Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado – The Denver area offers some of America’s finest natural attractions and scenic views. With a mix of city and state parks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, and scenic hikes, there are year-round opportunities to explore nature around Denver.

Families with young children are drawn to Denver City Park, where they can play with open green spaces and the Denver Zoo. For a leisurely stroll through downtown Denver, head to Confluence Park by the river or the Denver Botanic Garden for its formal gardens. Adventure seekers can enjoy panoramic views from the top of Green Mountain at William Frederick Hayden Park.

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

The Denver Botanic Garden is a 23-acre public botanical garden known for its various themed gardens, including the Conservatory and the Sunken Amphitheater. The gardens are located east of the Colorado State Capitol on the hill between Cheeseman Park and Congress Park.

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At the Denver Botanic Gardens, you will find a diverse flora in the park’s gardens. Popular spots in the park include a Japanese garden known as the Garden of Winds and Pines, a dry mesa with western and drought-tolerant plants, and a modern tropical conservatory. Denver Botanic Gardens is primarily wheelchair accessible. A limited number of parking spaces are available on site

Cherry Creek State Park is located around a large reservoir and dam that is popular for swimming and boating, especially during the summer months. Located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, Cherry Creek State Park covers more than 3,000 acres, including an 880-acre reservoir. Among the animals living in the park are many deer, coyotes, muskrats, beavers and prairie dogs.

Water activities at Cherry Creek State Park include snorkeling and a sandy beach with kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing and fishing. The network of paved roads and trails within the park are often used for cycling, walking and horse riding. Pet owners can bring their furry friends to enjoy the fenced 100 acre dog park with access to Cherry Creek water.

William Frederick Hayden Park is an expansive public park offering hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails with mountain views. Located in Lakewood, the park is home to a variety of wildlife including mule deer, rabbits, coyotes, hawks and mountain lions.

Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

William Frederick Hayden Park’s multi-use trails include the scenic Green Mountain Trail, which rewards hikers and bikers with views of the region from a 6,800-foot peak. The park has several parking lots and trails, many of which offer free parking and restrooms. Locals recommend bringing plenty of sunscreen and water for hiking in the sun, and plan to pack it into the park.

City Park is a city park near downtown Denver that is one of the city’s most popular family attractions. Located in east-central Denver, City Park is the city’s oldest public space and contains many historic architectural features, buildings and monuments. The park’s attractions and cultural sites include the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo.

Activities at City Park include walking trails, animal-shaped pedalos on Lake Ferrill, and a prismatic fountain with dancing water jets and colorful LED lights. The neighboring City Park district offers many trendy shops and local hotspots such as cafes and restaurants, boutiques and bookstores.

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

Historic trails in the western United States include the South Platte River Trail Scenic and Historic Byway with tours and scenic drives. A 19-mile scenic route covers US Highway 138 and County Road 28 connecting Julesburg and Ovid.

Denver’s Top Attractions For Kids

To begin your journey on the South Platte River Trail, visit the Colorado Welcome Center in Julesburg, where you will find the trailhead for this historic route. Signs along the trail provide information on historic sites, including 19th-century Fort Sedgwick, the Pony Express Post Office, the Telegraph Line, and the Transcontinental Railroad.

Red Rocks Park is a National Historic Landmark and scenic mountain park that is home to the famous Red Rock Amphitheater. The park is located approximately 10 kilometers west of Denver in Morrison, Colorado. This popular park is best known for its red sandstone formations and offers a number of scenic walking and cycling routes.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a historic outdoor amphitheater located in a natural rock structure. The rock formations around the amphitheater provide acoustic benefits from the unique space and spectacular views of the park. Notable acts in the stage’s long history include The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Blues Brothers, The Grateful Dead and Depay Mode.

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is an expansive area known for its scenic natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities. This national wilderness area is located near the Colorado town of Commerce, just 8 miles northeast of Denver. The site was once the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, a chemical weapons manufacturing facility for the US Army, and has since undergone extensive environmental cleanup.

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Today, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge covers approximately 16,000 acres. Wildlife within the park ranges from bison and deer to game and birds, black-tailed deer and black-footed deer. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center provides visitors with historical information about the park and its wildlife, as well as public facilities and park maps.

Bear Creek Lake Park is a family-friendly park in Lakewood known for its outdoor activities and recreation. The park is located about 30 minutes south of Denver near Red Rocks Park and the Amphitheater. Park hours tend to vary seasonally, with swimming allowed in Big Soda Lake usually until Labor Day.

Land activities at Bear Creek Lake Park include trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, archery, camping, and wildlife viewing. Water sports options range from water skiing and pedal boating to kayaking, sailing and fishing. The sandy beach on the shores of Big Soda Lake is perfect for beach volleyball, picnicking and swimming.

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

Confluence Park is a city park in downtown Denver between the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. The park is a popular year-round destination for Denver locals, providing convenient access to nearby cafes, businesses and trendy hotspots.

Best Natural Sights Around Denver

Along Confluence Park’s paved path, you’ll find cyclists, skaters and walkers enjoying the surrounding riverside scenery. A kayak chute provides water access for kayaking and water activities, and the park also has open overlooks and benches. The Platte Valley Trolley runs seasonally to Confluence Park

Chatfield State Park includes a state park, a large reservoir, and the Audubon Center at Chatfield State Park. The park is located in Littleton, Colorado, just outside the Denver metro area. Wildlife within the park includes more than 300 species of birds and several species of deer, red alligators, coyotes, rabbits, and prairie dogs.

From water skiing to fishing and kayaking, you can enjoy a variety of activities on the waters of Chatfield State Park Reservoir. A marina and a floating restaurant are also available. Paved and paved roads are available for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Pets on the Trail Campsites in the park offer modern facilities, including picnic tables and barbecues

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Dinosaur Ridge is a famous natural landmark in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains near Morrison, Colorado. It contains the bones of famous Jurassic dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus, discovered in 1877, as well as the footprints of Cretaceous dinosaurs. Guides are available for self-guided tours, and guided tours can be arranged through Friends of Dinosaur Ridge.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a true Colorado original, a perfect setting with impeccable, all-natural acoustics dating back 70 million years. In addition to a hit summer concert series (everyone from the Beatles to U2 has played here), Red Rocks is open year-round, and the Red Rocks Performers Hall of Fame and Trading Post Loop trail is a 2.4-mile adventure. Spectacular rock formations, valleys and natural plateaus

Fun Attractions In Denver Colorado

William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, one of the most famous cowboys to run the range, played the Old West. At his request, he was buried on Lookout Mountain, one of the best vantage points in all of Colorado. Opened in 1921, the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave offers a glimpse into life in the Old West, including Indian artifacts, Western art, and life in the Old West, including a biography of Buffalo Bill, Wild West displays, Sitting Bull’s bow and arrows. .

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