Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

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Mile High in Denver, Colorado dates back to the 1900s. During the 20th century Gold Rush, it was the last urban center before the snow-capped Rocky Mountains rose from the American plains. Denver is a busy place in the winter, where you’ll find regular major events in town and a steady stream of seasonal travelers along Interstate 70 to Colorado’s ski resorts.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Day trips to Denver are always good in the winter, especially since Colorado’s capital city is so close to the mountains. But travelers shouldn’t forget to spend time in the city itself, because there are plenty of things to do in Denver during the winter that don’t require you to venture outside or make a long drive in the dangerous weather.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

While the Denver area is known to top the list for the most days of sunshine per year on average anywhere in the US, you can bet that there’s at least one bitter winter day every day. roughly the month of November to March.

This is especially true if you’re in Denver in December, January, or February, which are the “dead of winter” months when daytime and nighttime temperatures are the coldest.

Average December temperatures are around 46 °F (8 °C) high and 19 °F (-7 °C) low. In Denver, the average temperature in January is about 48 °F (9 °C) and the minimum is about 19 °F (-7 °C). If you visit Denver in February, you can expect these temperatures.

Generally, snowpack in Colorado doesn’t peak until April, but the worst weather usually occurs in late March.

Best Winter Towns Around Denver

Because of the snow and altitude, when most people think of Denver in the winter, snow comes to mind, so you should definitely spend a day or two skiing or snowboarding at any mountain near Denver.

Many resorts such as Breckenridge or Vail regularly publish new snowpack totals, and the United States Department of Agriculture publishes snowpack charts on its .gov website.

This type of information, along with local weather forecasts, can help you decide whether to climb the Rockies or do other activities during your visit to Denver.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Local road crews and road crews obviously take advantage of snow, ice, slush, hail, and anything else Mother Nature can dish out, so getting around Denver in the winter is never a problem as long as your vehicle is in good condition. wheels

What To Wear In Colorado In Winter: 9 Outfit Ideas To Copy + Packing List

However, the roads here are not nearly as salty as some of the east coast of the United States, so slow down and slow down when driving in Denver in the winter.

If you decide to drive in the mountains on I-70 or any other road near Denver, depending on the severity of the conditions, you may want a vehicle with high ground clearance, rather than winter tires and/or chains. Like US 285 or US 36.

In this part of Colorado, it’s not unusual to have snow, ice, near-zero temperatures (Fahrenheit) and wind in the middle of winter.

But temperatures can also climb into the 60s with blue skies and sunshine depending on the day, so Denver residents often find that the snow here at 5,280 feet is melting faster than in other cities.

Long Weekend In Denver, Colorado

If you need a rental car for your winter trip to Denver, search for deals from many major suppliers.

When traveling to Denver, Colorado in the winter, from late November to early December through March, you may choose a different travel month depending on your activities and stay goals.

For example, if you look at years like 2021, when snow in the Colorado mountains doesn’t start growing until the last week of the month, December in Denver can be warm and dry. For this reason, depending on the year, December can be a good month for a ski trip to Denver.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Denver can be counted on in January when Colorado’s snowy highlands start getting their famous “champagne powder” days.

Fun Things To Do In Denver

Resorts like Vail, Steamboat, and Winter Park experience some of the coldest temperatures of the year in January, and the cold weather combined with rain makes for great skiing and snowboarding.

For travelers not interested in skiing or hiking, February can be a great time to stay in the Mile High City as temperatures begin to rise and the first signs of spring appear.

Visiting Denver in February can be good even if the spring break window doesn’t come in March, but the vacation season is already early, so crowds in both Denver and the mountains can be light. .

The Morrison Center is located just outside of Denver, 10 minutes south of Golden State.

Where To Ski Around Denver, Colorado

Morrison is best known for being home to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater concert venue, but downtown is a hidden gem that’s great fun for families to explore on vacation.

After dark, you’ll find small local shops, restaurants, and bars with holiday lights, and if the weather is warm enough, Bear Creek might even run down the canal.

If you like to be active or have a heart for hiking, Red Rocks and the surrounding area is also a fun place to climb, climb and run.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Locals usually know that The Rocks is open to the public when there aren’t any events, and parking is usually free, so it’s common to stop and see a few people running up and down the amphitheater steps. .

Best Denver, Colorado Night Life

The view of the eastern plains from the roads and peaks flowing from the nose is amazing. Although there are no events such as concerts in the winter months, check next year’s schedule and plan to return in the summer if possible.

If you don’t have your own car, you can take a half-day tour.

The Denver Botanic Garden is well known by Denver residents, but it is not as crowded with tourists as the Denver Zoo, especially in the winter.

Botanists and garden enthusiasts will be in heaven here, but the beauty of the Denver Botanic Garden is that between the preserves, the various themed gardens, and the sunny amphitheater, it’s a multi-faceted public garden that everyone can appreciate.

Winter Travel Colorado: 6 Colorado Towns Prettiest To Visit This Winter In Us

In fact, the Denver Botanic Garden is actually two separate properties: the central location on York Street in Cheesman Park in Denver and Chatfield Farms in downtown Littleton.

According to the botanic garden’s website, Chatfield Gardens is a “700-acre botanical and working garden,” so York Street is perfect if you’re in Denver in the winter.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, so visit the site first to schedule free members and children up to the regular price of $15 for adults. After visiting the Botanic Gardens, if the weather is nice, consider a walk in Chesman Park.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In January

Other things to do in Denver that are perfect for winter travelers with kids are spending time at the Denver Zoo or the Museum of Nature and Science, or both, since they’re just a stone’s throw from Denver. City park land.

Winter Outfit Ideas For Colorado & What To Pack

The Museum of Nature and Science is recognized as one of the best natural history museums in the West and even in the country, and its expertly presented exhibits such as The Guitar: The Instrument That Shook the World and The Coming of Egypt. : In the time of the pharaohs”, you will understand why. Attractions at the Museum of Nature and Science include an IMAX theater and a planetarium.

The Denver Zoo is truly one of the best zoos in America, with clean facilities, plenty of food and drink stations, a wide variety of animals and pets, and friendly staff.

It’s also designed for a very clever ‘hook’.

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