Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

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Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

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Family Fun In The Heart Of Colorado: The Best Family Friendly Activities In Colorado Springs

There are plenty of things to do in Colorado Springs, from big-name national parks to nightlife options, and more. Also named one of the healthiest cities in the United States, you won’t run out of outdoor activities and opportunities to get some fresh mountain air.

Those who study the history of the area may recognize its relationship to the rest of the lake. At the beginning of the 20th century, Colorado Springs was known as “Little London”, due to the large number of British immigrants. At that time, one in five people was from England.

Although things have certainly changed in that time, traces of early English tradition remain, including streets named after old Polish squares and the tradition of high tea at Glen Eyrid Castle. Below, we will talk about traditional places around the city. We will recommend some of the most popular places to visit when you are in town.

From mountain hikes to candlelit caves, there are plenty of things to do in Colorado Springs. Check out the list below for more information on our favorite activities.

Family Friendly Attractions In Colorado Springs

Taking time to explore the city is a great way to start your trip. Downtown Colorado Springs offers the best of both worlds, nestled among breathtaking mountain peaks and diverse cultural events. It’s also just a short drive from the Colorado Springs airport.

You also have a choice about how you want to travel. While Colorado Springs maintains a high traffic score, there is a free shuttle that takes you from one place to another. Bike sharing is another popular option.

Experience the local culture by stopping at one of the cafes, head shops, or art galleries. You should also keep an eye out for outdoor installations, paintings, and sculptures scattered around the city.

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

The “We’re in This Together” mural and the “Restore the Power” mural, located at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts and between Pikes Peak Ave and Tejon Street, respectively, remain two of the most built places in Colorado Springs.

Glenwood Springs Activities

Don’t miss the name! The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a mountain zoo, 6,714 feet above sea level and is the only zoo in the country. Not only that, but it offers unique experiences and experiences with animals, including hand-feeding giraffes, cuddling with baby “joey” wallabies, and more.

There is also an open chair lift that helps you get around the zoo and see some mountain views. One of the zoo’s best gardens is the Children’s Garden, which was built back in 1925.

Located between Pikes Peak and Gardens of the Gods Park, the city of Manitou Springs has art galleries, street fairs and many local restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

The town also has 8 springs, each with unique minerals Years ago, they helped attract the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and other plains tribes to the area, although they were later expelled from after the arrival of the British colonies.

Reasons Royal Gorge Best Winter Attraction Near Colorado Springs

In the past years, this place became a favorite place for people suffering from tuberculosis, who believed that the mineral springs could cure them.

Today, tours are available to give those interested a taste of all that the spring has to offer. Spas around town also offer spa access, with a plunge pool and cedar bowl.

Before returning to Colorado Springs, be sure to stop at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, a series of ancestral Puebloan ruins anywhere from 800 to 1,000 years old.

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

It was expanded into a museum with ceramics, ceramics and ceramics.

Delightful Things To Do In Colorado Springs

If you think you’re a culinary traveler, the following activities are sure to be fun when visiting Colorado Springs.

Rocky Mountain Food Tours offers three different tours to choose from. One revolves around food, the other around cocktails and craft beer.

Each option offers four or five different flavors during the trip (all within walking distance). You can expect to visit speakeasies, restaurants with televisions, famous places, artisan food shops, and more.

With Pikes Peak as a backdrop, you’ll have the opportunity to take in a breathtaking view of the mountains. Their knowledgeable guides even sprinkle in a few historical notes and other fun facts about the city.

The 17 Best Colorado Springs Hiking Trails (for All Levels) — She Dreams Of Alpine

Officially known as the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center and Visitor Center, this attraction is the primary training facility for the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center program.

In addition to the training facility, the facility also offers accommodation, food and recreational facilities. Because it is a residential area, visitors are not allowed to enter the facility alone, but tours are scheduled for people interested in learning more about the facility’s training program. – Olympics.

Before you leave training camp, be sure to check out the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum. As one of the most accessible museums, the USOPM tells the story of America’s greatest player.

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

It is designed so that all visitors experience the museum in the same way. Common design technologies such as assistive listening, RFID customization, voice tracking and open description will help facilitate that experience.

Best Hot Springs In Colorado According To A Local

Visitors will be particularly pleased with the technological features of each throughout, the ability to try different Olympic and Paralympic sports, and travel from the beginning to the end of the exhibition.

Not only is Park of the Gods one of the most popular parks in the country, but it’s also a registered National Natural Landmark, so make sure it’s a priority when you visit. on Colorado Springs.

With over 300 million years of history, this park offers some of the most impressive geological features in the world.

During your hike, expect to find a unique mix of fields, natural grasslands, pinyon-juniper forest, and mountain forest. Located in the Pikes Peak region, you will enjoy the red rock formations as you explore this area.

Pikes Peak Live Forward! Weekend — Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®

While there are roads through the park, many people choose to travel on horseback or by bicycle in the area. There are also tons of hiking trails and picnic spots for the adventurous on foot.

Spending time at the Broadmoor Hotel is another popular bucket list activity when in Colorado Springs. Guests can visit the lovely Golden Bee, a British restaurant serving fish and chips, a beer garden, and join in the evening sing-a-longs!

First opened in 1918, the Broadmoor Hotel offers unparalleled access to its most popular amenities. This list includes lodges in the Pike National Forest, mountain tours, and fly fishing camps on the famous Colorado River in Tarryall.

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

The resort offers many amenities, including two award-winning golf courses, an outdoor infinity pool, tennis and pickleball courts, and a full-service spa.

Car Rentals In Colorado Springs From $23/day

The US Air Force Academy, located north of Colorado Springs, offers 18,500 acres of panoramic views.

Visitors are encouraged to take a self-guided tour of the campus, which includes modern first-century architecture, state-of-the-art Division I athletic facilities, and a state-of-the-art academic research center.

The school is also within miles of trails, offering plenty of fishing and hunting activities. They also set up scavenger hunts around campus for visitors to play.

Oh, and don’t be too surprised if you run into a furry tourist. According to the staff, the area is frequented by mule deer, wild turkey, hawks, and elk.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Billed as the tallest railway in the world, the Broadmoor Manitou Railway and Pikes Peak Cog will take you to the top of “America’s Mountain.”

The railway was established in 1891 but has undergone major upgrades to maintain high standards. Today, passengers can enjoy new trains, new routes, and new depots when they board the train.

The railroad provides easy walking transportation for those who don’t want to take the Pikes Peak Highway by car. While it is a beautiful hike, the trail climbs to a depth of 14,115 feet and can be a bit dangerous for those who are not comfortable with hiking.

Colorado Springs Things To See And Do

On the train, you can enjoy the amazing scenery without worrying while walking. Train staff and drivers will point out landmarks and share interesting history, stories, and tall tales about the area.

Attractions — Colorado Springs

So far, we’ve told you where to eat, where to hike, and where to see wildlife, but we haven’t told you where to dig up local history. For that, you can go to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

The museum has been a collection center since 1896, making it one of the oldest of its kind in Colorado. Currently, the museum has more than 70,000 objects, including art, archeology, and 6,000.

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