater Rafting Near Denver

If you’re looking for an overnight vacation, these two- and three-day trips make a great whitewater rafting vacation… Whitewater rafting is one of the most memorable outdoor activities Clear Creek County has to offer.

About 20 miles west of the Mile High City, you can hop on a boat and cruise Clear Creek, with its cool waters and wild waves. In fact, Clear Creek has more tidal currents than most commercial rivers in the state.

That’s why weekend whitewater rafting and other Clear Creek family trips are special to us. Take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the opportunity to see Colorado wildlife as you paddle.

Clear Creek County has several great rafting companies ready to host the ultimate rafting trip. Check out our local laundry list below.

Try The Excitement Of Whitewater Rafting In Frisco Co

When the river begins to flow rapidly, the rivers create turbulence and create foaming streams called “white water”. At Clear Creek, local rafting companies have discovered the best whitewater areas on our river and surrounding waters.

The clear water flows so fast that it can make for a very exciting rafting experience. Take a gentle swim down the river or take a quick ride with the thrill-seekers.

Each local rafter must have a Colorado River equipment permit under Colorado State Parks regulations, and random safety inspections are conducted throughout the rafting season.

This means that all rafts, equipment, management instructions, hygiene procedures, safety regulations and trip planning meet the strict standards set by the government.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting On The Arkansas River

Safety is paramount in everything at Clear Creek, especially rafting. Some “white water” areas are classified according to how difficult it is to climb. Grand Canyon National Park is the second most popular national park in the United States. Thousands of tourists and families visit the Grand Canyon each year for the spectacular views, world-famous trails and, of course, whitewater rafting. The Grand Canyon National Park Service offers many rafting opportunities on the Colorado River and several safe and easy trails. The Grand Canyon River Cruise is the perfect introduction to whitewater cruising and the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Depending on your equipment and destination, the Grand Canyon River Cruise can travel up to 280 miles. All Grand Canyon tours depart from Lees Ferry, which provides access to Glen Canyon and its beautiful beaches. Marble Canyon. From Lee’s Ferry, you will cross the entire Grand Canyon and exit the river at one of the following three points.

This is the most exciting part of the Grand Canyon River Expedition. When you arrive at Whitmore Wash, you’ll take a short flight from the Grand Canyon and enjoy spectacular views of the National Park before arriving at Bar 10 Ranch. From there, a chartered flight will take you back to Las Vegas or back to where you started.

If you want to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible, the Diamond Creek Trail is a great option. From Diamond Creek, an air coach will take you to Flagstaff Airport or Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon West White Water Rafting

The Grand Canyon tour from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead offers another exciting experience. At 240 miles, you’ll leave the docks and board a jet boat across Lake Mead for 280 miles. From there, a shuttle bus will take you back to your accommodation or to Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon National Park Rafting offers rafting trips in both motorized and non-motorized rafts. Which raft you choose depends on your day/time and how much of the Grand Canyon you want to see. See below for details on the 5 rafts used on Grand Canyon River Cruises.

Rafts are the most popular vehicles offered by Grand Canyon Rafting Designers. High-speed rafts are powered by very quiet motors and require no assistance from passengers or steering. This makes car rafting a great choice for families with small children and inexperienced riders or paddlers. In addition, power rafts are larger than sail powered rafts (power rafts are usually 35 feet in length) and offer more stability when navigating the water. This is an added bonus, especially for beginners or travelers who are afraid of swimming.

If you have a busy schedule and want to see as much of Grand Canyon National Park as possible, whitewater rafting is a great option. Motorized rafts carry more rivers per day and can take you to larger areas much faster than non-motorized rafts. For example, if you want to explore hidden caves, ancient Native American cultural sites, and spectacular waterfalls, a Colorado River cruise allows you to spend less time on the water and more time sightseeing.

Whitewater Rafting In Colorado: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

Motor rafts are suitable for children, but most controls require at least 8 years of age.

As the name suggests, rowing boats are steered by two long oars in the center of the boat. A rowboat is much smaller than a rowboat and usually holds 6 people, including the river guide. Like a steamboat, you don’t wait to paddle. If you are interested, you can try paddling in the calmer part of the river while floating on a raft, but this is at the discretion of your river guide and is not guaranteed.

If you have time for a slow, leisurely trip through the Grand Canyon, a paddle raft is a great option. Your speed will usually be 3-4 mph

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