Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December – The Mile High City is a winter wonderland with skating rinks, winter activities and fun events happening throughout the year.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, snowshoeing in the Rockies, a ski train ride to Winter Park and a winter wonderland.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

Do you want the room to be warm and cozy? Go to a winter concert or enjoy live music, visit museums and do some fun shopping!

Outdoor Adventures Near Denver

The city also offers great weekend getaways with amazing Denver Winter Day ideas like romantic dinners, lunches, and more.

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The city sparkles even in February – yes, while other cities take down their holiday lights, many areas of downtown Denver keep them on year-round!

During the winter, it hosts many events, from the Festival of Lights in November and December to celebrating Valentine’s Day in February.

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While in Larimer Square, don’t forget to look at the cat sculptures on streetlights and rooftops.

There are many great things to do in Denver during the winter: skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, winter hiking, hiking trails, and more.

Remember: Denver is one mile above sea level, and you need time to acclimate, especially when you’re outdoors! Stay hydrated to re-oxygenate and recover quickly.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

The park is huge – more than 300 hectares! – and an employment center for couples and families.

Amazing Things To Do In Denver In Winter: 2023 Guide

City Park is home to many Denver attractions, including the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Ferril and Duck Lakes, and the Colorado Museum of Natural History.

The views from the park are incredible: sparkling lakes, many trees, the Denver skyline, the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains.

From the Prismatic Fountain you can take in Denver’s most famous image of the fountain, water, skyline and Rocky Mountains – one of the most famous memories of winter days in Denver.

It is the hub of shopping, fine dining and street art in the city and one of the best places to visit in Denver in the winter.

December Night At Denver City Hall

Fun Fact: Pei’s famous architectural works include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, and the Louvre Pyramid in Paris!

Around the mall, you’ll find trees, sculptures, maps, street artists, and more that are lit up year-round.

During the holidays, the 16th Street Mall is home to the Mile High Tree, a magical light and music installation that creates spectacular visual effects!

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

The Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park is one of the best places to be in Denver, Colorado in the winter.

Things To Do In Winter In And Near Rocky Mountain National Park

The rink is free for all – all you need is a pair of skates to get around this Denver’s hottest winter spot!

Be sure to bring warm wool socks and mittens to keep your hands warm while skating at Skyline Park.

During the weekend, the Denver ice skating rink hosts many holiday events, such as DJ sets, Santa meets, and more.

Downtown Denver’s ice rink is open through the first week of February – check out this year’s dates and winter events in Denver here.

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The rink can be reserved for private events after hours: perfect to enjoy a special date or propose to your loved one!

Know the best winter activities in Denver? Here you can play and have fun in the snow!

The most popular snow mountain in Denver is Ruby Hill Park for its great slopes and great terrain.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

Other popular sledding areas include Scott Carpenter Park near Boulder and Sledding Hill Park in Littleton.

Top Things To Do In Denver: Highlights Of Our 48 Hour Trip

Carriage rides and Irish checkers are a great way to experience the Mile High City.

Trolleys pass famous downtown landmarks, including Skyline Park, Larimer Square, the 16th Street Mall and the Blue Bear statue at the Convention Center.

You will be able to see the most interesting moments of the city from a magical car ride and sleep under a warm blanket for an unparalleled romantic experience.

A must-see in Denver is to take a photo with the famous Denver Blue Bear statue near the convention center.

Top Things To Do In Winter Park, Colorado

This giant painting of a bear looking up at a building is called “I See What You Mean” and was created by local Denver artist Lawrence Argent.

The bear is more than 40 meters tall and very cute, but the cheerful blue color makes him – he loves to play!

Be sure to take another look inside, it looks like a big blue bear peeking in to see what’s going on inside.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

The Parade of Lights features beautiful light displays, colorful costumes, new bands, dance troupes, horse riders, giant balloons and of course Santa!

The Colorado Winter Tourists Guide: Cannabis Edition

We recommend wearing hats, caps and scarves to the parade as things can get cold quickly, even though it’s early winter.

The market started in 2000 and has since become one of the most popular festivals in the city.

The fireworks will be displayed on the 16th Street Mall and can be viewed from anywhere in the area.

Live music, street performers and other events set the backdrop for the biggest free festival of the year!

Events In Denver, Colorado

The show features several events, including animal auctions, parades, rides, barbecues, dance performances and petting farms.

We recommend visiting the Denver Visitor Center at 14th and California Place for maps, great tips, and that cool bike crown!

Denver’s Winter Brew Fest is where you want to try all of Colorado’s hottest beers in one place.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

Colorado is home to some of the most popular breweries in the country, including Coors in Golden and Blue Moon in Denver.

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And even if you love snow, sometimes you just need to spend quality time with your loved one in a warm and cozy place!

Many of these attractions are located in the LoDo (downtown) area and are accessible from downtown.

The area is named after General William Larimer, who founded Denver during the Wild West and Gold Rush of the 19th century.

The late 19th-century buildings surrounding Larimer Square are now preserved and historically restored; they now have a variety of businesses including restaurants, cafes and shops.

Best Things To Do In Denver, December 30 To January 5, 2020

The charmingly lit Larimer Square has many unique eateries and cuisines to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

We recommend that you start by walking around Larimer Square and then go anywhere you like.

Bistro Vendome, Crimson Room, Euclid Hall Bar and Rioja are some of the romantic bars and restaurants on the square.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

While the outdoor garden is a winter wonderland with frosty autumn leaves on some trees and red apples on others, the indoor tropical garden is ablaze with colour.

Where To Stay In Denver: Your Guide To 5 Amazing Areas

In addition to flowers, you’ll also find leafy palm trees, citrus trees, and a warm and humid climate that will make you forget you’re still in Denver.

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Denver in the winter for nature lovers.

Walk across the stage, people watching and dining at Union Station while listening to whistles and fireworks.

Do you have extra time? Take the Zephyr from Denver to Glenwood Springs – a half day / 5 hour trip – for a spectacular weekend in Glenwood Springs!

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Located in the heart of the city, the Colorado State Capitol is one of the best places to visit in Denver, Colorado during the winter.

Inside, you’ll find lots of Colorado and Denver history, exhibits about the building of the capital, and lots of fun facts.

The museum is built in the eastern part of the park and is tall compared to the surrounding area.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

This gives the museum a great view of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains in the background.

What To Do Now To Protect Your Denver Landscape Design

Children of all ages will enjoy the exhibits, including dinosaur skeletons such as stegosaurus and diplodocus, natural history exhibits, Egyptian mummies, and Native American cultural exhibits.

Three of them are worth visiting during your trip: LoDo on 16th Street, the Union Station area, and the Denver International Airport Plaza Bookstore.

The store hosts author talks as well as book fairs and is a great place to buy books.

The store also has a cafe and plenty of couches and armchairs spread throughout the store – perfect for a relaxed read!

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The Denver Art Museum is one of the premier art museums in the United States and is home to some of the world’s finest works of art.

The museum has an extensive art collection dedicated to modern art, contemporary art, Asian art, African art, indigenous art from around the world, photography, textiles and sculpture.

Colorado cuisine has been around since the days of the Wild West, so hunting and game played a big role from the beginning.

Denver Colorado Things To Do In December

If you are wondering what or how oysters are found

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